Shop Independent this Friday

This holiday season, artist made goods are going to be the big hit. They are not made by giant factories in China, but are made by independent (indie) artist and crafters. This means that the person you give them to will have a quality, one of a kind gift. It really is the best and only thing you can get for someone who has everything.

Shop Indie

It’s easy to find and buy indie goods, you just need to know where to look. One place to look is your daily or weekly (free) papers and look for handmade craft shows. Since crafting is getting popular with the younger crowd you can find a lot for hip clothes, pins, and bags at craft shows now. Another place to go is local shops and consignment stores. There is a place in Bellevue, where I live, which sells artist made goods, it’s called “Your Moms”. Every city has shops like this, you just have to look around for them.

The last place you can look is online. Since handmade goods are getting so popular you are starting to see online indie stores pop up. is one of these stores. She hand picks her artists and makes sure they produce the highest quality products. If you think you might was to shop independent this Friday you might want to check out Shana Logics Gift Guide. If you really want to impress someone this year then buy something from this store, and be quick because things tend to sell out fast.

If you’re looking for some nifty artwork for someone on your list, check out he as a few prints and originals for sale. If he is not your style you can also check out They have tons of indie artists prints; just ignore the museum art that have on the site.

This Friday instead of fighting the crowds at the big chains, go to a local mom and pop shop or shop indie online. You will to find a unique gift that someone will actually enjoy and not take back the day after Christmas.

Hipster Olympics

This is a classic. It’s been around for awhile, but it surprises me how many people haven’t seen it yet. My favorite part is when they go through their record collections tossing bands that sold out.

If you find a good video on YouTube let me know and I will post it. Videos are good to have on hand when I have nothing to write or I’m all out of wit.

Facebook, Twitter, and Texting Kills E-mail

email.gifI was reading an article I found about the death of email and it really made me think about how I communicated. The first thing I did was check my inbox to see what kind of email I get. What I found was a few emails from listeners of Talk Objectivism, friends, and companies (not spam). Mail from various companies was definitely the most common. They were things like, your bill is due, thanks for your payment, and your order has shipped. It seemed that I communicated more with companies by email than friends.

The article said this was because I was using instant and text messages to communicate to them. Which is true, I would rather send a text message than an email. Emails sometimes take days to get a reply from but a text message gets a reply in about 2 seconds. I also use facebook and my blog to communicate with people. Every one of them seems faster than email.

So now that I think about it maybe E-mail is on its way out. But then again how would the companies that send me bills via E-mail communicate with me? Would they have to have a facebook account? Also, sites like facebook and twitter require an email address, too. So then again maybe email is going to stick around for a little while longer.

[The Death of E-Mail – Slate]

Marvel Sticks Spider-Man on the Web

Marvel announced that it will start to offer an online subscription to its vast comic universe. It will be called Digital Comics Unlimited. They will offer about 250 comics for free, then to get access to the 2,500 plus comics it will cost $9.99. They will add 20 a week which will include new and vintage comics.


I don’t know if I am excited about this or not. I used to read comics a lot when I was younger but kind of grew out it. I do remember that I usually enjoyed the art more than the story. And that’s one thing I don’t know if the internet it’s going to show well. Monitors are known for not representing color correctly and that may take away from the art.

Since they are giving access to 250 for free, I will give it a try and see it my inner kid still likes comics.

[Marvel Pops Comics Online, Hopes Fans Pay – Reuters]

MadTV Spoofed an iPod Ad

They really hit nail on the head with this one. It really does seem like they come out with a new product every 3 months. For instance, I just bought my Macbook a few months ago and I hear that before Christmas they are coming out with a new updated one.

I guess if you’re obsessed with having the latest and greatest products this would drive you crazy. But I really don’t care, as long as the one I have works, I’m happy.

Check Out My New Features

I created a new page for the blog today. It’s called “Features”, and it’s a list of handpicked posts that I feel are some of my more entertaining and/or well written posts. Here is a sample of what you will find on the new page.

Nine Things That Might Be Weird With Bacon – September 10th, 2007

Favorite Comment: Oh man, you are missing out! Bacon ice cream is quite delicious! Not many chefs do it, but if you ever encounter one who does (and they are out there), then you MUST try it. Also, I agree – vegetarians are just jealous. – Heather

Ten Bacon Pickup Lines – July 19th, 2007

Favorite Comment: You mean retarded in a good way- right Matt? #5 is sexy, I am emailing the permalink to my husband. -Michelle

Nine Types of Annoying Drivers – June 27th, 2007

Favorite Comment: While stopped at a busy intersection with a long stoplight in Raleigh, N.C., I saw a police officer make a “butt flicker” get out of their car and pick it up. I was so happy to see that. When ever I see a “butt flicker” I usually say some sarcastic remark about the world being their ashtray. – Sheila

If you feel that I left out or need to add a post to the new feature page, send me an email to let me know. I am curious to know what some of my readers favorite posts are.

Doughnuts In November

On Saturday November 3rd one of Mexico’s greatest bands Doughnuts in November (DIN) played a Halloween Party at the Creative Treehouse in Bellevue, PA. Here are a few pictures from the show.


I asked them if they were just wearing the masks because it was an Halloween party. Doug Dickens, the lead singer simply replied, “What masks”? You can learn more about this band at their MySpace page.

The two other bands that played the event were, Children of October (COO) and the Shutouts. This was my first time seeing the Shutouts and I was impressed. They played a good mix of originals and obscure covers to keep it interesting. COO played a good set too, but they forgot to play one of the crowd favorites. I guess I will have to wait till next time to hear it.

Rumor has it that there will be some video of the Shutouts from the event coming out soon. Just keep checking their myspace for updates. Also, the bassist in DIN has some yummy looking pants, could they be baconpants?