Bacon or Life: I Pick Bacon!

A friend of mine told me about some new research that came out about bacon causing cancer. I almost didn’t believe it. I know bacon can’t be good for you, but actually causing a cancer? That is something I needed to see to believe.


To find the report I went to Bacon Unwrapped, I knew if something like this was going down, Heather would know about it. Sure enough she wrote a nice witty post about it already. Here is one of the best quotes from the article.

And as far as I’m concerned, if I’m contemplating the difference between eating bacon and living to the age of 80 or cutting bacon out of my diet and living to 85, then pass me another bacon wrapped shrimp and put the funeral home on alert.” – Heather of Bacon Unwrapped

Looks like I am going to be making a call to the funeral home too. Since eating a burger without bacon is blasphemy I will still have to eat it. Blasphemy is something no one should have to live with.

Mr. Pickles at Sunset Beach

I was thinking about what I could post today and I got a funny idea to use Google image search to make a postcard. What I would do is search for two random nouns and a place. Then whatever appears on the first set of results I have to make a postcard out of.

The first noun I searched was “bacon” and I saved the first image. I then used “pickles” for my next search term and saved the first one that came up also. Lastly for the place I typed in “sunset beach” and saved the first usable looking picture which happened to be the fourth one. After my last search I opened up Photoshop and began to work. After about 5 minutes this is what I whipped up.

Mr Pickles at Sunset Beach

What would make this more fun is if people sent me search terms or links to images to use to make a postcard. If you do decide to do that, remember I need two nouns and one place.

One Last Reason to Wear your Costume


This weekend I’m heading out to the Creative Treehouse in Bellevue, for one last reason to wear my Halloween Costume. Here is a quick rundown of the Haunted Treehouse event. It starts at 7:30pm Saturday, Nov. 3rd. It will include a pumpkin carving competition, with giveaways for the most creative pumpkin, in addition to a Halloween-themed art gallery. Costumes are encouraged, with a cover charge of $3 with costume, or $5 without. Treats and nonalcoholic beverages will be provided. BYOB is welcomed by anyone 21 and over. There will also be live music. Just check out this post or for more information.

Say “Superfast Pulsing Laser” Five Times Fast

A father and son team destroys a common virus with a superfast pulsing laser, without killing healthy cells. The father has a background in physics and the son’s background is in biology.


Their laser technique could shatter the protein shell of the tobacco mosaic virus, leaving behind only a harmless mucus-like mash of molecules. This was only done in a test tube, but they plan on doing tests in animals and humans in the future.

This sounds like science fiction, but just read the article yourself at You never know, one day when your mom yells at you for going to a rave, you can just tell her you’re doing it for your health.

Hackers Install OS X Leopard on a PC

osxonpc2.jpgThat’s right! The New Mac OS has only been out for a few days and its already hacked so it can be installed on almost any computer. If you read this post it will tell you how you can do it in three steps.

I don’t understand why Apple wouldn’t release their OS to everyone on a PC or Mac system. If they did do it, just think how fast Apple would take over the market. The main reason people switch is because of the great operation system. Don’t get me wrong, the hardware is great too but that is just part of it.

But maybe I just answered my own question. The main reason Apple wouldn’t release it to all PCs is because they make more money off of people also buying the hardware too, not just the OS. Or, would they make more money selling the OS to Mac and PC users? I am sure they have their reasons but in the meantime it’s nice to know if you really wanted to, you could install OS X on that crappy Dell you have sitting around.

Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints

When I first heard about Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints I knew I had to try one. The thought of the smoky flavor of bacon and the hint of mint made my mouth water. But sadly when I finely tasted this combination I was disappointed.

Bacon Mints

At first the bacon flavor hits you, followed quickly with the mint flavor. This part is not bad, but then after the mint is gone you are left with a strange bacon after taste. If they could only make the mint flavor last longer than the bacon flavor, these mints would be refreshing.

There is a bright side to this review. Since the bacon flavor lasts so long, this might be a good option to use when you’re eating and need a little bacon flavor. For example, if you’re at a restaurant and they don’t offer a burger with bacon (which is blasphemy). You could eat a bacon mint first, so while you’re eating the burger you can enjoy the sweet taste of bacon.

Here is what a few other people said after I talked them into trying a Bacon Mint:

Alexis – “Wow, they’re definitely bacony”!
Rich – “Man, that’s strange… where did you get those”?
Jen – “Looks aren’t everything, particularly when it comes to meat-flavored mints. I was lured in by the cheerful pig on the front of the Savory Bacon Mints tin. My anticipation quickly turned to dismay upon biting into a mint. The smoky-minty-plastic-like taste made me run for an Altoid.”
Lisa – “Upon opening the decorative tin (which could be repurposed into a snazzy paperclip holder), I was greeted by the vaguely minty yet smoky aroma. Kind of like if you threw Tic-Tacs into a campfire. And then I popped a single mint into my mouth.
My taste buds erupted with the strong smoky flavor, which then gave way to hints of mint. And then it just tasted like pig basted with a Scope marinade. Not bad, but not exactly refreshing. “

If you tried these before, feel free to comment with your thought about them. If you want to buy a tin, support my sponsors by buying them from Thanks!