The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival on the NEWS

The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and I were featured on WHOtv in Des Monies during the 10 o’clock News. They talked about the amazing bacon dinner and documentary Sean and I are filming. Check out the video below.

My favorite quote from the video is from Brooks Reynolds, one of the founders of Bacon Fest: “Napa has wine, Wisconsin has cheese, and Iowa has BACON”!

Here is a link to some of the local coverage we got in the Des Moines Register.

On Our Way to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival


We (Sean, Beth, and I) are officially on our way to the 2nd Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Monies Iowa. It will be a 12 hour drive from Pittsburgh, and I plan to document the drive down. That way I have something to post for Wednesday.

At this years event, Sean and I have a lot of big plans. We are going to make a Bacon Documentary around the Festival. We have some free time in our shooting schedule during this week, so if you know any bacon related places we should shoot in Des Monies let us know. I think if everything goes as planned this is will be amazing.

If you can’t wait for Saturday, here are a few post I did of last years event to hold you over.

This year Heather from Bacon Unwrapped and the Bacon Explosion guys are coming. I can’t wait to Enjoy bacon and beer with both of them! Well them and everyone else that made last years event so memorable. I <3 DM! If you want to follow the trip as it happens, follow MrBaconpants on Twitter.

Harris Grill’s New Chicken Fried Bacon


Last year I told you about a video I found that featured Chicken Fried Bacon. Well last month I found out a local Pittsburgh restaurant, the Harris Grill, had it on the menu.

Chicken-Fried Bacon
With Sawmill Gravy. We know it will take some courage to try this, but you’ll be glad you did, and you might even tell someone about it. Probably your therapist. $6.77

A few weeks ago I took a trip out to the Grill and gave it a try. When I first saw it I was disappointed. It only came with 3 (or 4 I couldn’t tell if one was stuck to the other) strips of bacon. I thought for almost $7 I would get a little more. But after eating a few bites I quickly realized 3 was enough.

Wow, was this stuff rich in greasy goodness. I think they charge so much for it because if they made it cheaper people would be tempted to get 2-3 orders of it. If that happened they would need to have a paramedic on staff.

If you’re a bacon lover, you need to try Chicken Fried Bacon as soon as possible. If you live in Pittsburgh the best time to try it would be a Tuesday (aka Bacon Night).

If you have had Chicken Fried Bacon let me know what you thought of it.

The Ultimate BLT Recipe


A few months ago I created the Ultimate BLT in my kitchen. I took seven strips of bacon and wove them together in to a square. I then cooked the woven bacon in a large pan until it was crispy. I think if I would have baked the bacon, it would have made things easier. After the bacon was done, I completed the masterpiece you see in the image above.

weaveCooking your bacon this way for your BLT will ensure that you get bacon in every bite. Thus making the Ultimate BLT. Also, if you somehow get bored with the standard BLT don’t be ashamed to add more letters to the name. The image above is really a BLTGPP, since I added a Green Pepper and Provolone to it. Other items you could add to your BLT are ham, mustard, cucumber, hummus, or egg. Let me know what your favorite BLT additions are via comments or email.

If you need practice making BLTs, you can play this flash game. You can thank MetalChick666 for finding this addictive time waster. I wonder if there are more bacon related flash games?

Stevie Wonders About the Future of Technology


I’ll admit it. Being blind must suck, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

More and more products are coming out with touch screens. That might be fine and dandy for me and you, but blind people are being left behind.

Stevie Wonder went to the world’s biggest gadget fair, the annual Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas (at least that’s where he was told he was at).

He wanted developers to include the needs of the blind into their products. Some of the examples he gave were a Sirius XM radio that he could operate and a car that he could drive.

Hey Stevie, as long as you’re making a list of impossible inventions that can help the blind, I got one for you: How about some new f***ing eyes.

But good old Stevie does have a point. The menus on products like the iPhone are impossible to navigate without the ability to see. And yes, if Apple really cared about cornering the sight impaired market they would make a blind friendly version. I don’t think that will ever happen because Apple must hate blind people. They even name their products in a mocking fashion, the iPhone and the iMac. Come on Apple, it’s the 21st century, a little tolerance please.

By Sean Brett

Let us Live Forever and Eat Bacon


There are a lot of people out there that say too much bacon isn’t good for your health. They say it causes heart disease, high cholesterol, and even cancer. With that being said it brings up the age old question. How does one eat large amounts of bacon every day and live past 35? Well my fellow pork belly lovers I think science might have found an answer.

You might have never heard the name Turritopsis Nutricula before (or even know how to pronounce it), but it could be the 21st century fountain of youth. It is a jelly fish that was originally found in the waters of the Caribbean but has now spread around the world. What makes this jelly fish so special is his ability to live forever.

After reaching sexual maturity they mate then return back to sexual immaturity. The process is called Transdifferentiation. The cycle can be repeated indefinitely making this little jelly fish biologically immortal.

As I see it there are two outcomes to this information:

  1. Scientists will use the cells of the jelly fish to cure all diseases, cure all spinal cords injuries, and make us live forever. Then we will use this technology on pigs, giving them ability to regenerate tissue making an endless supply of bacon. And when bacon is readily available for all to eat there will be no more sadness or pain, just joy. So much joy that religion around the world will throw in the towel, declaring that there is no heaven because nothing could be better than this.
  2. Scientists in an effort to make a bacon rich utopia will actually create a race of man eating pigs that can’t be killed. At first, the pigs will just hunt us to near extinction, as human supplies grow low and pig intelligence grows high, the pigs will start to farm humans. We will have to live in small cages eating slop and defecating through a grated floor. As the pigs find religion they start celebrating Christmas and the barbaric tradition of the Christmas ham will be replaced with the Christmas man.

Those are the only two logical fact-based outcomes that exist. I’m really hoping for outcome 1, but 2 might be a little more interesting.

By Sean Brett

Sean Brett is the Funny One


I just realized that I never introduced you guys to Sean Brett. I have known him for over 8 years and he was even my roommate at one time. When I was thinking about adding new writers to this site, he was one of the first people I asked. I knew he would be a great addition since he loved food and was funny has hell.

Here is what I wrote about him on the about page, since he wouldn’t write his own bio:

Sean Brett is the amazing co-host of Bacon Live, the weekly audio/video podcast about bacon and more. He enjoys eating everything bacon and even claims to eat more bacon than Mr. Baconpants himself. Little is known about what Sean does when he is not creating sizzling content for this blog. Some things are better left unknown.

I hope you enjoyed Sean’s posts so far, I know I have. If you want to send him a hate or love mail you can use the contact page or sbrett [at] mrbaconpants [dot] com. This is going to be a great year for bacon!