Grand Theft Auto IV


The Grand Theft Auto games for the PS2 killed a lot of my free time in the past. Now with GTA IV out this week for the PS3 I am wishing I had money to spend and time to waste. But maybe it’s for the best that I can’t get this game, since I know it would suck the life right out of me. Or if you believe all the negative hype about it, it might turn me into some kind of murdering maniac.

Anyway, there are so many new features and toys in this game it would be a chore to list them all. The one that I am most excited about are the new multiplayer modes. Some of the new modes are death matches, turf wars, cops n’ crooks, and carjacking. So now instead of wasting time alone, you can waste time playing with other humans. Unlike the other GTA games this one should not get old after a while because of the multiplayer modes. Rockstar deserves a pat on the back for that one.

When I get my “last ditch effort to stimulate the economy” check in the mail I will have to make a hard choice. Pay bills or buy a Playstation 3. Maybe I could save the money and just wait until one of my friends gets the game. Then just make up reasons to stop off at their house every few days to get my fix.

If you played this game let me know if it’s worth getting a PS3 for.

Bacon Cupcakes and Banning the Bacon Dog


When I was bogged down at work I asked you to send me emails and I am happy to report that a few of you actually did. Here are two that I would like to share with you. The first one is about Bacon Cupcakes and the second is about Bacon Dogs.

Brendan writes:
Thought you might like our search for the blogosphere’s best bacon cupcake in “Who Cooked it Better, Bacon Cupcakes”.

It seems that Bacon in cupcake form is the big craze right now. Yesterday I informed you that my post about the bacon topped cupcake was #10 on a list of 50 uses of bacon. Well this takes that to a new level, it’s actually talking about cupcakes with bacon as an ingredient.

The photos and the recipes look great. I will have to plan a weekend where I try to make at least one of them. I didn’t really have any luck with the bacon cheesecake since spring pans scare me. Also, I think cupcakes are an easier challenge to tackle.

Ezra wrote:
Ok Mosley, I think you’re going to love this one. A tale of Bacon with a libertarian (that’s with a small L) twist.

I never had a Bacon Dog and it looks like thanks to the LA Health Department I will not be able to get one from a street vendor. Stories about government stepping on the toes of businesses get me fired up. Lucky for you this is not the blog for such a discussion so I will save it for my podcast

Anyway, I think I might make a bacon dog at the next cookout I attend. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, a warm afternoon with a bacon dog and chilled summer ale. Now that’s a good cookout.

More Than 50 Ways to Use Bacon


The triple deadline week is now over so things should start to go back to normal. The first thing I did when I got some free time was check out my Google Analytics to see who has been linking my content. I was happy to see there was some new link love. I was worried that my traffic and incoming links would have gone down since I didn’t post in a while, but that was not the case.

While I was looking them over, one of the new links stood out to me. It was from a blog post called “50 Ways to Use Bacon” on I was hoping my bacon pants were one of the 50 ways.

As I was going through the list I saw a lot of familiar faces like Heather from Bacon Unwrapped and the blog Bacon Show (just to name a few). I was happy to see that my post on the Bacon Cupcake was #10 on the list. After reading the rest I felt there were a few uses of bacon missing.

Here are my additions to the list:

Promotional Tool – You can give bacon away free as a promotional tool like the Harris Grill in Pittsburgh does on Tuesday nights.

Life Saver – In the event of a heart attack the nitrates in bacon could save your life.

Getting Dates – If you read my post on Bacon pickup lines you will score some dates in no time. I swear Taco Bell is reading my blog. Did you see their latest commercial? I think their marketing department should give me a call.

Check out the rest of the list and see if you can find anything else they missed. That might be easier said than done since it is a pretty comprehensive list.

No Time to Blog or Eat Bacon


This time of year at work is busy season. It’s at the time when I get a lot of projects all at once with the same deadline. If you got the humor in my post called, “Graphic Design Humor on the Listserv” you probably feel my pain. But don’t worry. Everything will be back to normal next week, since all the deadlines are tomorrow or over the weekend. Well that’s as long as I don’t have any Photoshop disasters. So we might just have to wait and see about that. 😉

Also keep sending me emails. I got a few good ones that I will talk about next week. If you wondering what kind of email you should send me here is a list of ideas.

Tell me about a bacon related product (if Archie McPhee sells it I know about it)
Photos of bacon (favorite bacon burger, bacon sightings, any thing else bacon)
Recipes (I love to eat so give me ideas)
Beers you think I should try (I like IPAs and Brown Ales the most)
Bacon stories (tell me about something that happened to you that involves bacon)
New technology (I love leaning about new gadgets)
Foodie and Tech rumors (I like to be in the know and it would be nice to know something that guys at don’t)

Those are just some ideas but you can really email me just about anything… as long as you’re not spam.

Bacon is a Flickr Pro


Flickr has added a feature that made me want to pay for a pro account. Before, I saw no real reason to pay since I don’t do a lot of photography or upload a lot of it, but now they added video. So, having a clean (free of ads) place to post my short little video clips is worth the 24.95 a year.

With the new feature you can upload a 90 second video that is less then 150 MBs. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s enough for a short video snapshot. For example, my friend posted a video of everyone singing happy birthday at a party. Now a photo would have been ok but the video made the memory of that day a little more exciting. That’s the kind of stuff this new feature was meant for and 90 seconds is more then enough for that.

This is not a YouTube or replacement, it’s something different. Those services are for videos that are meant to be seen and entertain the masses. Flickr will be the home for all those random and short video clips people capture that are not meant for mass consumption.

So here is a quick recap of how I will use this video service. is the home for my polished and longer video content. Like the Bacon Eating Contest video. Flickr on the other hand will be for random clips that only I and maybe a few other people will enjoy. Like the video below, which I shot and uploaded via cell phone.

Let me know what you think about this new feature. I know that in the Flickr community there are mix feelings about it.

BLT Construction at Work


Since this month is National BLT month I have been making BTL wraps at work for lunch. I don’t like to precook my bacon the night before so I cook it fresh on the stovetop in the lunch room. It works out great for me but for everyone else its nerve racking. A lot of people love bacon and when you’re cooking they come around to steal a piece. Luckily I am a master at fork fencing (Note: I like to use a fork to flip my bacon). They usually back away as soon as I assume the traditional fencing stance.

If you would like to make one at your work here are the steps.

1. Make sure your lunch room has a stove top. If not just remember bring in your own electric griddle. (Every bacon lover should have one.)
2. Wait till around 1pm when most people are done with lunch. That way you have the chance to cook your bacon in peace.
3. Cook about 8 pieces of bacon for two wraps.
4. After the bacon is done, place it on paper towel to cool. Never leave your bacon when it’s at this point. This is when most of the bacon theft happens.
5. Get your fixings ready. I usually use one small tomato (I like tomatoes) and one handful of leafy greens for each wrap.
6. Toss everything in to a pita or tortilla.
7. Then eat and enjoy.

Cooking your lunch at work is fun and exciting. If you have stovetops at work use them. It really helps to break up a monotonous day.

It’s Time for Bright Colors


The sun is shining and the warm breeze feels fantastic, it must be spring! Since the dark and cold winter months are gone, bright colors are starting to catch my eye again. While reading a few of my favorite blogs I spotted two posts that made my color seeking eyes jump for joy.

The first post was entitled “Eneplug: Colorful 3-pack of USB chargers ships in May”. It’s about this colorful and highly useful adapter to charge your USB devices. This would be great for people that have rechargeable devices that need to be plugged in to your computer’s USB port to charge. I am sure things like this have been out for a while but I don’t think they were ever hot pink.

The second post I found was called, “HOWTO make a non-timekeeping wristwatch bauble”. It talks about these hipsters that think it’s cool to spray paint old watches “hot” colors. I don’t know if I like this idea or not. I hate to wear things on my arm and this would be extra annoying since it servers no real purpose. I should spray paint an old laptop (screen and all) I have lying around and pretend to use it at a coffee shop. Now that would make a statement.

These were just a few “bright” posts I wanted to share. Feel free to share your own in the comments.