The Bacon Explosion: Mother of all things bacon


Father Spoon from “Should I Drink That” recently sent me a link that I know you will enjoy. It’s about the ultimate bacon barbeque recipe called The Bacon Explosion.

Here is a quick run down on how this thing is created. The ingredients alone are staggering: 2 pounds thick cut bacon, 2 pounds Italian sausage, 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce, and 1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub. The construction of this beast reminds me of a Yule log. You start off with a woven mat of bacon and then you layer more bacon and sausage on top of it. Carefully roll it up into a log and wrap more bacon around it. Lastly, you drench it in BBQ sauce and cook for 2.5 hours on a grill. If you are feeling brave, follow the link above for more detailed directions.

Usually after I post a recipe I say something like, “I think I am going to make this”. Well this is one time where I think I am going to pass. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to eat a whole bacon log myself. I just think this recipe requires some extreme cooking skills that I don’t have.

A recipe I will try is one sent to be by the other half of “Should I Drink That”, Sick Puppy. He wrote to tell me about Bacon Rice Krispy Treats. Now, that’s a nice simple bacon recipe I can handle.

If you have had either of these recipes, let me know what you thought about them. I hope someone makes a video of them making The Bacon Explosion. If you or someone you know does, be sure to let me know about it.

Bacon Radio: The First Show of 2K9

If you have a keen eye you will notice that show #011 was never posted to the blog. This is because it was extremely raunchy. It seemed the mix of beer, our friends, and a podcast was a bad idea. This show on the other hand is rated PG-13 like our other shows are. So if your easily offended, skip show 011 and just pretend it never happened (like I did).

On show #012 we talked about:
2K9; what happened New Years; Mike Adamson; Mac talk; App Store; Mapple; H8 on Apple peeps; bacon light; bacon bit recall; DUIs; road beer; drinking laws; beer store guy; tap system; Chris Rock said it; hippies stink…

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!


Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Vosges’ and Left Hand’s Unexpected Greatness


With Mosley’s talk about taking things to the next level, and Taco Bell’s introduction of a Bacon Cheddar Gordita Cruch, I started thinking about instances where an outstanding fixture has reached new heights with an unexpected ingredient.

mosbarHistory is filled with such occasions. For example look at Mike Tyson. The guy would have been a pretty fantastic boxer in his own right, but let’s see what happens when you throw in a healthy dose of unabashed insanity. You get an unpredictable manchild that, rather than backing down in a fight, will chomp at the extremities of one of the most respected veterans of the sport. And to make his comeback and finally regain respect in the community, he shows up looking like this. A dash of the unexpected can elevate greatness into blow-your-mind and mess-your-pants legend.

Which leads me back to the topic of this blog and to a few of my favorite all-time products: Mo’s Bacon Bar and Left Hand Milk Stout. Both of these products took it to the next level by tossing in something you wouldn’t expect.

beerIf you haven’t had a Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges, sprint to the nearest Whole Foods, walk right past the $8 price tag and experience the sexiest chocolate bar since this inappropriate creation(NSFW). This is the Mr. T of chocolate bars — bitchingly awesome and full of meaty goodness. The applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt perfectly set off the sweet of the chocolate for an experience everyone can enjoy. In fact, I have a friend who works at Whole Foods and sampled this to a woman without telling her what it was. Then he noticed all the soy and Boca products in her cart. And even she liked it!! (That’s actually not true — she was livid and filed a complaint with the manager — but you know deep down she was satisfied.)

The Left Hand Milk Stout is brewed by one of the most creative breweries in Colorado, which is saying quite a bit. It’s a nice, full-bodied stout infused with milk crystals that give it a sweet, creamy finish. This gives it some personality without turning into a dessert beer like a chocolate stout. I highly recommend it.

Could bacon possibly go with other dessert type foods? Of course! That’s like asking if duct tape can be used for more than tying up siblings. Check out YesButNoButYes’s collection of bacon dessert recipes, including Bacon Baklava and Pig Candy.

Check out the goods: Mo’s Bacon Bar, Left Hand Brewery

Until next time, I’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon. Then I’ll throw out the turkey and eat the bacon you brought home.

by Mike Adamson

Welcome the New Bacon Loving Writer

One of this year’s goals for the site is to find a few more bacon loving writers to help keep this site loaded with fresh content. Well one bacon lover has heard my call and has stepped up to the challenge, his name is Mike Adamson. I asked Mike to write a bio about himself:

“Mike Adamson is a voracious carnivore that enjoys adding bacon to dishes that should probably not include bacon. (Of course, it always makes them better.) Having graduated from the University of Florida at the close of three national championships, he is an intransigent Gator fan that loves nothing more than lounging on the couch with smoked meat, a good IPA, and college football. He now works in the city of food (Chicago) as a copywriter.”

Mike seems to be living the bacon life style, which is enjoying life, bacon, and beer, so he will be a perfect match for the site. He will be posting 2-3 times a week. Please join me in welcoming Mike to the bacon community.

BMF: Blue Monster Overreacts

When you are living with roommates you get a little close to each other. I treated my roommates like brothers. If someone hurt them or made them feel bad, that person was now my shit list. Sometimes that idea can get a little out of hand and you or your roommate overreact. So just remember, never pick on a person that lives with roommates, because you’re going to have a whole house full of people pick on your back.

BMF: Monsters Ruin Everything

I am sure this has happened to everyone. Not the peeing on the Macbook part, but the part were your roommate ruins something of yours. A good roommate will quickly replace the broken good, but a bad one will blame you for not locking in a safe if you didn’t want it broken.

I guess I can be thankful that none of the roommates that I have had ever peed on my stuff (or at least I hope they didn’t).

Bacon in 2K9: Can I take it to the next level?

Since it’s the first day of the new year, I think this would be a good time to think about my goals for MrBaconpants. I have a few ideas that I think can take this blog to the next level.

Here are my ideas:
1. Add one or two more writers to the blog. This way I can up the post frequency and give readers a reason visit more then once a day.
2. Create a two minute video highlight reel of Bacon Radio. This will be as simple as recording the podcast with my webcam and editing it. I think this would be fun for jokes that Sean and I get animated for. This will be a supplement to the audio podcast.
3. Make more bacon-themed crafts. Since my Enjoy Bacon store was a big hit for Christmas, I want to try to get a few more items in there for next year.

Now for the goals:
1. Gain more traffic/page views. This will be an easy goal to accomplish since the first idea will effect this greatly. The more contact I have, the more traffic Google will send me. I also would like to see more readers revisiting the site a few times a day.
2. Increase revenue for the site. If I can tackle the first goal this will be a breeze. If I can increased revenue I will be able pay my other writers and buy prizes for reader contests.
3. Getting mentioned in old-media. It has been a while since MrBaconpants has been mentioned in a newspaper or on the radio. This year I would like to take it to the next level and get a plug on TV. This is the last frontier of old media that I need to tackle.

If you can think of anything I should do to improve this site let me know. I value my readers and their opinions. Lets make this another great year for bacon!