Bacon Wins Huston’s 10th annual Tailgater of the Year Contest

The Huston Texans held their 10th annual Tailgater of the Year Contest on New Year’s Day. At a time when most people were snoring away in a pile of smashed party hats, confetti, and human filth, nine dedicated teams of tailgaters, fueled only by Lobster tails and jell-o shots stepped up for the 5am start time.

The competition was ruff. What food would bring home the $1,000 grand prize? Would it be the Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy, the Chili-Cheese Fries, or the Chicken and Beef Fajitas? One team, the Battle Red Wagon Tailgaters knew that only one food is powerful enough send any food judge into a lustful craze. That’s right, they used that amazing not so secrete weapon of bacon.

By using the masterful technique of bacon wrapping they were able to take home the gold with their Cream Cheese and Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Bacon-Wrapped Duck Breast. On top of their $1,000 prize they also receive the coveted “Tailgater of the Year” flag and the privilege of helping judge next year’s contest.

Read more about the contest here.

Is Denny’s coming out with a Bacon Doughnut?

Today on Denny’s Facebook page they posted the following photo. Last time Sean and I were at Denny’s HQ for the Baconalia meeting they said that this would be the time they would starting working on the next celebration’s menu. Does this mean they’re kicking around the idea of having a Bacon Doughnut on the menu? I hope so!

Given that the photo is not from the Denny’s own test kitchen makes me think this is still on the drawing board. The photo is actually from Cafe Dulce.

With that said, we as the Bacon Nation need to support this idea. Head to Denny’s Facebook page and comment on and share the photo. While your there read the comments. It seems that some crazy health nuts/Vegans are trashing the photo. I commented with the following:

Anyone that thinks this is a bad idea is a wacko and hates the finer things in life. Go do yourself a favor and enjoy a bacon doughnut before you realize life is too short to pass judgment on something before you even try it.

I get really fired up when I see people saying things like gross and bacon in the same sentences. I wanted to throw a few choice words in my comment but I thought better of it.

Burger King: Proud to be Number 3 in Fast Food

It was announced last month that for the first time since opening their doors the fast food chain Wendy’s is surpassing Burger King in sales to become number 2 behind the raining champ McDonalds. There is a very clear reason for this and as a life long Burger King fan it saddens me to say it but Burger King quite frankly, you suck!

To be more specific your food sucks but it didn’t always. For most of my life the debate of “who is better, Burger King or McDonalds?” caused heated arguments with people on both sides. I was in the Burger King camp and would defend my Beef Lord the ends of the earth. Their burgers tasted better, they had onion rings, they had better marketing, and they where the home of the Whopper, one of the largest burgers a fast food chain had to offer. God I be loving me some BK in the day and just talking about this now makes me feel all nostalgic and I’m a little temped to hit up their drive thru for dinner but then I snap back to reality and know I will definitely drive right past BK on my way to Subway.

That’s right Burger King you have now forced me to eat Subway!

So how did Wendy’s beat you? Simply, because they care about their customers. Wendy’s has taken steps to improve the quality of their food. They’ve introduced new burgers and new cuts of bacon, redesigned their fries, and even went through the trouble of creating some good tasting salads for the health conscience on the go. They’re still far from perfect in my mind but I know from first hand experience that they are at least willing to listen to customers.

Burger King on the other hand just seems like they stopped caring. It’s like they know their quality is slipping and they don’t give a crap because number 3 is still pretty good. They think that the American people are conditioned into just scarfing down whatever swill fast food restaurants try passing off as food because it’s cheaper and easer than cooking. So no matter how bad their food gets people will still buy it because they’re dumb robots and fast food isn’t supposed to be that good to begin with.

This attitude is what has led the BK Chefs into a creative slump. Think about it, when was the last time Burger King introduced a truly new burger? All they do is slap some extra toppings on a Whopper and rename it. Double Whopper , Triple Whopper, Whopper Jr, California Whopper, Angry Whopper, Iny Whopper, Windows 7 Whopper (Japan Only), Veggie Whopper, Pizza Burger made of Whoppers and pizza toppings, Rodeo Whopper, and the Cheddar Salsa Whopper. They even had a Chicken Whopper and opened restaurants called BK Whopper Bars where you can put whatever toppings you want on your Whopper.

And what mind blowing concept are they coming out with that will win back their number two spot in 2012. They but bacon on a BK Topper. That’s it. Yes I would agree that adding bacon to any burger increases it’s awesomeness but not Burger King bacon. Time and time again I crawl back to Burger King like some kind of battered wife that still believes deep down he really loves me and time and time again I get slapped in the mouth with thin chewy flavorless strip of pink stuff they call bacon.

Burger King you really need to step up your game and start providing good food again before you lose us all. I’m still here Burger King waiting for you to show me you care but many have turned their backs for good. So please Burger King, give me a reason to stay. That’s all I ask.

Bacon LIVE: Bacon Burgers and Hand Sanitizer

This is a new year which means a new Bacon LIVE. Sean and I are going to try and keep the show on track this year. Also since we are planning what we are going to talk about. It will be simple for me to do these show notes.

Remember to sign up for the Mr. Baconpants Community so you can give is topic ideas and vote on who has the best bass singing voice.

Season 5 | Episode 1

  • Bacon NEWS: IHOP’s new breakfast “Stacks”, Burger Kings Bacon, and Tailgating Contests
  • Non-Editable Bacon NEWS: Bacon Hand Sanitize
  • What’s new in the Bacon Nation: The Mr. Baconpants Community and Tom-Macon, a new bacon blogger
  • Bacon USA: Fat’s Burgers and More has a Bacon Cheese Burger with Ice Cream!
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The Smiling Moose Reinvents itself with Good Food and Bacon!

The following is a review written by Beth aka Mrs. Baconpants. She is a prolific Yelp reviewer so I thought it would be a good idea to post some of her reviews on Mr. Baconpants. Even if a few of them have nothing to do about bacon.

When I heard that there was good food at the Smiling Moose I have to admit my stomach turned a little. The Smiling Moose that I knew is kinda dirty. The Smiling Moose that I knew is smokey. The Smiling Moose that I knew had loud bands downstairs and staff that were way too cool to be bothered to get you a beer. The Smiling Moose was the place we’d leave in a huff to go to Dee’s (another Pittsburgh dive bar). I’m so happy to report that the Smiling Moose that I knew is gone.

We went to watch the Pens game at the Moose last weekend. We were the only people sitting at their CLEAN NEAT dining area (seriously). The game was on a giant screen. There are less than 10 tables total, and all of them were filled by the time the game got underway. This is a GREAT bar to watch hockey! So much better than other places I’ve been on the South Side.

The menu is an assortment of sandwiches, soups, salads and sliders. We ordered a cup of the soup of the day, a Chickpea Chili with Ostrich. It was perfectly spiced and very tasty. The soup came with a big chunk of bread and was a meal in itself. I also ordered the grilled cheese sandwich, which comes with tomato and bacon. Several different cheese blended perfectly and gave me my gooey cheese fix. The bread on this sandwich adds a lot, too – thick but soft. My husband got the BLT sliders and really loved the Pesto Mayo.

The food at the Moose is quality, so the prices may be a bit more than you’d think. These aren’t $5 footlongs. Sandwiches are between 7-10 bucks and come with a side. All of my drinks were all 5 each (but I am a beer snob, I’m sure the PBR was cheap). All in all worth every cent. We will be back…. a lot. Especially during hockey season.

Mr. Baconpants’ two cents: The bacon they used was a thick cut applewood smoked bacon. It was very flavorful and cooked to perfection. I usually don’t like to get BLT’s at restaurants since they usually lack the amount of bacon I expect on one. But the Moose did it right. There was a lot of bacon and the Pesto Mayo was a nice touch.

Welcome to the New Mr. Baconpants in 2012

It’s that time of the year again. Where I make lofty goals for Mr. Baconpants. Well this year I got a head start on completing my goals.

As I am sure many of you have noticed, in the last week of 2011 I made a few big changes to the site. First, I updated the design of the site to make it more fun. I thought the old design looked stale.

Second, I added a message board (Community) to the site. This was something I always wanted to do but never got around to it. I plan to do contest that focus around this new section of the site. So if you’re not a member this is a good chance to sign up and start the new year off right.

Lastly, I added a new section on the site called “Restaurants“. I haven’t updated content on this section yet but it will be a place for people to find out what restaurants are doing great things with bacon near them. If you know of any in your area make sure you let me now so I can add it to the list.

My goals for this year are simple. Finish the new restaurant page, add a few new items to the store, and update the site often again. Last year my goal were unrealistic. Why on earth did I ever think I would meet Kevin Bacon.

Anyway, Happy New Year and Enjoy Bacon!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to make this site something that will bring you bacon enjoyment in 2012. Thanks!

Baconpocalypse Now: “I love the smell of bacon in the morning”

December 20, 2011 (Des Moines, IA)– On a warm Saturday afternoon last July, while stocking canned bacon on the shelves of a bomb shelter at an undisclosed location, organizers of the 5th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, “Baconpocalypse Now: I love the smell of bacon in the morning” began to question whether hoarding was the right thing to do.

“Look guys, we know that fears of the 2012 apocalypse could lead to a massive bacon shortage at any time,” John Tiffany, Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival historian explained. “But what if our hoarding sparks a bacon-buying frenzy that could have been avoided?”

Seth Hall, Chief Bacon Enjoyment Officer, agreed. “John has a point. We can’t possibly purchase enough frozen pork belly futures contracts to feed 4,000 festival attendees without creating panic in the markets and pushing retail bacon prices over $10 a pound.” The room went quiet. Seth continued. “Dudes, we need to look at this problem from a global perspective. I’m talkin’ synergies, accountability, core competencies, a paradigm shift, a Win/Win–” Brooks Reynolds, Chair of the Iowa Bacon Board and festival co-founder, interrupted, shouting, “A strategic partner! We need to go straight to the bacon source and find a pork producer with enough hogs to satisfy our bacon needs for the next 20 years, apocalypse or not.”

One month later, at his Bacon-On-A-Stick stand at the Iowa State Fair, Reynolds couldn’t help but notice a sea of people marching down the concourse wearing black shirts. As the group came closer, the green and red logo came into focus – Iowa Select Farms. “It was like a sign from God,” Reynolds recalled.

As the largest Iowa-based pork producer, Iowa Select Farms was celebrating an employee family outing – 2,200 people in all. Reynolds seized the opportunity to gain an introduction to Jeff Hansen, CEO of Iowa Select Farms. The two exchanged contact information and just last week, Iowa Select Farms signed on as the presenting sponsor of the 5th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

Asked to explain the logic of the partnership, Jeff Hansen, CEO of Iowa Select Farms said, “Look, Iowa is number one in pork production. Our company and employees have always taken great pride in that. So how could all of us at Iowa Select Farms sit idly by while the organizers of the best bacon festival in the world lose sleep over the fears of a bacon shortage? All of us at Iowa Select Farms are proud to support this event and ensure that there is enough bacon to keep the celebration alive.”

With the presenting sponsor for 2012 secured and risks of a bacon shortage avoided, tickets for the 5th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, “Baconpocalypse Now: I love the smell of bacon in the morning” presented by Iowa Select Farms are set to go on sale exclusively online at beginning at high noon on Thursday, December 29th. The festival will be held at the Varied Industries building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., February 18th.

Organizers plan to accommodate 4,000 bacon lovers. Tickets are $45 for general admission into the main event, entitling the holder to a commemorative T-shirt, koozie, a wide array of bacon-inspired delights from various restaurants, unlimited bacon samples at the Bacon Showcase, live music and bacon educational lectures.

Other ticket options include:

  • $625 for a reserved table for 10
  • $135 for a general admission ticket paired with a seat at the Bacon Elegance Dinner on the evening of February 15. Due to 2010’s quick sellout, the maximum general admission ticket purchase will be two (2) per order.