Print custom skateboard decks at Zazzle

A few months ago I got a blank skateboard deck and hand painted it to look like bacon. Everyone thought it was a cool idea and told me I should sell them. The problem is I hand painted it, so making more would be a chore.

The website Zazzle must have been reading my mind. They now offer custom printed skateboards for a base price of $60. All you have to do is upload your design and they will have it out the door in 24 hours. You can choose from a verity of deck styles. So there is something for everyone.

I am going to get one made and see if I like the quality. If I do, I may open up a bacon store and start selling my bacon creations. I have a lot of prototypes for bacon products laying around my house. I think its about time I start doing something with them.

Make your own Action Figures with ShapeWays

I was reading and saw a story about ShapeWays, a company that allows you to print 3D objects. Companies have been printing 3D models and prototypes for years now, but this is the first time an average Joe like me gets a chance to try it.

You can either personalize a stock item, like a candle holder, or upload your own design. Once your design is ready, it’s printed and shipped in ten days. The pricing for each print varies, but they will let you know up front, shipping is included.

After looking at the gallery of things people have gotten printed it makes me want to try this. I really think I should try to create a Mr. Baconpants action figure. That would bring new meaning to the phrase, “playing with yourself”! Anyway… what would you get 3D printed?

OpenStomp Coyote 1, open source guitar pedal

There are only a few things that would make me consider installing Windows on my Macbook, and this is one of them. It’s an open source effects pedal for guitars, called Coyote 1. It’s made by a company called OpenStomp and sells for 350 bucks. I have yet to hear what his sounds like, so I don’t know if it’s worth the price or not.

The Coyote-1 will let you create custom audio effects (distortion, echo, chorus, etc.), to mix into what they call “patches”. You can then trade those patches with other users online. Here is the sad part; the software you use to make the effects is Windows only. Other than that, it looks intuitive to use since it has a nice graphic interface.

Since its open source you are allowed to hack it and encouraged to open it up, to create custom solutions. The hardware and software are fully documented, so figuring things out should be easy. I bet in a few months a Mac user will have this ported over to OSX.

I mostly play bass, so before I drop my $350, I am going to wait and see if they come out with a bass version. The last time I tried to play my bass out of something that was made for a guitar I blew it up (oops).

Head Spa Massager makes you look like an idiot

I don’t know what’s worse, this product or the fact that it was featured on the Montel show. I thought all that show talked about was paternity tests and teen pregnancy. Who knew it’s also marketed questionable products.

The Head Spa Massager looks like a $29.95 piece of junk. It claims that it can massage your troubles away. The website that sells it says it’s like a thousand tiny fingers (creepy) massaging your scalp. They want you to use it on your commute to work or at your desk at work (if you like looking like an idiot in public).

Instead of wasting your money on a massager, invest that money in bacon. Nothing takes my troubles away like a BLT or bacon wrapped shrimp. I almost forgot, for the really bad days you can add a nice Belgium beer to the mix, my favorite is Corsendonk.

Beggin Strips and Bourbon

Here are a few things other readers would like me to share with you. The first one is the commercial for Bacon Beggin Strips dog treats. If you remember, this is what I compared fast food bacon to.

The second is from a Todd, he wanted me to share a post about how to make bacon bourbon. Its really easy!

To make it, cook up 3-4 strips of bacon. Retain a fluid ounce or so of the rendered fat, letting it cool but not solidify. Discard of the bacon in the manner of your choosing (I’m sure you’ll think of something). Pour the fat and bourbon into a glass jar and let it sit to taste, a matter of hours if the bacon is strong enough.

Read the rest of the post here for the final few steps and serving suggestions.

I just want to let you all know I really enjoy the bacon filled emails, so keep them coming.

Lauryn Williams Loves Bacon

It seems that the bacon community is represented well at the 2008 Olympics. I first reported that Michael Phelps could eat 20 BLTs in one day. The bacon community cheered. Well this weekend I was watching the track and field events and found there was another bacon lover on the US team.

Lauryn Williams was interviewed on the track after one of her races this weekend. The interviewer asked her what food she missed while training. Lauryn replied without hesitation, “Bacon… I can eat a whole pack of bacon in one sitting”. It’s nice to know that even athletes can be bacon lovers.

I looked on YouTube to see if someone posted it but sadly no one did. If you find it let me know.

Be more productive, cook bacon at your desk

Today I was having a hard time sitting at my desk at work. I don’t know what it was, but I just couldn’t get satisfied. First I wanted a cup of coffee, then a bag of chips, then a paper towel, then a glass of water… the list goes on and on.

I wasn’t being very productive, so I started to brainstorm ways I could make my desk the place I want to be. It didn’t take long for me to remember that they make a USB George Foreman Grill, called the iGrill.

If I were to have an iGrill, I could cook bacon right at my desk! There is nothing better then a freshly made BLT, just ask Michael Phelps. Since I would need a drink with my BLT, I will also get a USB fridge, it keeps one can of pop (or beer) cold. With these desk upgrades, I shouldn’t have many reasons so wander away from my work.

If you know any other neat additions I can add to my desk, let me know via comments. They don’t all have to be USB devices.