Chocolate-Covered Bacon is now for Sale

A few weeks ago I told you about a company that was playing around with the idea of selling chocolate-covered bacon. Well today I am going to tell you about a company that is actually selling it in their store. The store is named Marini’s Candies and they are located in Santa Cruz. The picture above is a photo of it in their display case.

I would like to thank Benjamin Thomas for bringing this Serious Eats story to my attention. Rumor has it there is a store in Pittsburgh that is selling this too. If you live in the Burgh and know where let me know ASAP.

Scrap Iron Chef’s Bacon with Alton Brown

If you’re a fan of bacon chances are you watch Food Network. My favorite show is “Good Eats” since Alton Brown shows you how easy it is to make good food. Plus, the nerd in me loves it when he talks about the science of making food.

On one of the shows Alton made Scrap Iron Chef’s Bacon, you can view the recipe here. This is something I always wanted to do, make my own MrBaconpants bacon (not sure what flavor it would be yet). Below is the show broken up into two videos.

Let me know what your favorite Good Eats episode is or your favorite food related show.

Eating Bacon is Healthier than Eating Ice Cream

Back in 2002 the popular men’s magazine FHM published a graphic that showed 37.5 pieces of bacon (112 grams of fat), equaled one pint of Ben and Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream. To most people this was not a big deal and the just chuckled about it. To a bacon lover this is ammo in the fight to prove that eating bacon is a good choice.

Ever since I started my blog people have been saying to me, “You better check your cholesterol” or “You’re going to get a heart attack”!

I politely tell them I have weighed the risks, and feel that bacon consumption is worth the possible effect on my health down the road. For most people this is enough, but a few will still push the issue. Well with the information found in the graphic above I can say, “Do you eat ice cream”? When they say yes I will inform them that eating a pint of ice cream has the same amount of fat at 37.5 pieces of bacon.

It would take me about 2 weeks (if I ate about 2-3 pieces every day) to eat that much bacon. I am sure my body can process that just fine. But if they ate that ice cream in one sitting I am sure that would do more damage (I don’t know for sure since I am not a doctor).

People who insist on telling bacon lovers that bacon is not “healthy”, need to take a second look at the foods they eat. I am sure we all have something we enjoy that could be bad for us. My food is bacon (and the occasional pint of ice cream)… what’s yours?

Pass the Pigs: a game for bacon lovers

A commenter brought a game to my attention that sounds like a perfect match for bacon lovers. It’s called “Pass the Pigs”. The object of the game is to be the first player to score 100 points by rolling little pigs as dice. You score points depending on how the pigs land and you can keep rolling until you roll a losing combination. You can also stop your turn at anytime if you don’t want to press your luck.

Scoring with one pig:
Lazy Pig – The pig is lying on its side – 0 Points
Razorback – The pig is lying on its back – 5 Points
Trotter – The pig is standing on all fours – 5 Points
Snouter – The pig is leaning on its pig noise – 10 Points
Leaning Jowler – The pig is resting on its snout, ear and one foot – 15 Points

Scoring with two pigs:
Sider – Both pigs lying on the same side – 1 Point
Double Razorback – The pigs are both lying on their backs – 20 Points
Double Trotter – The pigs are both standing on all fours – 20 Points
Double Snouter – The pigs are both leaning on their pig noises – 40 Points
Double Leaning Jowler – The pigs are both resting between snout, ear and one foot each – 60 Points
Mixed Combo – A combination not mentioned above is the sum of the single pigs score
Pig Out – Both pigs lying on opposite sides. You loose all the points you accumulated that round and the pigs get pass to the next player.
Oinker (or Makin’ Bacon) – If both pigs are touching in any way, then you lose all the points you accumulated during the game and you pass the pigs to the next player.
Piggyback – If one pig lands completely resting on top of the other then you are out of the game.

If you want to see all the rules, Hasbro has a PDF of the rulebook on their website, you can check it out here.

Videos of the 3G iPhone Hype Machine

Since the new 3G iPhone came out last Friday (July 11th), twitter and just about every tech blog was buzzing about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new iPhone and hope to get one in a few months, but the coverage was getting out of hand. In the middle of all this iPhone hysteria were some pretty entertaining videos.

I have embedded both of them here in this post, so if you’re in a feed reader you will have to visit the site to see them. The first video is from the “Will it Blend?” viral marketing campaign for Blendtec blenders. Blendtec’s PR people really understand how to market online.

The second video is a live news broadcast, where an annoying reporter gets his ass handed to him on the air for making fun of iPhone fanboys (Fanboys 1, Reporters 0).

If you find any out of the ordinary iPhone coverage, let me know. If you are looking for real iPhone news then check out, a blog I freelance for.

By 2010, Hitachi plans to create a 5TB HD

Ever since the Macbook Air came out, everyone has been talking about how solid-state disks are the future. The hard drive specialists at Hitachi, located in Japan, think otherwise. They are continuing to push HD technology to the limits of storage capacity.

They have reported that they would like to see a 3.5-inch hard drive on the market that can hold 5TB by 2010. They say they can achieve this by tweaking the methods they already use for 1TB drives.

Hitachi says that when the drives come out in 2010, two of them will have the same storage capacity as the human brain. I never knew there was a 10TB drive in my head.

When I read things like this I start to think about all the information we are going to accumulate before we die. Since we will have 10TB of space, just think about how many videos, mp3s, and photos, we can save. Your hard drive will be like your own personal historian.

How cool will it be to see the life your ancestors lived, though their eyes and ears? Also, if that information was networked to the internet it would never stop affecting people. That means in a strange way, peoples ideas and lessons learned would be immortal. We will not just have the detailed history of famous (important) people, but the history of everyone.

People don’t realize it, but our history is now a multimedia experience. Gone are the days of stone tablets, parchment, and books; we now have video, sounds, and images. Future generations are going to know so much about the past that maybe then we will stop repeating it.

Alright I am done with the heavy thinking, now to get back to my bacon. I wonder what my future generations are going to think about my bacon addiction?