Big Burrito’s Bill Fuller brings Bacon to MSNBC

For everyone that doesn’t live in Pittsburgh, the Big Burrito Group are the master minds behind local restaurants like MadMex (my personal favorite), Soba, and many more. If you come to visit, you should stop at one of their places. You will not be disappointed.

The blog IHeartPGH brought this to my attention. It seems Bill Fuller, a Chef for the Big Burrito Group made an appearance on NBC’s Today show this morning. Bill created what looks to be an extreme Bacon Cheeseburger. You can watch him create this Super bowl masterpiece in the video bellow.

I was happy to see Bill placing about three crispy strips of bacon on each burger. I like a man that respects crispy bacon on a burger. There is nothing more devastating to a meal, then chewy undercooked bacon.

Go Steelers!

The Bacon Explosion is Exploding on Old Media

I wrote about the Bacon Explosion a few weeks ago and it that short time it’s exploded in to a Meme. The guys from BBQ Addicts have even been featured on local and national NEWS. Below is a YouTube video of their local coverage.

After watching the video there is one quote you will be repeating to friends. In case you’re to lazy to watch the whole video here it is:

“It does make you feel a little dirty, but it’s satisfying”.

I don’t think I could have said it better myself, I have always said bacon is the most extreme food. Since it’s Anti-Health (duh), Anti-Religion (some religions band the eating of it), and Anti-Government (in some states they outlawed street vendors selling it).

That being said, I wonder how long it’s going to take for the Bacon Explosion to be topped. There is a good chance it will happen at this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. As always, I will keep you posted on this and other big bacon developments.

Four Bands that Make my Bacon Sizzle (for now)


Ever since Lala launched its new streaming music service I have been listening to a ton of new music. Four bands that have really stuck me are Bon Iver, Blitzen Trapper, Passion Pit, and Hot Chip. I like each of them for different reasons. Surprisingly, I can break these four bands into two groups: dancey and folky (I know these are not real words). I am not sure why I am listening to two groups of music that don’t really play well together, but that’s what has happened.

Bon Iver – This band, and yes it’s a band sadly there is no guy named Bon, is kind of what I call folky rock. It’s like singer song writer with a twist of upbeat tempos that make you tap your foot and bob your head. My favorite tracks are “Creature Fear” and “Re: Stacks”.

Blitzen Trapper – I hated this band for the longest time, because they sounded a lot like folky Bob Dylan (listen to “Furr” to understand what I am talking about). I really don’t like bands that don’t have their own sound, but after listening to the full album I realized that they do. It seems that the whole album puts a modern take on classic rock progressions. Listen to it and see if you can figure the influences for each track.

Passion Pit – This band only has a 7 track EP out right now, but if they put out a LP this year there will be dance mania. If you don’t believe me listening to “Better Things” and try not to dance, you can’t help yourself. I have high hopes for this band.

Hot Chip – Out of the four I mentioned in the post, this is the one I can’t get enough of. I find the nonsense lyrics and beats hypnotic, it’s like mind candy. You just listen, you don’t have to put much thought into it to enjoy it. I find it to be a great album to work and “Shake a Fist” to for that reason.

So that is a quick rundown of the bands I am listening to at this moment. If you ask me next month I will probably tell you four different bands. Feel free to share your top four of the moment via a comment.

I’ll take a Big Old Glass of Obama


People seem to love Barack Obama so much that they want to drink him. Some Obama inspired beer has been popping up around the world.

In Kenya the people have been drinking a beer called Senator Keg. It is known to the locals as “Obama Beer”, and has been around since Obama became senator of Illinois.

There are a few more state side called things like, Hop Obama and The Audacity of Hops. But what I want to know is, where are the other presidential inspired drinks? Like Bush’s Iraqi Sunrise., the Clinton Fuzzy Cigar, The Reagan Bomb, or the JFK Mind Eraser. I don’t think Obama is any different than any previous president. (I mean besides that he’s not the same color.) So, why does he get drinks and no one else does?

Well, no matter what your choice of beverage is, it’s obvious that this presidency is going to mean one thing…. Time to get drunk.

By Sean Brett

Daughter sold for Bacon, Beer, and Benjamins


In California a man named Marcelino de Jesus Martinez was arrested when he called the police for help. No, the police didn’t arrest him for being Mexican, (racist) he called because he needed help getting his 14 year old daughter back.

It turns out Jesus sold his daughter to his neighbor for $16,000, lots of beer, and meat. The neighbor then decided not to pay up, so Jesus decided to do the most logical thing and inform the police of his slave trade.

Through out the report the type of meat was never disclosed, but if there’s one type of meat on this earth that’s worth a 14 year old Latina girl, it’s got to be bacon.

By Sean Brett

BMF: Monsters can be Annoying


This is the last of the Mosley & Gondek comics, which means I better get cracking on new ones. I have a few stories written already and I just need to create the art for them. I have a new style that I want to try for February.

I am also looking for other guest artists that would like to draw four strips for me. I think it would be neat to feature a different artist every month. I know its short notice but if you would like to draw Blue Monster Fire in March let me know via email.

Bacon Radio: You can see us now

Last night on Bacon Radio we not only did an audio podcast, we also did a videocast. I thought it would be fun for people to see what’s happening while we are recording the show. I also just wanted a reason to play around it Sean and I are also thinking about bring a few Bacon TV only shows to the blog. Like one about a paranormal investigator named Larry Dun. You will be able to ask Larry questions about ghost and big-foot live on the air. It should be a lot of fun.

On show #014 we talked about:
Bacon TV; Sean’s posts; Editorial Notes; Mosley’s Ultimate BLT; sharing of bacon; gingerbread rant; Sean’s car story; Canadians set record; butter; pancakes; salt in the mouth trick; IHOP is great; BRBF is sold out; documentary; rumors; bigger next year; Circuit City vs Best Buy; software; beer; loss of a fan; Guest_6 we miss you…

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!

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