Bacon LIVE: Supersonic Electronic


On this week’s show Sean and I reviewed Mountain Products Smokehouse Hickory Smoked Bacon. Watch or listen to the show to know what we thought about it. We also had a live caller that gave us a great recipe idea, bacon wrapped fired oysters. A lot of other amazing stuff happened, but you are going to have to find that stuff out on your own.

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Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning Coffee


Since we live in a fast pace world breakfast has been trimmed down to nothing more than a granola bar and a cup of coffee. Gone are the days of stacks of pancakes, mountains of bacon, and fresh buckets of orange juice in the morning. Well there is one coffee company that feels our pain, Boca Java, and they created a coffee that will change the world.

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee
Reminiscent of a hearty Saturday morning breakfast around the table, this sweet, savory coffee delights the senses with the smell and taste of home! Maple Bacon Morning has a base that’s full-bodied and complex, and it’s a delicious way to rise when the rooster crows!

When your brew this coffee the smell of maple is the first thing you smell. I guess that why it’s the first thing mentioned in the title. While its brewing if you have a keen nose you will notice a light smoked meat smell. A few people a work, when I brewed it there, thought I was making some kind of Maple Bacon soup. You will also get the slight hint of pancakes, no joke. The combination of smells bring back my memories of the breakfast my Grandmother fixes me when I visit.

Now that you know the coffee smells amazing, it’s time to move on to taste. This is where I got mixed reactions from people. At work when I brewed it in a drip coffee maker, the smoky taste really came through. Only a few people enjoyed the flavor, me being on of them. Then when I brewed it on Bacon Live I used a percolator and the maple and coffee flavors were more dominate this time. You can see what we had to say about it here. Everyone loved it, even Sean who is not a big coffee drinker.

I truly enjoy this coffee. I love the complex flavors it has and how it changes slightly depending on brewing method (I guess all coffee does that but this was more exciting). Setting your coffee maker to go off in the morning with Maple Bacon Morning Coffee in it would be a great way to start off any day.

Closing Comments: Baca Java has created a coffee that makes the breakfasts of the past something we can experience all week long; it’s called Maple Bacon Morning.

Bacon LIVE: The Birth of the Bacon Breakdown


At the beginning of last week’s show Sean and I created the Bacon Breakdown. Just watch or listen to the show to see what that is. We also try bacon salt with beer and talk about how we are going to start a bacon grease collection.

There were two big announcements on this show. The first one was about selling the world famous “Enjoy Bacon” t-shirt. The other, maybe more exciting, announcement was the fact that I don’t hate Kevin Bacon as much as I thought I did.

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Back in March I told you about, an online store dedicated to selling the best bacon. After that post Scott Kveton, the owner, and I have been talking about all things bacon. After a few weeks we came up with the idea for to sell my popular “Enjoy Bacon” t-shirt.

Another big change that you are going to notice is the ads appearing on the site. That’s because they’re a sponsor of this blog and the Bacon Live podcast. Every month we will review the bacon they sell on the podcast.

On this week’s podcast we will be reviewing Mountain Products Smokehouse Bacon, which is from a small smoke house in upstate New York. I got the shipment in last week and I must say it looks great. It has a great meat to fat ratio and a nice thick cut. I can’t wait to try it.

I have a feeling this is going to be a great partnership, when bacon lovers work together great things happen. Just look at the Bacon Explosion, two guys that love bacon and BBQ created an internet sensation. Let’s hope Scott and I have the same tasty outcome.

UPDATE: Check out Scott’s post about the partnership here!

If you Stop Eating Bacon, Swine Flu Wins


I was going to write a post about Swine Flu today but Cindy Perman, writer for, beat me to it. In her story, she covers a few Swine Flu Myths and shares her love of bacon. She is worried, like most bacon lovers, that this new pandemic will give pork (and bacon) a bad name.

The threat of a global pandemic of swine flu has not only threatened the economic recovery, it’s put one of America’s greatest love affairs on the rocks.

If you think this has had no effect on the bacon community you’re wrong. Countries all around the world have banned American pork products including bacon. Now I know many of you are thinking, “That’s great, that just means more bacon for me”, but remember that hog prices are falling sharply over this news. That means our friends in Iowa have been hit hard.

To help set things straight, Cindy debunks six Swine Flu myths in her article. The most important one she covers is “you can get Swine Flu by eating pork”. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The National Pork Board sent out a press release early this week. Even the Queen of all Bacon is quoted on the subject:

“It is a scientific fact that you cannot catch swine flu from eating pork products,” Heather Lauer added. “[E]veryone should continue consuming their normal levels of bacon. I would even argue that everyone should increase their bacon consumption in solidarity. If we don’t, then swine flu wins.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Be sure to read the full article , that way you will be armed with the tools you need to debunk these Swine Flu myths. The last thing we need is a worldwide pork ban. If that were to happen, Armageddon would surely follow.

I would like to thank Cindy Perman for taking the time to write this article. The Bacon Nation is proud to know you’re fighting the battle against Swine Flu alongside us.

Kevin Bacon Almost Ruined my Life

It’s no secret that I hate Kevin Bacon. In fact, back in July of 2007 I did a post explaining why Kevin Bacon gives bacon a bad name. Well I have something that I have been reluctant to say for years, Kevin Bacon made it so I couldn’t eat bacon for weeks. Just watch the short clip bellow, then I will explain.

One day, when I was young and didn’t know better, I was tricked in to watching Footloose. After watching it I couldn’t eat bacon for weeks. Every time someone mentioned the word or I smelled bacon, Kevin Bacon dancing around like an angry idiot would pop in my head. It made things very awkward at the breakfast table.

Luckily, the effects of the movie wore off, but it did traumatize me when I was a young bacon lover. Now when I watch this clip it makes me laugh more then disturb me. But, because if the trauma it caused me then, my hate for Kevin Bacon will never fade.

I really hope this clip doesn’t have the same effect on other Bacon Lovers as it did on me. If so, I just ruined a lot of lives. My bad.