Bacon Enthusiasts Open an Online Bacn Store


A few months ago I noticed a new bacon site called At first I was like, “Great here comes another opportunistic jerk trying to cash in on bacon”. Then after keeping an eye on the site and snooping around I realized just how wrong I was about that. It seems “Bacn” is really just a group of bacon lovers that want to sell the best bacon to the masses.

Here is what founder Scott Kveton has to say about his site:

Bac’n was started by Jason, Michael and myself in early 2009 and is dedicated to delivering “bacon passion” wrapped in white butcher paper and delivered right to your door. We don’t sell every kind of bacon in the world. We sell what we think is the best bacon we can find. We offer reviews and ratings from our customers and we do our best to tell you everything we can about the bacon we sell on our site.

If you check out their site you will find that is just what they do. It’s a snap to navigate to what you want and to place an order. Right now there are not many costumer reviews on the site but that will change as more people place orders.

Also, further proving they are real members of the Bacon Nation, they support other bacon lovers. Browsing thought their store you will notice products from and others like them. The selection of bacon is also impressive. They even have Beeler’s bacon, which some people call the best bacon money can buy. These guys really do love and know their bacon.

I only have a one suggestion for this site:

  • Give people more than one option to checkout. I am not a fan of Google checkout and would rather to use Paypal.

This is a new site and from the time I started watching it until now, it has really grown a lot. So I am sure they will fix that in time.

If you order something from them let us know how it was. I have yet to place an order so your feedback on that end of it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Blogosphere Bacon Explosion: Weekend Reading


Here is your weekend reading list. Sean and I will be giving you a test on this material during next week’s Bacon Live, 7pm Wednesday. Also, I have word that Archie McPhee is in his secret lab working on a new bacon product. I will give you the details as soon as he gives them to me.

Reading List:

I am really happy to hear that Jason and Aaron (Bacon Explosion) got a book deal. What I am sad to find out is, there will be no bacon explosion in the book. Jason did tell me there will be a chapter about bacon so that’s good.

If you find any bacon or beer news, be sure to let us know about it via email.
Enjoy Bacon!

Bacon Deals: Free Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon


Arby’s is introducing a new menu item called the “Roastburger” and they’re giving it away for free until March 14th with a coupon. It claims to be the burger done right, but we will have to wait and see.

Here is what Steve Davis, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer, has to say about the Roastburger:

“Roastburgers offer a tasty new way for burger lovers to satisfy their cravings while avoiding burger boredom. At Arby’s, we’re always looking for new ways to offer our customers something different and better in fast food.”

They will come in three different flavors:

  • All-American Roastburger – sliced roast beef, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup, mustard and a secret sauce served on a specialty roll
  • Bacon and Bleu Cheese Roastburger – roast beef, pepper bacon, a tangy bleu cheese spread, lettuce, tomato and onion on a specialty roll
  • Bacon and Cheddar Roastburger – roast beef, pepper bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on a specialty roll

I really like pepper bacon, I just hope it’s good quality and they cook it correctly. Be sure to print out the coupon and give it a try. If you do, please let us (the Bacon Nation) know what you think about it.

Bacon Live: Last Week was Sean Week

With all the excitement of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I forgot to post the show notes to last week’s show. We talked about how the week seemed to focus a lot on Sean since it was the first time I introduced my readers to him. We then moved on to bigger and better things like BLTs and bootlegging movies.

The recording of this week’s show will be delayed one day so I can help my good friend deal with a horrible tragedy. I am not sure if I want to go in to detail about it on this blog, but just know that it’s a family that is very dear to the Bacon Nation.

On show #018:
Sean Brett week; found picture; master plan; crime in the Bacon Nation; BLT conservancy; toast vs. white bread; sour dough; Bob Evens; old people; Pirate Bay; corps don’t get it; bootlegging help the box-office; also DVD sales; Sean not being in a movie; Icecube; day of rest; laws; killer chimps; Sea Quest; nerd talk; Never Ending Story; and more…

Download the MP3 or check out our ustream video: Bacon TV – 005

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!

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Bacon is the New Black


Heather just brought to my attention that Joe Juice did a blog post about the fashion at this years Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. It seems at the festival bacon is the new black. Everyone was wearing it and it looked great.

plateThe two shirts above are my favorites, but I think I might be a little partial to one of them. Remember, you can buy the Enjoy Bacon shirt from my Etsy store.

Also if you are looking for some really great photos of the Festival check out Philip Luedtke’s flickr set. You can learn more about the photographer at his website

Check out Joe’s post and Philip’s photos, then let us know what your favorites are.

2nd Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Recap


This year the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival was bigger, better, and greasier than the one before it. It started off great with a five course bacon meal at Café di Scala in Des Moines on Wednesday. Heather did a nice post about the whole meal; I will be doing my own in the near future. The bacon eating contest was a sight to see and the bacon explosion also made an appearance at this year’s event.

If you missed it here is a recap of the coverage by media and other bloggers:

Here is a video of this years bacon eating contest:

Manni wins the contest for the second year in a row.

Here are a few of my favorite Tweets from the event:
(You can see them all here)

BaconUnwrapped: Overheard at Bacon Fest “I don’t know what to do next. More bacon…or more beer…”

BBQAddictsJason: 30 Bacon Explosions – #brbf

sunsetcitybbq: is enjoying all the pics on Twitter from the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest! Bacon ROCKS!

That’s all the coverage of could pull together so far. If you have anything else let me know and I will update this post with it. Also, I will be doing posts on all the bacon producers and venues that supported this year’s event.

To everyone that attended and was a part of the Second Annual Bacon Festival, “Thank you and hope to see you all next year”!

The photo at the beginning of this post is of all the great minds of the Bacon Nation meeting together for the first time. From left to right, Brooks Reynolds (one of the master minds of BRBF), Heather Lauer of Bacon Unwrapped, Jason Mosley (Mr Baconpants), and Jason Day (one half of the Bacon Explosion BBQ team).

Moose in Des Moines Love Bacon


Yesterday morning Marshall Porter, a founder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, and I were on the Morning Moose radio show. We talked about the event and gave way two tickets. You can listen to the interview below.

Download the MP3

After the interview Sean and I took a trip out to Vande Rose Farms to see how they make the best bacon in Iowa. We got a lot of great footage for the documentary. It was refreshing to see how good bacon is made, a lot of time and care goes in this product. I can’t wait to enjoy it with fellow bacon lovers this Saturday.

Enjoy Bacon!