Tragedy Never Smelled So Good


A bacon processing plant in Northamptonshire in the UK caught fire on January 13th 2009. More than 40 firefighters were called in to save the precious irreplaceable bacon. (They also helped save the employees from certain death.) The firefighters said there is no indication as to the cause of the fire and have opened an investigation.

I don’t think they’ll have to look too hard. It’s obvious what started the fire. This was the work of the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet….the Anti-Bacos! It’s about darn time that the world stands up against these degenerate vegetarian bullies. Until we do no man, woman, child, or bacon is safe.

By Sean Brett

Editors Note: Sean has possibly made up this “Anti-Bacos” movement since there is no evidence to back up its existence. As soon as we get information confirming the statements that Sean has made, we will inform the public with an official press release.

Cornbread Birthday Cake with Bacon-Cream Cheese Frosting


Think back to your last birthday. Some of your friends probably went to the store the night before and sat in the cake aisle trying to remember what your favorite type of cake is. They argued the merits of chocolate versus vanilla, danced with the idea of an ice cream cake and the one girl that listens exclusively to top 40 hits probably chimed in with a funfetti suggestion. And you were probably very happy with whatever they made for you, because it meant you had good friends and your pie hole was full of cake (and therefore a minor identity crisis).

But they never made the cake you really wanted. Even if you say Red Velvet is your favorite and they couldn’t have made a better choice, you’re wrong. You didn’t get a bacon cake.

Well this guy did.

I was pleasantly surprised on my birthday with this heaping homemade cornbread cake, topped off with a bacon-cream cheese frosting. They even stabbed it and made icing blood to remind me that while my eyes were seeing cake, I was tasting the sweet chewy goodness of applewood smoked bacon.

It wasn’t your typical sweet cake, but like all you bacon enthusiasts, I would take cured meat over something sweet any day. The cream cheese frosting mixture gave it just enough sweetness to set off the delicious pork infusing it. And though it may be the southerner in me talking, no type of bread goes better with bacon than cornbread.

When your friends can take a birthday and turn it into a bacon girthday, you know you’re surrounding yourself with winners… and possibly fatasses.

By Mike Adamson

BMF: The Contest


When I lived with roommates we would always come up with contest. Like who could go the longest with out a haircut, or who could eat the most unknown meat out of a plain metal can. We never bet any money in these contest, all we won is pride knowing that we bested our roommate.

If you ever took part in a strange contest to win nothing, please share them via a comment. I want to be assured that my roommates and I were not out of our minds.

Bacon Radio: Eating and Reviewing Bacon Live

On this show we start off with a live play by play of me eating a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s. I also give the bacon on the burger a quick review. We didn’t plan this, so when Sean starting describing what I was doing, I started laughing and almost choked (3 times). I hope Sean is the commentator for the bacon eating contest at this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

On show #013 we talked about:
Play by play of Mosley Eating; j-bac; burger present; live bacon review; Dogfish Head 60 min; commentary for competitive eating; company slogans; attn: all rappers; whips are cars; nicknames for money; Sean makes the Elvis cookies; egg rant; never buy cheap bacon; feeding your kids; more parenting tips; bacon is good on everything; cake; Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival; beef bacon; Wal-Mart sucks; Fargo; and more…

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!


Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Second Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival


Many of you know that last year I attended the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and had an amazing time. Over 180 people showed up to enjoy a full day of bacon. Brooks Reynolds, one of the guys behind the event, said he was overwhelmed by the response last year. This year they have expanded the event so it can accommodate 280 people. That means that this year’s festival is going to be bigger and better than last years.

This year, 13 different bacon producers, including Vande Rose Farms, Iowa Farm Family, Hormel, Tiefenthaler Quality Meats, Applegate Farms, Coastal Vineyards from California and Django, will be giving away free bacon. There is also a rumor that Heather, from Bacon Unwrapped, will be attending this year. I can’t wait to give her a high-five!

The Second Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, presented by metromix, will be held on Saturday February 28 at the High Life Lounge and el Bait Shop – 200 SW 2nd – Downtown Des Moines from 10am – 4pm. Cost for the event is $32.50 which includes a commemorative t-shirt (I still wear mine from last year), bacon bracelet, a menu of 7 bacon items, one free drink, unlimited samples at the Bacon Showcase, and a seat in the “Baconology part II” lecture.

Schedule of Events (Bacon Showcase open throughout event)

  • 10:00 a.m. Registration – Bacon Bloody Marys are served
  • 11:00 a.m. Bacon Invocation
  • 11:15 a.m. 1st Bacon Lecture “Baconology part II”
  • 12:30 pm. 2nd Bacon Lecture
  • 1:00 p.m. Frozen Hosen on the patio (Free Beer on the patio while it lasts!)
  • 2:00 p.m. 3rd Bacon Lecture
  • 3:30 Bacon Eating Contest (Here is a video of last years)

Menu (will be served in a flighted fashion throughout the day)

  • Bacon & Egg breakfast sandwich
  • Bacon Lettuce & Tomato sandwich
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Slider
  • Bacon wrapped Hot Dog
  • Brooks Bacon Popper Pizza from Fong’s Pizza
  • Candied Bacon Ice Cream
  • 2 additional items, which will be revealed the day of the event

What – Second Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival presented by Metromix
When – Saturday, February 28 10 am – 4 pm
Where – el Bait Shop & High Life Lounge – 200 SW 2nd Street – Downtown Des Moines
Cost – $32.50 Entry includes a commemorative t-shirt, bacon bracelet, a menu of 7 bacon items, unlimited samples at the Bacon Showcase, a seat in the Baconology part II lecture and one drink. All entrants will also be eligible for bacon prizes.
Registration – Space is limited to 280 participants. Tickets are only available at and

This year I sponsored and created the website for the event. Check it out and let me know what you think. I hope to see you there!

Update: This event is now sold out. It only took five days!

Canadians Set Record with the Power of Bacon


Three Canadian Adventures set a new world record for the fastest trek across Antarctica to the South Pole. The 100 mile journey took them 33 days, 23 hours, and 30 minutes.

The Men had to suffer through altitude sickness, vertigo, and huge blisters. The only thing they had to keep them going was the thrill of setting a world record and bacon. They ate a 7,000 calorie a day diet of deep fried bacon, cheese and huge chunks of butter. So, all you Nutritionist can shove that up your pie hole.

These men set a world record on bacon, cheese and butter. If they had taken the “healthy food” like salad, fruit and granola they would be dead. Luckily they knew all that healthy eating stuff was B.S. They lived and set a new world record.

Thank you Bacon, the world needs you.

By Sean Brett

BMF: Full Proof Disguise


If you saw a 8 foot tall Blue Monster walking down the street in this getup what would you do? If I was wearing my bacon pants I would run the the other way. Everybody knows monsters can’t resist bacon.

When I was a kid I used to keep bacon under my bed (not really), so the monsters would eat that instead of my toes (when I was a kid I thought monsters ate toes).