Thanksgiving, it’s all about the Bacon

The “Its all about the bacon” thumblr blog has been posting Thanksgiving bacon photos for the past few weeks. Some of the photos look downright delicious.


The photo above is Pumpkin soup with bacon. You can check out the recipe for it at Furey and the Feast. It has a lot of ingredients and only six steps. I am not sure if that means it’s easy or hard to make. Maybe next year I will try to make this since I enjoy a good pumpkin soup. I have had two different ones this year but sadly none of them included bacon.

Be sure to check out more of the Thanksgiving Bacon photos here. If you have photos of your own Thanksgiving bacon creations please share them with us via an email or comment.

Bacon wrapped Turkey Breast stuffed with Chicken and Onions

While looking around for bacon wrapped turkey recipes I found this video on YouTube. It’s a video created by the Sweet Life Sauce Company. At first I thought it was going to be a poor attempt to make a viral bacon video to promote the company, but it turns out the recipe looks pretty good.

They’re taking inspiration from the Bacon Explosion and making it their own. Not a bad idea really to wrap chicken in bacon and turkey. If you add duck to the mix it would be a poor man’s bacon wrapped turducken.

The only thing that annoys me about this video is how is says sizzle. What’s up with that? Also the plugging of his products gets annoying too, but that’s the point of a viral marketing video. I still give me props for taking the time to make the video.

Let me know what you think.

Bacon LIVE: We are addicted to bacon!

On this week’s show Sean and I both announced that we are indeed addicted to bacon. I also shared an interview I did with the Baconnator Combo Bros. We then moved on to bacon turkey recipes and J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dip.

If you saw my review yesterday of the Bacon Ranch Dip you will know that Sean and I both fell in love with it. Now you can watch us eat and enjoy the dip I this episode. It’s riveting TV folks.

Bacon LIVE 056:
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Since next week is Thanksgiving week Sean and I deiced to take a little break from Bacon LIVE. Our next show will be December 2, 2009 at 7pm ET. In the mean time you can always watch the past shows and pick out your favorite parts.

Show notes by Aaron Tucker:

  • Mr. Baconpants’ announcement that he’ll be selling @SweetSoaps Maple Bacon soap that
    looks like bacon but smells like delicious maple.
  • He also announced SweetSoap’s maple-bacon candle with a wooden wick so it sizzles as it burns! It will be for sale soon in the MBp Merch Store.
  • Jason and Sean both made it public that they are bacoholics.
  • Sean, the smart one here, brought up some great uses for bacon this Thanksgiving. He said it’d be great to toss some bacon bits in mashed potatoes and corn, but I must disagree, use Bacon Salt.
  • Sean also ran thorugh a quick Thanksgiving turkey recipe. You’ll need to watch the show to get the whole thing.
  • Mr. Baconpants and Sean brought up the Turducken which would be made 500X more awesome if it was wrapped in bacon. Personally, I think they should stuff a Bacon Explosion inside a turkey, and then wrap it in bacon! I can’t think of a catchy name for it though.
  • At 30 minutes in, you can hear the quick 30-second version of the Baconator Combo song that they shortened for a Wendy’s 30-second video contest on Youtube.
  • Mr. Baconpants called them up on Skype and interviewed them about their awesome bacon songs and the possibility of doing more bacon songs in the future!
  • During the taped interview, Mr. Baconpants ran downstairs and grabbed the J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dip and a bag of Ruffles which are the best chip for dipping into a sour-cream based dip! You can buy Bacon Ranch Dip from the BaconSalt web site for $2.99 a pack!
  • Sean did a great segment on non-bacon bacon related news, always a winner, but you’ll need to watch the show for the details of his report! Sodomy was involved.
  • At the end of the show, Mr. Baconpants brought up the whistle tip to make cars extremely loud. Guys, this has been a problem for many years in California! They say it is so loud it drowns out emergency vehicle sirens and it drives the people crazy. You can get the DIY exhaust kit at Amazon. What’s up with that?

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Every bacon lover needs J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dip

baconranch Last month sometime Dave sent me a sample of J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix. He told me that this was one of their best ideas and it tasted amazing. For some reason I took me weeks to finally go to the store and buy the two things I needed to make it, sour cream and Mayonnaise. It may seem simple but I never use sour cream or Mayonnaise (other than Baconnaise), so I kept forgetting to buy them every time I went to the store.

Well last night I finally got everything I needed to make the Bacon Ranch Dip. If you made dips from a packet before you know what to do here. Whip everything together in a bowl and let it sit for 2 hours. The dressing is just as simple but it uses buttermilk.

After the two hours I grabbed a bag of Ruffles and starting dipping. The first bit was intense; you tasted the normal dip/dressing flavor first then the smoky flavor creeps in later. Sean called it a nuclear explosion of bacon in your mouth. I would have to agree.

What makes this so amazing is you just don’t taste smoke, you also taste meat. Not sure how they did it since its vegetarian, but you really can’t tell. Most bacon flavored products only capture the smoky flavors and miss the meat flavors.

If you’re a bacon lover or you’re going to a party where bacon lovers will be, then you need to try J&D’s Bacon Ranch. It’s only 2.99 for a one pack, which is the going rate for dip mixes. If you make the dip it will make about 2 cups of heaven. Which should be enough for normal party goes. If you’re making it for bacon lovers you better make a double batch. Sean and I couldn’t stop eating it once we started.

Dave, you where right this is the best bacon product ever (other than real bacon).

Do we really need bacon flavored envelops?

mmmvelopes-illus1 Yes I am the “King of all Bacon”, but that doesn’t mean I love and/or understand every bacon related product known to man. Justin and Dave’s new product Mmmvelopes is one that I just don’t understand. I know they believe everything should taste like bacon, but I think they may have taken it too far.

Here is there justification:

Technology has given us a lot lately. The car. TV. X-rays. The refrigerator. The Internet. Heck, we even cured polio. But what have our envelopes tasted like for the last 4,000 years? Armpit, that’s what.

When they put it that way I can understand why we would want to improve the taste of envelopes. The Seinfeld episode where George’s fiance dies because she licked all the wedding invitations comes to mind. But the real problem I have with this is I can’t remember the last time I licked an envelope. The rare times I have used snail mail I just suckered someone else to close it for me.

I think the market for novelty envelopes is small but what do I know. I am sure people said the same thing about Bacon Salt and look where that has gotten J&D Foods.

Do I hate Mmmevelopes? No. Do I understand them? No. Will I buy a pack and use them? Yes.

On the rare chances that I have to use snail mail why not make it enjoyable. Once these bad boys hit the market I am going to buy a box that will last me a life time.

BaconPOP is Popcorn done Right

baconpop I know the title of this post makes it look like I have had BaconPOP before but I want to make it clear that I have not. The only bacon popcorn I have had is when I shake a little Bacon Salt on my Pop-Secret.

When I found out Justin and Dave was coming out with Popcorn I was excited. I always knew that Bacon Salt was perfect on popcorn, but it was sometimes a pain to get a nice even coating in every kernal. With the salt being in the bag while it’s popping this will solve the problem. Which means I can take an extra step out of my movie/late night snack preparations.

Once Dave sends me a sample, I will be sure to do a full review and feature it on Bacon LIVE. If you have had a chance to try this please share your thought via a comment.

Cooking Bacon in a Waffle Iron

Today Serious Eats featured a video of Alton Brown cooking bacon in a waffle iron. This is a great tip because the times I had a waffle iron I only dragged it out once a year (if I was lucky). If I would have known you could cook bacon in it that would have been a different story.

The waffle iron bacon cooking starts at 3:20 minutes. Check out the post at Serious Eats for more information and photos.

Seeing this clip makes me wish I saw the whole episode. The rant in the beginning about mass-produced bacon and “real” bacon sounds like something I would say. I am always telling people to stay away from bottom shelf bacon. He also says thick cut bacon is manlier, which sounds like something that came out Bacon LIVE.

Alton Brown is one of my favorite food network foodies and this clip reinforces that. The man respects good bacon and I can respect that.