Bacon-Wrapped Shrimps with Tangy Mustard Sauce

The Detroit Free Press is wrapping some shrimps with bacon and dipping those mofos in some tangy mustard. At first I was I little scared because I’m the type of man that likes my sauces to come premade in a squeeze bottle but after looking it over it seems like a pretty easy recipe and only takes about 45 minutes including prep time.

Check out the recipe here.

Fatty’s Burgers & More, Makes One Sweet Burger

Have you ever sat down at your local dinner starring at your bacon cheese burger and milkshake dreading the physically draining task of picking up the burger, taking a bite, setting it down, then picking up the milk shake, slurping the straw, and then setting it down only to have to do it all over again. If only there was a better way?

Well thanks to San Antonio based restaurant “Fatty’s Burgers & More” no longer do you have to be a slave to normal eating procedures. They have introduced what they call the “Ice Cream Cheeseburger” and it is exactly what it sounds like. A big old meat patty covered in cheese and bacon then topped with a scoop of fried ice cream. They say it tastes like taking a swig of a milk shake right after a bite of a cheeseburger.

But Fatty’s doesn’t stop there they also have a Pancake Burger, Fried Egg Burger, BBQ Burger, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Burger. I think this is a sign that the Baconpants crew needs to take a much needed road trip.

If you live in the San Antonio area get your butt to Fatty’s and let us know how it is.

Read more about it here.

IHOP’s New Hash Brown Stacks

For a very limited time IHOP is allowing you to enjoy one of my favorite past times, combining food. Ever since I was a child I’ve been mesmerized by the concept of mixing foods. And yes I was the kid in high school that would put anything from mashed potatoes to peanut butter crackers on a bologna hoagie then scarf it down. Some thought I did it for the attention but I really did it for the taste. I enjoy peanut butter and jelly in the same jar, the KFC Bacon Bowl, and any sandwich that comes decked out with French fries, onion rings, coleslaw, and an egg. So anytime I hear a restaurant is experimenting in the ancient art of food combo I’m there.

From now until February 19th IHOP is taking things you would normally place apart from each other on a plate and stacking them together. They call this tower of breakfast yum yums the Hash Brown Stacks and they include hash brown, and eggs with a variety of toppings. There are four different Stack options but the only one I really care about is the one with bacon so lets focus on that one. It starts with the egg/hash brown base then cheddar cheese and bacon is added(and if I was the chef it would also include some BBQ sauce and a dollop of sour cream. Just throwing that out there IHOP.)

And if the power of breakfast stacked is too powerful for your heart, don’t worry it comes with a side of fruit. But if you’re a real man the fruit can easily be replaced with two amazing pancakes swimming in a sea of butter and syrup. All for only $5.99. The other flavors are, Spinach and Mushroom, Ham and Swiss, and for all those trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution the Simple and Fit Spinach and Mushroom.

The only real bad thing I can find about it, it’s it god awful commercial with dancing baggage handlers.


iPhone: Hero Academy, the game you should be playing

I told myself this year I was going to starting writing about more than just bacon on this blog. To make is simple for you to skip the non bacon posts (why would you do something like that) the first word of the titles will tell you the general topic. This one is about an iPhone game, so if you have an iPhone read on.

Very few things (other than bacon) would inspire me to jump on my bacon blog to immediately tell you about it. Well today I came across an iPhone game that did just that. It’s called Hero Academy and its was created by Robot Entertainment, the guys that made Orcs Must Die (if you don’t know that game and like games, do yourself a favor and learn about it).

Hero Academy is a head-to-head tactics game for iOS devices. Think of it like chess on crack with a little randomness tossed in the mix. The best part is it has asynchronous multiplayer. That means you can battle friends when they have a few moments of free time. A push notifications well tell you when it’s your time to move. It’s basically Words with Friends for nerds!

I am not going to get in to all the gameplay now. You can watch this video for that or read this great review from Board Game Geek.

This game is amazing and it’s what iPhone gaming is all about. It has great looking graphics, easy to pick up and play, and a ton of fun. If you’re looking for something to pass the time with your friends pick this one up. My only complaint about the game is that there is no single player. You have to play with other people online, but that’s a minor gripe.

Hero Academy just came out today and is a free download. They plan to make money with in app purchases for new teams and stuff. Don’t worry this is nothing like FarmVille or a time suck game. Also you don’t have to buy anything to be competitive, it’s not a game were you are forced to pay money have fun. These guys know what they are doing and you will have no problem spending a buck for a new team or two.

iTunes link: Hero Academy (Free)

The Clean Smell of Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer

When you think about all the companies out there trying to give us the best bacon experience possible is one of the top runners. They have bacon toys, bacon frosting, bacon t-shirts and now bacon scented hand sanitizer.

I’m a strong believer that hand sanitizer will be the downfall of mankind. Every time some kid picks up a goose turd in the park his mom comes running over with a gallon jug of Purell and pours it over his whole body. Sure she thinks she is doing the “good mother” thing by protecting her child from the evil germs of the world but really she is weakening his immune system. Sometimes a kid just has to get a little poop in their mouth so their white blood cells can learn how to fight off bacteria leaving them stronger and more capable of survival in this disgusting filth covered world.

But if the thought of having dirty hands for more than a millisecond is too much for you to bear then at least you can clean them with the smell of the Gods. PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer will not only clean your tiny pick pocket hands but will let the world know that you’re a Bacon lover. So if you must sanitize, do it with bacon.

PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer is available at ThinkGeek for $3.99.

You can also buy other bacon goodies at the Mr. Baconpants Bacon Store.

Mad Mex, Pittsburgh’s version of a Tex-Mex Restaurant

The following is a review written by Beth aka Mrs. Baconpants. She is a prolific Yelp reviewer so I thought it would be a good idea to post some of her reviews on Mr. Baconpants. Even if a few of them have nothing to do about bacon.

While this isn’t the best “mexican” food in Pittsburgh, I would recommend this Mad Mex (McKnight Road location) for the following reasons:

  1. It is one of the few bright lights of hope in the dark soullessness that is McKnight Road (a highway heading north of Pittsburgh that is full of chain restaurants). It will hands down beat any previously frozen salty disaster you order at Red Lobster, Chili’s, Olive Garden, etc.
  2. This Mad Mex stands out from others in that the service is OUTSTANDING (although I rarely have bad experiences at any of them). The waiters and bartenders are extremely pleasant, especially the waiter we had this particular night (8/1/11), named Justin. He went out of his way to be courteous and went above and beyond to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.
  3. The seating/atmosphere is nice. Even when crowded you can hear your dinner mates. If you have to wait for a table there is usually room near or at the bar.
  4. The beer selection is always fantastic and they usually have a few specials running. This time we each got Bell’s Oberon, our summer favorites.

This particular occasion we got the chips and salsa, I got the Wing-o-rito with San Fran/Wild, and Jason got a special, Corn and Chicken burrito. The food is always consistently good, but never mind-blowing. I would recommend the Wing-o-rito or the Carnitas burrito.

Overall experience at this Mad Mex is always positive and I’m sure I’ll be back again!

Mr. Baconpants’ two cents: I really like Mad Mex. Even with the lack of bacon on the menu I enjoy the food. There burritos are as big as your head and stuffed with yumminess. One day I hope to get a bacon burrito on their menu but for now I will have to settle for Wing-o-rito with wilded buffalo sauce.