Bacon Night is Back in the Burgh

Bacon Night

Last year Pittsburgh’s home for Bacon Lovers, the Harris Grill, had a tragic fire. I wrote a post called, “The Harris Grill Will Be Missed”, as soon as I heard about the bad news. Well today I am happy to report the Harris Grill has risen from the ashes better than before! Their reopening day is today, April 14th, 2008. This means the return of bacon night is April 15th@ 6:30pm!

I hope to see a lot of bacon fans there, and yes I will be wearing the bacon pants. If you don’t know what Bacon Night is just come down and you will be pleasantly surprised. They serve free baskets of freshly cooked bacon to anyone sitting at the bar. It’s always a good time and their selection of beer is pretty good. So you should be able to find something you like. If you’re a bacon lover there really is no reason why you can’t stop down.

In related news the owners were nice enough to invite me to their mock service night last Friday. A mock service is what restaurants do before they open to train their staff. If you watch the food network you will know what I am talking about. I would just like to let everyone know it was a fantastic experience.

I was so impressed I feel they could have opened early, the staff was friendly and the service was fast. From what I could tell it was like this place never closed down. In fact, my food was served so fast my bacon cheese burger was almost too hot to eat.

The only thing I noticed that changed was the menu. It still looks good but a little smaller, which isn’t a bad thing. I’d rather have a restaurant make a few great dishes than a lot of “just ok” ones. For example, my bacon cheese burger was perfect. It was a hand padded burger (which is very important, I hate frozen patties) with 2 strips of crisp bacon (I would have liked to see 3 or 4) and topped with a nice piece of melted cheese. If they keep it up it will turn in to my favorite place to pick up a burger.

I am really happy to be a part of the rebirth of Bacon Night and of the Harris Grill. I look forward to meeting my friends after work on Tuesday nights for a beer and a few baskets of bacon. Mmm… I can smell the bacon already.

April 22nd, 6:30pm The Return of Bacon Night!
Harris Grill, 5747 Ellsworth Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15232 • Phone 412.362.5273

Graham Wright Loves Back Bacon


Yesterday April 10th, 2008 I interviewed Graham Wright, keyboardist for Tokyo Police Club. The interview went well. We both had a love for hockey so that started us off on the right foot. I was able to record the interview, but it was in low light so only the audio came out good. But don’t worry I have something special planned for the audio and I hope to have it done and posted next week.

To give you a taste here are the three moments that stood out to me:

The first moment happened because Graham loved hockey and back bacon. The first 7 minutes of the 15 minute interview that was all we talked about and I loved every minute of it. He says that he likes eating bacon but if he had the choice he would go with back bacon. I don’t know if I agree with him but I was just happy to know that he wasn’t a vegetarian.

The second moment was when I asked about their new label, Saddle Creek Records. He had nothing but nice things to say about them. He also shared a really good opinion on the “label vs. no label” debate. He says it’s all about gaining recognition and to gain that requires you to work with your label to get where you want to go. If you remember we had a debate about that on this blog a few weeks ago. It was nice to get a band’s view on the debate. After I post the full interview next week I will bring this part up again, I don’t want to spoil it all now.

The third big moment was when I asked about the technology he couldn’t live without on tour. Graham said that it would have to be his cell phone and Macbook (he’s a fellow mac fanboy). Without them he said the van feels like a submarine, since you have no outside contact for weeks at a time. He told me he probably would never tour without them.

After the interview was over I waited around for the show to start. I was worried that I might be let down by their live performance. Sometimes bands have trouble reproducing the complexity (random samples and shouts) of their music live. This was not the case with Tokyo Police Club; their live performance blew me away. I would even go as far to say it was better than the CD. Every note, clap, and shout had an energy that the CD didn’t capture. It was the best 15 bucks I spent so far this year.

I would like to thank Tokyo Police Club for putting on an amazing show and taking the time to talk to me. I hope to post the full interview early next week. I also plan to get Elephant Shell, their first LP, once it’s release April 22nd and give it a full review. Graham told me it’s good. Let’s hope I agree.

Also look for more bacon filled band interviews in the future. I am going to try to set more of these up. If your a band, big or small, coming to Pittsburgh give me an email.

Photo Credit: The image of Graham Wright was taken by Todd Dyum.

Bacon On a Cupcake


L-Train from the Enjoy Bacon social network sent me an email today containing this tasty photo. It’s a photo of the Pancake and Syrup Cupcake. This is one of the featured flavors on Wednesday’s at Dozen Cupcakes located in Squirrel Hill (in Pittsburgh). The best part about this cupcake is that it comes with a tiny piece of bacon on top.

Not only did I get to see a photo of it today, I also got to try it. L-Train was nice enough to share one with me for my sampling pleasure. I would have to say it really does taste like a pancake and the maple icing really finishes it off nicely. The tiny piece of bacon was also maple flavored and cooked to perfection. So next time you find yourself with a sweet tooth on a Wednesday, stop into Dozen’s and try one (or a dozen).

Does Tokyo Police Club Like Bacon


A year ago I found a internet radio site called Pandora and started finding new music. The first band that I found on the site was Tokyo Police Club an indie rock band with an addictive sound. After hearing just one song I was impressed and the next day I ran out an picked up there CD, A Lesson In Crime. I would describe the CD as a 16 minute long journey thought a world taken over by robots and a oppressive government. All the songs are fresh and a bit random and thats what make it so great. You almost feel that there creating the music for the first time ever, every time you play the CD.

The band is from Newmarket, Canada and consists of Dave Monks (Vocals, Bass), Josh Hook (Guitar, Percussion), Graham Wright (Keyboards, Vocals) and Greg Alsop (Drums, Percussion). They are currently one tour and are releasing their debut full length album entitled Elephant Shell sometime in May (some sites saying late April).

TPC is playing in Pittsburgh April, 10th at Mr. Smalls, and I am going to be interviewing them before the show. If they allow me to use my flip video camera I will post some video up next week. If you have any questions you would like me to ask them let me know ASAP. Sorry for giving you late notice but I just found out yesterday that I will be allowed to do this.

The Social Network for Bacon Lovers

Enjoy Bacon

A fellow lover of bacon named Jesse Hambley told me about a really neat website called The website allows you to create your own niche social network for free. After he explained to me what it was, he told me, “You should start a Bacon Ning”. I looked at him for a bit and said, “Your right, I should start a network for bacon lovers”!

If you enjoy bacon then stop by and join the fastest growing network for bacon lovers. I hope the site turns into a fun place where people can plan bacon events, share recipes, and enjoy all things bacon.

If you would like to help out with the design of the network let me know. The Ning platform is very customizable with CSS. I have some other projects due at the moment or I would have customized it myself. So if you have the time and you would like to share your CSS skills that would be great.

View my page on Enjoy Bacon

Pixelmator: Better then Photoshop Elements


So after I got my Macbook I starting looking for programs to fill it up with. The first one I downloaded was Adium, which I explained in a previous post was better than iChat. The next program I started looking for was a good image editor. I wanted something cheaper than Photoshop but could still handle everything I need.

The first thing I found was Gimp. I found it to be powerful but the complicated user interface made that power too hard to handle. Soon after getting that off my Macbook I found my dream photo editing tool called, Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is sexy, user friendly, and can handle everything I throw at it. I would compare it to Photoshop Elements. The price is just right too, only 59 bucks to unlock all the power of the program. If you go to their site and check out the screenshots you will notice it’s interface is a lot like Photoshop’s. If you’re familiar with Adobe products you should be ok and the learning curve will be low. Thankfully there are some differences with the interface, so I don’t think Adobe will try to shut down or take over (like they did with Macromedia) this competitor.

If you are in the market for an inexpensive photo editing tool and don’t need all the fancy filters and effects Photoshop comes with, then you should give Pixelmator a try. You can download a demo on their website.