How many BLTs could Michael Phelps eat?

Last night I was watching the Olympics and saw a segment they did about Michael Phelps. During it they said Michael needs about 8,000-10,000 calories per day when training. Since I am a bacon lover I tried to think about that in terms of bacon. How much bacon could Michel eat and still be less than 10,000 calories?

I did a little bit of research and found out that the average full slice of bacon is about 40-50 calories. So I divide 10,000 by 50 and got 200 slices of bacon. A pound of bacon usually contains 16-20 slices. That means Micheal can eat 10 lbs (precooked) of bacon every day.

Realistically, I don’t think anyone would just eat 10 pounds of bacon in one day. I could see someone eating a lot of BLTs, though. Then I did some research to find out how many BLT’s Micheal could eat.

We already know that bacon is about 50 calories per slice. I use 5 slices per BLT, so that’s 250 calories from bacon. Now for everything else, two slices of white bread are 140, the lettuce and tomato are about 10, and the mayo is 90 (1 TBSP), that makes the rest of the sandwich around 240 calories. If my rough math is correct, that means an average BLT is about 490 calories. If I was a bigger fan of mayo it would probably be more.

Anyway, that means that Michael Phelps could eat 20 BLTs in one day and still be under the 10,000 calorie mark. I am not saying that would be the healthiest choice, but I think if I was in Michael’s position I would at least try to do it for one day.

If you come up with other calculations for how much food Michael can eat, please share via comments.

Five pieces of technology I could not live without

It seems the more technology advances, the more we become dependent on it. I am no exception. Just the other day I was thinking, “If I was about to lose everything (not people but tangible goods) and could only save five things, what would they be”? Well, here is the list I came up with.

Macbook – Without my computer I would not be able to make a living, this would be the first thing I would grab. It has most of my information and software I use on a daily basis.

Smart Phone (Centro) – We live in a world where it’s important to always be connected. On days I leave my phone at home, I feel naked and lost all day. Once you get a smart phone you never want to go back to a normal one. If you haven’t made the plunge yet, don’t. It’s like a drug; you just keep checking your email and twitter every second of the day.

Wii – I would grab this because sometimes you just need to unwind from a rough day and play some Mario Galaxy. I don’t know if I would want to live in a world without Mario.

Sirius Radio – Terrestrial radio sucks compared to satellite radio. Sirius actually plays new music and there is a station dedicated to indie/college rock. Even the News/Sports talk radio is better. My radio was out of commission for a few weeks and I was losing my mind listening to the local stations. I need my Sirius.

Dodge Neon – Okay, before you make fun of me about my car I would just like to say that they were the only dealership in Pittsburgh that would sell me a car. It’s not the car I want, but it was the only thing I could get at the time. The reason I would take it is because without it everything would be more difficult. My car is the largest piece of technology I own.

Feel free to share some of technology you couldn’t live without and the reasons why. I am really interested in what in people say.

Attention slow drivers: I hate you!

On Monday I woke up a little late for work. Everything started off as planned for me to only be 5 minuets late. I took a fast shower, skipped packing my lunch, and didn’t check my email before running out the door. These were things I sacrificed to save time and my ass.

Once on the road, I was making record time. It was like the traffic lights knew I needed their help, they all turned green as I approached. At 9:00 am. I wasn’t worried, I had 7 more minutes to go until I had to be at my desk.

Everything changed when I noticed that I had caught up to the car ahead me a little to quickly. At that point I checked my speed and saw I had slowed down to 30 MPH. The posted speed limit was 45 MPH. I looked through their back window to see if I saw any sign of trouble. The driver looked calm and the car seemed to run fine.

After my close inspection of the car and driver, I noticed a speed limit sign ahead. I thought at this point they would notice the sign, check their speed, and correct their error. That didn’t happen.

The traffic behind me began to beep their horns and ride my ass. Me, being a peace-loving bacon-lover, I didn’t join in. Well…then again maybe I did ride their ass and point angrily at every speed limit sign we passed (we passed 4). I was pissed.

Finally, after my dream of only being 5 minutes late were shattered, we came to a light. Thankfully, they headed for the turning lane and cleared my path. When I passed them, I was sure to give them a few hateful looks.

Long story short, I was 20 minutes late for work because some ass couldn’t read a speed limit sign. I still can’t figure out why someone would drive like that. Did they really not know it was a 45 MPH zone? Also, if they were broke down, why didn’t they turn on their flashers and move to the shoulder? The only reason you have to drive under the speed limit is weather related. Other than that, you have no excuse.

At this time, I would like to point out that the car in the picture above is not the car I was stuck behind. If I would have been stuck behind a bacon car, this would have be a totally different post.

How do I cook a bacon chop

Recently I got an email from Brooks, one the the originators of Bacon Fest, asking me about bacon chops.

“Have you ever had one? I read about it in Food and Wine and am trying to see if a local butcher can get me some.”

Sadly, I had to tell him that I never had one. Even thought it’s a popular Irish dish I never noticed it on any menus. It could also be the fact that I haven’t been to many Irish restaurants.

Me being a lover of all things bacon, I feel I need to find a bacon chop and eat it right away. So I started my search on Google, but to my surprise it really didn’t come up with a lot information.

Luckily, Heather from Bacon Unwrapped emailed her suggestions for finding a bacon chop. She says that I would have a good chance, if I find a butcher that specializes in pork. Pittsburgh does have some nice markets and butch shops so that should not be a problem.

Heather also says:

“The Irish version of bacon typically comes from the shoulder or loin, so I’m pretty sure a Bacon Chop isn’t actually cut from the belly like American bacon.”

This means that its going to be more like a thick cut of back bacon and most likely not smoked. I have also seen a bacon chop pictured with a bone on one side, so then again maybe its more like a pork chop. I guess I will only know the answer to that after I have one myself.

I need your help! I need to find a recipe for a bacon chop that I can make at home. Also since Google failed me please share any information about bacon chops via comments.

Blue Monster gets his own bacon pants

After the 4th of July I introduced you all to Blue Monster, a character from a web comic I started. Well, it’s been less than a month a lot has changed.

The first thing you should notice is the drawing has improved, that’s because Matt Gondek now does the pencil drawings and I just add the color. Doing a project with a friend is a lot of fun and more productive.

Since the strip stars Mr. Baconpants, I will be featuring a few of the strips here. If you like what you see I hope you head over to and check out the archives.

Arby’s Chicken Bacon and Swiss Sandwich: FAIL

A reliable source in the bacon community wanted me to tell you that the #14 at Arby’s is not a good representation of bacon. Before you run out to your local Arby’s to see what the #14 is I will tell you, it’s the Chicken Bacon and Swiss. His biggest complaint was about the bacon and sadly I had to agree with him.

For some reason fast food companies (not just Arby’s) fail when it comes to making bacon. They think that if they put a chewy piece of jerky on a sandwich and call it bacon, we will be happy. This is not that case. When a bacon lover wants bacon on a sandwich, they want pork belly cooked to crispy perfection.

A lot of people blame it on the microwave. They say that fast food places don’t have the equipment or the time to cook it fresh. I tell them that’s a poor excuse, since I have had microwaved bacon that tasted good and not like the crap they serve.

This is the last straw, I am no longer eating fast food bacon. If I see a fast food chain working to make their bacon better I may give it a try again. So if you feel your bacon us up to the challenge let me know and I will give it a taste test.

Remember you’re making bacon for people not dogs. Humans do not like bacon that taste and/or feels more like rawhide.

Bacon Unwrapped is a writing book

Heather from Bacon Unwrapped is writing a book about bacon and she is asking the bacon nation to answer six questions. If she likes what you have to say, you may make it into the book. Here are the questions and my answers:

1. Do you have a favorite restaurant (diner, hamburger joint, etc) where you like to eat because of the bacon? If so, tell me all about it.
My favorite place to eat bacon would have to be Fat Heads. It’s located in Pittsburgh’s South Side. They have a great selection of beer and their food is out of this world. I usually get the Bacon Cheeseburger, which is about the size of my head. It’s loaded with mayo, lettuce, a thick slice of tomato, and four rashers of crispy bacon. If I am really in the bacon mood I will also get an order of bacon cheese fries. There is nothing better than drinking an IPA and munching on a Bacon Cheeseburger.

2. Do you have any memorable stories that involve bacon?
The most memorable story I can think of off the top of my head is the time I got the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger in Las Vegas. In the Mirage Hotel there is a restaurant called the Burger Bar. Every place in Vegas has a gimmick, this one’s happens to be the fact that you construct your own burger. They give you choices of meat, bun, and toppings. On the list of toppings were 4 different kinds of bacon, apple wood, pepper, cinnamon, and jalapeño. So I got all four kinds (16 strips of bacon) on a burger with provolone cheese, the waiter gave me a funny look. Let me just say it was amazing, with every bite I got a taste of something different. I will never forget that burger.

3. Other than eating a piece of bacon on its own, what is your favorite way to eat bacon?
My favorite way to eat bacon is what I call a sea pig. Sea pig is when you wrap bacon around a scallop or shrimp. For some reason bacon makes seafood taste amazing!

4. What is the most unusual use for bacon that you’ve ever encountered?
I would have to say the bacon mints were unusual. I like bacon but I never would of thought to freshen my breath with it.

5. Do you have a really good recipe involving bacon that you are willing to share?
When I was at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I met a chef that appreciates bacon as much as I do. His name is Lance Avery; he is the Corporate Executive Chef for Sara Lee. Lance created a Maple-Bacon and Pumpkin Cheesecake that was out of this world. After taking only one bite I ran up to him and said, “You have to give me this recipe, the world must know how good this is”. He gladly said yes, so without anymore rambling here is the recipe.

6. And if you have a bacon-related story that you think is really great but just doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, feel free to share!
Another great moment in bacon I witnessed was the Bacon Eating Contest at the 1st Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. It was the best part of the event. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. The smell of bacon, the roaring crowds (ohhhh bacon!), and the steady (some not so steady) eyes of the bacon gladiators waiting to devour 3lbs of (cooked) bacon. It was a sight to see, I can’t wait till next year. Click here to check out the video of it.

I hope I make it into the book. If you would like to be in the book, just leave a comment on Heather’s blog post located here.