Bacon LIVE: Sean is Back in the States


This was Sean’s first week on the show since he came back from England. During the show there was a tornado inducing storm brewing outside. We had a rush a few segments to make sure we got everything in before a possible power outage.

We also ate and enjoyed Wright’s Brand Applewood bacon on the show. We both thought it was amazing and can’t wait to try one of the other 3 flavors next week!

Bacon LIVE 034:
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Review of What the English Call Bacon


Last week I traveled to England for my brother’s wedding. I had never been there before and was not sure what to expect. I knew they drive on the left side of the road, call police Bobbies, and eat beans for breakfast, but I didn’t know the answer to the most important question of them all. What is English bacon like?

When I checked out the local cafés and pubs I found something that you never seem to find in the U.S. There was bacon everywhere: bacon and eggs sandwiches, BLTs, bacon baguettes, bacon flavored crisps, and bacon and toast. My mouth was watering just looking at the menus.

I went to a café for my first taste of English bacon. I got the classic English breakfast that consisted of: 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 strips of bacon, beans, black pudding, toast, and a cup of tea. The waiter set it down in front of me and my heart sank. There next to my eggs were two large strips of what can only be described as ham. That’s right, it was none other than the dreaded back bacon.

I couldn’t believe it. I asked some of the locals about this and they told me that back bacon was “proper bacon.” To which I said “there is nothing proper about this.” It was like I was in my own private hell. So I went on a quest to find pork belly.

I went to a bunch of different places and with each order my hatred for the England grew. But the thing that pushed me over the edge was when I ordered a BLT. It came with lettuce, tomato, and two large slices of back bacon. When I started to force it down, I realized it was missing one key ingredient, mayonnaise.

I walked up to the counter and asked for some and was told that they didn’t have any. All they had was ketchup and brown sauce (a blown liquid that tastes like a sweet A1 sauce that the Brits seem to put on everything).

As I think back to history class and the reasons for the American Revolution, (oppression, and taxation without representation) and can’t help but think I was lied to. The real reason the states wanted to break free from British rule was pork bellies and mayo. No longer did the colonies want to eat mayo-less back bacon sandwiches. As I did more research into the subject I found that the original plan for the Boston tea party was to throw pigs overboard to show their outrage. But it was decided that the pigs never did anything to harm them and it would have been a waste of precious pork belly. So they decided that since only Brits, women, and girly men drank tea (real men drink coffee) they would use it to get their point across and the rest is history.

I did come across some real bacon over there but it was somewhat disappointing. It was a single chewy not fully cooked strip wrapped around some green beans.

Other than the lack of real bacon the trip was great and if I ever go back I’ll be sure to hide some Hickory Smoked in my carry-on.

By Sean Brett

Bacon is an Innovative Ice Cream Flavor


Before I share this link with you I just want to say, I usually don’t read Women’s Day Magazine. I was recently sent a link to a story they did on 10 Innovative Ice Cream Flavors. Guess what was on that list, Candied Bacon Ice Cream!

Now here is the interesting part, the photo that Women’s Day is using is not of Candied Bacon Ice Cream. It is in fact a photo of Bacon Corn Dog Ice Cream, here is the proof. Also, further proving Women’s Day has no idea what it’s doing when it comes to bacon, the bacon in the photo they used is not even candied.

If you want to see what real Candied Bacon Ice Cream looks like check out David Lebovitz’s blog. He posted a great recipe and fun commentary about how he made it.

At this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I tried bacon ice cream and it was amazing. The bacon added something savory to the ice cream, kind of like peanuts or salted pretzels. I also had candid bacon as a topping on ice cream, which has a totally different flavor and texture.

If you had bacon ice cream before, let us know what you thought about it. I know everyone at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival has, so I expect a lot of comments.

Bacon LIVE: Sean has left the Country


Since Sean is in the UK this week I had Joey fill in as guest host. He is the guy that made the music for our intro. Joey and I talked about bacon on a stick, Chicago, and shoplifters. We also showed the worst bacon video in the world, it almost gave me the feeling to never eat bacon again. It was the “Footloose” fiasco all over again. Be careful what you watch on YouTube!

Bacon LIVE 033:
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The Kevin Bacon Movie List


I am probably going to get in trouble for this, but here is a list of every film and/or movie Kevin Bacon has acted in. I know what your think,”I thought you hated Kevin Bacon for giving bacon a bad name”. Well the fact is I don’t hate him, I just get annoyed that every time I search or talk about Bacon he is brought up.

So to use Kevin Bacon’s popularity to my advantage I am posting this list. That way when someone uses Google looking for Kevin Bacon they will find Mr. Baconpants instead. I want to give these Kevin lovers a taste of their own medicine.

Every Kevin Bacon Movie:

  1. My One and Only (2009) …. Dan
  2. Taking Chance (2009) …. LtCol Mike Strobl
  3. Frost/Nixon (2008) …. Jack Brennan
  4. Saving Angelo (2007) …. Brent
  5. Rails & Ties (2007) …. Tom Stark
  6. Death Sentence (2007) …. Nick Hume
  7. The Air I Breathe (2007) …. Love
  8. Where the Truth Lies (2005) …. Lanny
  9. Beauty Shop (2005) …. Jorge
  10. Loverboy (2005) …. Marty
  11. Continue reading “The Kevin Bacon Movie List”

Bacon-Diesel Creates Better Smelling Exhaust


Once again it has been proven that bacon can do anything. The company Bio-Blend Fuels has started to use bacon grease to run cars.

It’s a process of blending biodiesel and regular diesel together to give you a cleaner cheaper fuel. Most biodiesel is made from things like corn or sugarcane but these guys use bacon. The grease that falls off precooked bacon is collected and processed turning it into fuel.

It always great to find new ways to use bacon, I just find a few flaws with this system. The grease used comes from precooked bacon. That means that to make this a successful alternative to gas everybody has to eat more bacon. That’s a concept that I could get behind if it wasn’t precooked. We all know that precooked bacon is ok for a quick fix but it is not the bacon of choice when it comes to most bacon lovers.

It also isn’t as cheap as one would think. To make it work it must be blended with regular diesel and that drives the price back up. A 50-50 blend costs $2.09 per gallon and regular diesel costs about 10 to 20 cents more. (Depending on where you live.) Is saving 10 cents a gallon really worth going through all the trouble of getting a diesel engine put in your car and driving around actually trying to find one of these Bio-Blend stations? I don’t think so.

Some might say that it doesn’t matter that how much money it saves because it saves the planet. But I don’t buy into that whole global warming thing, maybe that’s because I actually paid attention in third grade science class.

The only reason I could find for using this fuel is that when it burns in your engine it makes the entire car smell like bacon. That might make it all worth it.

By Sean Brett

Bacon LIVE: Eat Bacon Every 10 Minuets


On this show Sean and I eat a strip of bacon every ten minutes. While eating our bacon I publicly thank Sean for writing his review of the new Wendy’s bacon. It seems that his review saved people from trying the low quality bacon. We also shared the Bacon Burger-Style Hot Dog recipe on the show. If you missed it you can view Aaron McCargo Jr’s recipe here.

Sadly this week Sean will not be on the show because he has a wedding to attend in the UK. I am hoping he can find a way to call in and give us a UK bacon update on the show.

Bacon LIVE 032:
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