Talking Bacon on Pittsburgh Business Radio

bacon-05 Last Tuesday (October 6th) I was on the Tech Vibe radio show on WMNY (1360 AM). Audrey Russo (a vegetarian) and Jonathan Kersting (a bacon lover) had me on the show to talk about the business of blogging and my new projects, Startup Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Observer.

The interview went well but as you would expect bacon took over the show. Even after I was off the air the next guess ended up talking about bacon. This proves that even radio is better with bacon.

Listen or download my segment of the show below:
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Jonathan also whipped up a little behind the sense video of Audrey and I having a heated discussion about fake bacon. I told her that tofu bacon is more offensive to me than turkey bacon. She seemed to enjoy my love of bacon so I think we are still friends.

I love the fact that even when I do projects that have nothing to do with bacon, people still look at me as the bacon guy. I am a living billboard for bacon (and pork) I guess. I wonder when the National Pork Board is going to put me on the payroll.

Maple ESB and Bacon are the Perfect Match

Maple-esb At the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour in Pittsburgh last month, John Ciroli of the Three Rivers Underground Brewers, shared a beer with us that goes perfectly with bacon. He called it the Maple ESB.

John told me after the event “I knew the Maple ESB was going to be either a big hit or a big bust”.

Well, John I am happy to tell you that it was a big hit. Just about everyone I talked to said they loved it and when paired it with a strip of bacon it was heaven.

When I asked John why he came up with this beer, he replied “I was tired of the smoked beer and bacon or the thick stout and bacon clichés”.

I couldn’t agree more. I, too, have grown tired of the smoked bacon beers. Most of them are never as good as you think they will be.

John told me the inspiration for the beer was when his wife made French toast and bacon one morning. It reminded him that beer is kind of like liquid bread (and can taste bready). He thought that if he could add some maple to the mix he would create a beer that tasted like breakfast.

For the base of the beer he found a recipe for a clone brew of Fuller’s ESB. He found that beer captured the sweet bready flavor he was looking for. He then did something only a crazy man would do:

To ferment the beer I choose to go crazy and toss in regular bread yeast instead of actual brewer’s yeast. I wanted to try to pronounce the bready flavors.

Well that crazy idea turned out to be a great idea. I am not sure what it did but the beer did have a bready flavor to it.

When I asked him where the Maple Flavor came from he told me it was an organic flavoring he picked up. He didn’t use real maple syrup because it would ferment away and leave a beer that was 10% alcohol. Not sure what the problem would be with that, but I guess it would also ferment away the flavor.

All I know is John created a beer that was the perfect combination for a bacon event. If he would bottle this he would be a rich man. Bacon Lovers everywhere would want to try this one.

Rumor has it if you live in the Pittsburgh area you might be able to get your hands on the last of the Maple ESB. The members of The Three Rivers Underground Brewer’s (TRUB) and TruClose Financials (glass sponsor) will be providing their Third Annual “Brewing Up A Cure” for Cystic Fibrosis on Saturday, October 17th at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association (PAA) on Fifth Avenue in Oakland from 7 to 10PM.

John told me there will be a very limited supply of the brew at the event, so you better buy your tickets and get there quick.

Tickets are now available online for general admission for $30. The VIP Session has officially SOLD OUT!! Get them online today! Tickets price at the door, if available, will be $40 (general admission).

Bacon LIVE: Joey Tied Sean Up in the Basement

Wow three Bacon LIVE posts in a row. I told you it would look like it was taking over the blog. After this post we should be back to normal.

On todays show Sean was absent, filling in was long time listener Joey. Without Sean’s awesome show prep we ran out of things to say. So we ended up showing classic YouTube videos like farting preacher and Unicorn Planet.

Bacon LIVE 050:
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Be sure to tune in next week when Sean and I try out yet another bacon chap-stick, bacon soap, and possibly bacon ranch. I am also going to show Sean the Mr. Bacon and Tofu play set. Will he like? Watch live to find out!

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Bacon LIVE: Winners Picking Winners

On last week’s show Sean and I finally picked the winners for the Official Bacon Photo Contest. We had the live audience help us pick the winners. We also talked about the Maple ESB that was at the BRBF and where the best bacon comes from.

So now that I am caught up on show notes, this week’s show will have its notes posted the same day its recorded. Well that’s the plan anyway.

Bacon LIVE 049:
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Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Bacon LIVE: Cute Animals Eating Food

On last week’s show Sean and I talk about the “Nom Nom Nom” meme where people post videos of cute animals eating food. I then got the idea to do the same thing but I want to show videos of Sean eating food instead. I know, it’s an amazing idea… right?

We also sampled the Bacon Salt Sunflower Seeds. Sean and I are both not big fans of seeds but we both thought they tasted fine. When we tried the original Bacon Salt we found that the seeds had a milder flavor. Watch or Listen to the show to see what I mean.

Bacon LIVE 048:
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In the next few days it’s going to look like Bacon LIVE is taking over the website. That’s because I fell behind on posting show notes and I want to fix that. So you’re going to see this week’s show notes on Monday. I am then going to start posting the show notes right after each show. That way you will get the newest shows faster.

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Winners of the Official Bacon Photo Contest

bacon-photo Sean and I finally picked the winners last night for the Official Bacon Photo Contest during Bacon LIVE. We planned to do it at the BRBT but ran out of time to print and prepare the photos.

This was the first photo contest we did so we learned a lot. When we do this next year we are going to change a few things.

Here are the things we will change:

  1. Fewer Categories – Two of the categories (Creative and Pandering) only had one submission and one (Sexy) had none. So next year we will only have Artsy, Funny, and Sexy (just in case).
  2. File Size and Format – Since I was planning to print these out for the event, I was sad to notice that a few people sent me postage stamp size images. This was not there fault since I never said what I needed. Next year I am going to ask for at least 150 dpi and the smallest side can be no less than 5 inches.
  3. Stick to my Deadlines – Next year I hope I will be able to announce the winners the day I say I will. I think with the changes we are going to make this should not be a problem.

So without any more excuse here are the 2009 winners:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. Look for your prizes (Free Bacon and a Larger then Life Print) in the mail in the next few weeks. Enjoy Bacon!

Pittsburgh BRBT Bacon Eating Contest

The following is a video of the Bacon Eating Contest at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour at the Harris Grill in Pittsburgh. This video does not capture the bacon carnage that was unleashed on that day.

At the other end of the bar there was a man only known as Bob. Rumor had it that he was a competitive eater that rolled into town to consume all the bacon he could get his greasy hands on. All I know for sure is that this man can put away the bacon…over three pounds in three minutes to be exact.

If you turn your sound all the way up you can almost hear the screams of bacon being defeated by its new master… Bob.

Here are some more photos of the bacon eating contest. Just look at the grease the winner proudly wears on his face. He is a true champion.

If you have any information on Bob or his real name let me know. I would like to give him the recognition he deserves.

Photos Taken by the Harris Grill and AJ Doyle.