Bacon Live: Nanerpus and V-Day Gift Ideas

Since the Steelers won the Super bowl I forgot to post last weeks show notes, so this week I am posting both at the same time. You may also notice that I changed the name of the show to Bacon Live. I thought since we also do a video of the show now we needed a new name. Anyway, enjoy this double posting of show notes.

On show #016: “Nanerpus”, we talked about:
Interview with Mike from Bacon Haikus; bacon in the news; New York Times missed the boat; birth of Mr. Baconpants; f-word said; sixburgh; best commercials; Nanerpus; one for the bird; no work; riots; Sean hates on Apple; iPhone vs. Sony PSP; and more…

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On show #017: “Valentines Day Gift Ideas” we talked about:
Bacon reading; bits (listeners); comments; Des Monies gets it; Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival; photo contest for tickets; Metromix; free bacon all day; enjoy bacon; brain worms; clown porn?; door holding; rubber bands; heart shaped bacon in bed; and more…

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Bacon is More Important than the Economy


The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the topic of bacon is all anyone can talk about online. And it’s all because of the Bacon Explosion.

We have talked about the Bacon Explosion on this site a few times in the last couple weeks, but the originator is They posted the first known recipe for the edible log that consists of 2 pounds of sausage encased in a 2 pound bacon weave.

When the New York Times featured a story on the explosion it became the most emailed story from their site. The economy…bacon is more important. The Super Bowl…bacon is more important. Barack Obama…bacon is more important. All news bows its head in the presence of bacon.

The Sun-Times goes on talking about websites and Facebook pages dedicated to bacon, but they made one major omission. Nowhere do they mention the most amazing, by far the most informative and entertaining website. I am of course talking about In my option that’s just sloppy journalism.

By Sean Brett

Mike Nelson explains Bacon Stupidity Month


The loveable guys at Bacon Today scored an interview with Mike Nelson. I know what you’re thinking, “Who’s Mike Nelson”? Well, he was the guy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (if you don’t know what that is, congratulations you’re not a nerd) and it turns out he is a lover of bacon.

Mike is calling February “Bacon Stupidity Month”; he is going to eat nothing but bacon for the whole month.

Mike Nelson: Well, it’s as stupid as it sounds. I just vowed that for the month of February 2009, I would eat nothing but bacon. And I’m in my sixth day of it, and I’ve held true to it.
Mike Kirsch: Have you? So, nothing but bacon all day, every day?
Mike Nelson: No. Except I did make a few exceptions just so that I wouldn’t go mad and so that I could visit other people’s homes without them throwing me out.

It’s nice to know that Mike is going to be honest with us. If he goes to someones house he can eat other stuff. Still, I think trying to eat bacon everyday of the month is a pretty big feat.

You can listen or read the whole interview at, Mike explains why his is doing it and what he is allowed to drink during the month.

I am glad to know Mike Nelson is still alive and a bacon lover. Maybe with this new found fame they will bring his show back, or at least the 3am reruns.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has some Funky Beauty Tips


The semi talented Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed some of her best kept beauty tips. So get out your Hello Kitty note pad and your glow in the dark Bratz pen set, because you’re going to want to remember these.

She conditions her hair with honey and beer, eats an apple or strawberries after every meal to polish her teeth, and rubs her entire naked body with a mixture of honey and salt to moisturize and exfoliate her skin (what ever the F that means.)

This routine brings up a number of questions I have for Zorro’s B. Like, how much does she spend on strawberries a year, what kind of beer gives your hair the best bounce, and why was I not born as a pile of salt?

A very unreliable source informed me of some techniques that Miss Jones is still keeping a secret. Allegedly she cleans her ears with chunky peanut butter, relaxes her feet by dipping her toes in chili, and douches with marshmallow fluff.

This behavior might seem a bit odd or extreme to us common folk but that’s what it takes to be a star.

By Sean Brett

Oregon Man Takes One for the Road


It was a peaceful day in Beaverton Oregon until one man snapped (most likely from lack of bacon.) A 42 year old man decided it was time to turn to a life a crime, and that his first target would be a convenience store.

Armed with a pistol the man entered the store and said something along the lines of “ Gimme ya monay!! Or I’ll shoot the front of your head!!!”

To that the clerk responded with “ No.”

Puzzled by the clerks sheer intelligence the man look around and said “ yea… well… I’m gonna take me one of these beers.”

The man grabbed a beer, ran out, and jumped in his get away car. Pulling away from the store there is no doubt that the man thought to himself. “Job well done.”

A short time later police apprehended the man and his car. They found on his person a replica hand gun and one beer. The man was charged and the beer was returned to its rightful owner, where it was sold to a 16 year old kid with a fake I.D. and then used to date rape his friends little sister.

I love happy endings.

By Sean Brett

The Bacon Explosion enjoyed at a Superbowl Party

So it looks like a few Arizona fans had at least one thing to smile about on Super Sunday, the Bacon Explosion. Heather of Bacon Unwrapped posted this video, to my dismay it features Arizona fans enjoying bacon heaven.

COME ON PITTSBURGH! We (yes I said we, in Pittsburgh fans are part of the team) are the World Champions, someone in the Steeler Nation is holding back. If I had a smoker or knew how to use one, I would have made this. Next year, I hope I will be invited to a tailgate and it involves the Bacon Explosion!

Bacon Radio: PA Beer Laws and Intervention

I think this is the first show were Sean and I go off topic almost the whole show. Was that a bad thing? We like to think not. Yes we love bacon, but talking about bacon 100% of the time would get boring. So with help from the live audience, we traveled the long and dark road to off-topic land.

On show #015 we talked about:
New set; Archie McPhee’s; bacon products; bacon king; liquid smoke; nicotine smoked bacon; Bacon Unwrapped Book; PGH Talk Radio; lazy writers; PA beer laws; Bells Brewery; WV cops; six pack stores; home brewing; drugs; Intervention; trailer parks; Meth; death; reality TV; McDonald’s strange pricing; pizza toppings; and more…

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