Planet Comic Book Radio appearance

Tuesday October 7th, 2008 I will be on Planet Comic Book Radio (PCBR) with host Javier Hernandez, creator of El Muerto. The show is about independent comic books so we will be talking about my web comic Blue Monster Fire, which I produce with Matt Gondek.

The show starts 8pm EST and you can listen live from the PCBR website. Here is the flyer announcing my appearance on the show.

We will also be talking about an interview Javier helped setup for my podcast Talk Objectivism. He was able to book Blake Bell on my show to talk about the book he wrote about Steve Ditko, an Objectivist comic book artist.

It should be a lot of fun promoting and talking about all three of my projects.

I am not a fan of “BaconMan”

Yesterday I received the following email:

Hey Jason,

As a bacon lover I thought you might be interested in checking out the latest in bacon mania making the rounds…


YouTube: Swinging Hitchhiking Tanning

You can check him out on Twitter too if you’re on there… @baconman

Giving you any Halloween costume ideas? I was thinking this or Tina Fey as Sarah Palin 😉


After reading the email (thanks Rebecca) I checked out the videos, and became confused. What the hell are these videos about? Does BaconMan want to be eaten by a dog? Also what is up with BaconMan’s face changing in the Hitchhiking video (Does he have a brother?).

At this point I am not a fan of BaconMan. I think the videos would be funnier if he was trying to escape the dogs or there was a little more back story. It’s a good idea but just needs to be executed better. If BaconMan reads this, keep it up and do a little more preplanning.

I would like everyone to know that I am not a mindless bacon lover. Just because something is bacon related doesn’t mean I am going to love it. Bacon is not something I take lightly.

Five iPhone Apps I use everyday

I have had my iPhone for a few months now, so I think it’s time for me to share my most used apps. This list only includes the apps that I have downloaded from the App Store.

Facebook – I really enjoy this app. I know I could just go to the site with the browser, but I feel the new version is a lot faster and smoother. I was a casual user of this site, now thanks to this app, I am a power user (MySpace who?).

AIM – It’s so nice not having to fire up the laptop to chat with your friends. Also, since I don’t have unlimited text messaging if my buddies are online I can save myself a text or two.

Twinkle – I love twitter and this app makes me love it that much more. It lets you updated and read your tweets and adds a location feature. You are able to see what other people in a 5-50 mile radius are saying on twitter. I know it sounds stupid, but you will love it once it helps you avoid a traffic accident on the parkway.

NetNewWire – I cannot live without a feed reader, this was the first app I downloaded. Again, just like with AIM it’s nice to not have to fire up the laptop to check my feeds.

Aurora Feint – This is a fun puzzle/RPG game. It has a slick design and it’s surprisingly addictive. When I am at the laundry mat this is what I play, it’s a good time killer.

Honorable Mention:
After making this short list, there were two that I just couldn’t leave off. The first one is Remote, it lets you control iTunes from anywhere in the house. The second is Cube Runner, this is a game were you fly your ship though a maze of cubes (it sounds boring but just give it a try).

There are so many applications that I could have listed, but those are the ones I used multiple times a day. Let me know what your top five apps are.

It’s every girls dream to be a Pork Princess

Last week boingboing (an awesome blog) posted a link called, porky princess tiara HOWTO. It pointed you to a site called The AntiCraft, a strange crafting website that seems to love bacon. They also have a sense of humor.

This is the last step of the How-To:

Put on your best beauty queen smile and practice your royal wave—honey, you’re a Pork Princess!

I wonder if I am going to see a pork tiara at the next Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa. Maybe next year the winner of the bacon eating contest should wear one for the rest of the day.

After digging around on their site I found a craft called “Bacon of Hate”. The idea is to make a strip of bacon out of felt and put a pocket in it. Then you write things you hate and put them in the pocket to focus your hate on it.

It was at this point that I was going to close my browser and not write about this. If there is one thing I hate, its mystic spells and potion crap.

But then I saw this short explanation:

This idea came to me when a reader misread a blog post of mine and thought I said, “I become a bacon of hate” when I really said, “I become a beacon of hate.” I’m not sure which one is better. Wait—everything is better with bacon!

This is funny because I could see myself doing that. In fact, a lot of times if I am writing something really fast I will type “bacon” when I mean to type “back”. I think when I start to type B-A-C my fingers start to crave bacon.

Grocery School is a bacon lover

A few weeks ago I told you about a video on how to buy bacon. It was made by a site called Grocery School. After further investigation of the site I found two other bacon themed posts.

Friday Five: Sweet, sweet bacon

Hot. Greasy. Delicious. Ignore the pleading of your arteries. Let bacon be the alpha and omega of your meals, from breakfast when you rise to your last dessert before your rest.

Friday Five: Bacon Wear!

Some days, playing with your food isn’t enough. Show the love. Show the pride. Show the world your arteries are hard as wrought iron and just as uncannily beautiful.

You will notice that most of the links in this post were mentioned on this site before. I am not complaining, it’s nice to know I found another bacon loving blogger. Who knows maybe Mr. Baconpants will make a cameo in one of their next videos.

WowBacon Cooker: Yet another way to cook bacon poorly

Cooking bacon in the microwave is something I’d rather not do. I find that it produces chewy, jerky like bacon that is unsatisfactory. Well the WowBacon Cooker supposedly fixes that problem. They say you can cook a full pound of “crispy” bacon in 10 minutes. (If I needed to cook a full pound of bacon I would just use the oven method.)

Here is a crappy youtube video of it in action:

Do yourself a favor and never throw your frying pan away. They should call it the “PoorBacon Cooker”.

Mr Baconpants goes to work

A few weeks ago I was approached by someone at work to help out with a fundraiser they were having in the office. They want me to be one of the many prizes being auctioned off. Now before you get any crazy ideas let me explain. They want me to come into the office as “Mr. Baconpants”, and cook bacon to the winning bidder in the silent auction. The money won goes to the foundation.

To give you a better idea, here is the description for the auction:

Do you love bacon? Take advantage of our resident bacon expert, Jason Mosley. Also known as Mr. Baconpants, Jason is renowned for his knowledge of pork belly. He was the guest of honor at the Des Moines, Iowa, Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and runs a website dedicated to the joys of bacon. Place your bid now to have him prepare a sizzling slab of his favorite meat for you in the comfort of the ONS Dining Room. As an added bonus, he’ll serve you while wearing his famous bacon pants! Bid high – everybody loves bacon!

I am excited to do this and I think it’s going to be a fun way to help out the non-profit I work for. I am going to post up pictures and maybe video of the event. The last time I cooked bacon for someone other than myself, was at last year’s Creative Marathon.

Since I am sure new readers from work are reading my blog now, here is a short list of posts to help you get into the world of bacon.

The Bacon Lovers Gift Guide
Nine things that might be weird with bacon
Arby’s Chicken Bacon and Swiss Sandwich: FAIL
Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival: Recap

You will quickly learn that the Bacon Community is a large and loyal group that enjoys bacon every chance they can get.