King Curtis Has a New Hit Single

King Curtis has just released his new hit single, “Bacon is Good For Me”. You can find a video for it on YouTube right now. No word on when he plans to release a full EP or go on tour, but we will keep you posted.

The hook of this song is so catchy I find myself singing it to myself throughout the day.

I hope King Curtis is not just another one hit wonder. The VH1 “Where are they Now” would be tragic and would feature King Curtis strung out at a pig farm chasing the purple pig that only he can see. Yes, that would be a pure rock n’ roll, but I have bigger dreams for him. I want him to dethrone Justin Timberlake as the prince of pop.

Bacon needs to be at the top of the music charts. Will King Curtis be the one to do it?

Bacon LIVE: Rockapella Takeover

At the beginning of the show Sean and I had to sing the intro a cappella since the server the intro music is on was down. That inspired us to search for Rockapella on YouTube and we ended up talking about them for a lot longer then we should have.

This being a show plagued with problems we also ran into a snag near the end of the show when uStream stopped recording. Luckily, Talkshoe kept recording so you don’t have to miss anything. We did record a part two on uStream where we ranted about network news stations eating up all the bandwidth on uStream.

Bacon LIVE 046:
Download the MP3 or watch part 1 and watch part 2!

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Turn Asparagus into Bacon with Ease


Vince from Slap Chop is at it again, this time he is trying to sell a gadget that turns asparagus into bacon. When asked about this new product he said, “I want to make America fatter again, one crank at a time”. Vince also hopes that you love his strips, just as much as you loved his nuts.

I hope by now you know this is a joke. It seems the gadget blog Gizmodo had a contest where you Photoshop future kitchen gadgets. The Bacon Crank won third place. The first place winner was a Cheese Whiz water filter that turns tap water into delicious cheese.

Some of the other photos are funny so be sure to check them out. I really wish the Bacon Crank was real since asparagus is my least favorite veggie. Even when it’s wrapped with bacon I still have a hard time with it.

What veggie would you want to turn to bacon with the Bacon Crank?

Brooklyn Brewery is Creating Bacon Beer

brooklyn Proving that more than just indie rock and hipsters come out of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brewery is creating bacon infused beer. The inspiration for the brew is the German beer called Rauchbier or “smoked beer”, which is said to taste a lot like bacon. Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster, has come up with what he thinks will create the best bacon beer, combining fat washing and smoked malts.

I couldn’t find any office information about the beer other than this blog post on their website, but the internet meme creators are going crazy over this. They are reporting that Garrett is planning to use malts that are smoked in the same room as bacon, thus creating malts that smell just like bacon. They say he has also infused brown ale with bacon using the fat washing method and is aging it in bourbon barrels. He will then blend the beer and the malts to create the first ever Bacon Beer!

Garrett says, “Either this will be the most amazingly disgusting thing you’ve ever tasted in your life. Or I shall rule the earth.”

I hope for bacon/beer lovers everywhere that this beer will rule the earth. I have had beer from Brooklyn Brewery before and they all have been pretty good, so I think this experiment is in good hands. I hope they invite me to the party when they make this stuff. I really can’t wait to try it, even if they say it’s horrible.

Lastly, if I were to make bacon beer this is how I would do it.

Bacon LIVE: We <3 King Curtis

On last weeks show Sean and I talked about King Curtis, the fat kid forced out of his own home for loving bacon. We also hated on Ohio for some reason and I forgot they had a hockey team. Oh and near the end of the show I remembered to talk about the Bacon Tie!

On this weeks show I think Sean and I are going to talk about the new layout. I have a feeling Sean is going to have something to say about it. Also, rumor has it that the Bacon Wings from the Harris Grill will be reviewed on the show LIVE!

Bacon LIVE 045:
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WordPress Forced Me to Change my Theme

bacon-500x391 For almost five years rocked the same theme. Well all that changed Sunday when I had to update my install of WordPress on the server. Since there was a new security risk where WordPress blogs were getting hacked it had to be done.

I knew this was coming since the theme I was using was one that I heavily modified to my own liking. Some parts of the theme were no longer supported by the mighty WordPress. To save you from all the boring theme and CSS talk I will stop there. Just know that my site was broken by the update and I had to spend Sunday and Monday switching to a new theme that I modified.

I like this layout better because its cleaner and it’s not as cramped. I always thought I out grew the old theme but never wanted to take the time to change.

If you find any bugs or think I need to change something let me know. I want to make this new look something we all enjoy.

Celebrate International Bacon Day this Saturday


This weekend is not only for Labor Day it also happens to be the weekend we celebrate International Bacon Day! We all know that National Pig (Bacon) day in the states in March 1st, but are international bacon lovers wanted their own day.

Here is what they have to say about their day:

Bacon Day is a day of Bacon… think Iron Chef but all day and the secret ingredient is Bacon. Breakfast traditionally consists of bacon waffles, with a side of bacon, and any other concoctions thought up. Throughout the day there are showings of Kevin Bacon movies and any other movies with leading roles given to pigs, e.g. Babe, Piglet’s Big Adventure. Lunch must have BLTs and there are snacks around and slices of bacon everywhere. Dinner is a fight for your food quite literally. It is more a tasting of all things bacon and everyone wants a taste. Due to the vast quantities of bacon cooked, the grill outside is the best bet. If you are invited to a Bacon Day celebration, it is traditional to bring something to eat (of course containing bacon) which can be made there if the host allows, and drink (which may or may not include bacon).

This day/event has been going strong for a while but this is the first time I am writing about it. I found out about last year and then when the day came I forgot about it. I don’t have many international bacon loving friends to remind me of such things.

Anyway this Saturday I am going to enjoy bacon as much as I can. If I feel ambitious, I may even try a few of the bacon recipes I have posted over the years. Better yet, I might try to sucker Greg in the making me a Bacon Explosion!