Bacon in Pancakes are starting to catch on

When I opened my bacon store with Storenvy I didn’t realize that some of the people behind the site were bacon fans. I quickly found this out when I posted in the forums and they replied with this:

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship….
See our tweet from earlier today.

That’s right! Storenvy is making Bacon in Pancakes for a conference there a part of. So not only are they bacon fans but there also on the cutting edge of the bacon movement.

I then told them about the post I did on Bacon in Pancakes and they have now modified there recipe to use a whole strip of bacon and not crumbs.

Here is how Jenette from Storenvy make hers

We love made-from-scratch buttermilk pancakes, but today we used Aunt Jemima’s Original pancake mix, with buttermilk substituted for the milk. (Real Simple’s taste-testers say Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix and syrup are the best!)

We poured the pancake batter on the griddle, sprinkled some crumbled bacon on it, and flipped it when it was ready — that’s it. So good!

I’m glad that Bacon in Pancakes are starting to catch on. I’m not sure how many people are going to the conference but I am sure they will be a lot of new fan of this amazing dish created that day.

To celebrate my new store and the Bacon in Pancakes, use the coupon code “pancakes” when you checkout of my store to save 15% OFF your order.

The MrBaconpants store is now open

If you watch Bacon LIVE you will know that one of my goals for this year was to open an online store that sold the best bacon products I could find. Earlier in the year I had to abandon the goal, since I found out it would be to much work for one man to do alone. Well I now decided to at least make is possible for you to buy my Enjoy Bacon shirts online, so I opened the MrBaconpants store on

All you have to do is tell everyone you know to go to to buy the awesome shirt you will be wearing.

If selling my shirts work out well and I can handle shipping out the orders in a timely manner, I may start to add a few new products every month. So instead of opening my super bacon store all at once I am going to take baby steps. This way it will be less intimidating.

If you’re a creator of a great bacon product and you think it should be included in my store please send me your wholesale information. I will then send you my address so you can send me a review sample. I am going to try and stay away from selling food at first since I don’t have a lot of space to store that. So please make sure your product is nonperishable or at least a dry good.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun for me and also for you guys. It will give you an opportunity to buy the best bacon has to offer at one place. Also buying things from my store supports this site and saves you time and money on shipping. I also will try to keep my pricing as competitive as I can. Also remember to follow me on twitter since I will be tweeting coupon codes from time to time.

Scarlett Johansson Loves Crispy Bacon, Hates Canadian Bacon

Scarlett Johansson, who I always thought was hot, told the world that she loves crispy bacon and hates Canadian bacon on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She also was trying to say that she hated European bacon which she said was too fatty. I think what she was talking about was also Canadian back bacon. Some cuts of it leave some of the fat still on it.

I posted the interview below and if you don’t want to watch the whole clip just jump to 4:20, that’s when they start to talk about bacon.

I really like the fact that Scarlett and I can have the same taste in bacon.

Next time your girlfriend makes you watch a Scarlett Johansson movie use it as an excuse to enjoy some bacon. Just make sure it’s pork belly and not back bacon. Rumor has it if you eat back bacon during one of her movies; she crawls out of the screen, “The Ring” style, and kills you.

Vegans think the world revolves around them

After reading an article entitled “I’ll have a BLT – no bacon, lettuce or tomato”, it has come to my attention that Vegans (my nemesis) think the world revolves around them. They go into restaurants that only serve fish and meat and ask for the dishes to magically become Vegan friendly.

I don’t understand why they think this is okay. I don’t go into Vegan restaurants and ask for my food to be cooked in butter or god forbid I ask for a strip of bacon. I would get whats on the menu if I was ever in one.

Now I know what you think, “They have dietary needs and it will not kill you to eat a celery stick”.

You have a point, but my point is don’t go to a steak house if you can’t eat meat.

That article I mentioned above stated that some patrons were going to pizzerias and asking for a pizza that contained no wheat, dairy, or sugar. I guess they wanted a piece of cardboard with some kosher sea salt and lawn clippings.

When I go to a restaurant, I go there for a chef to cook for me. I want to try what he wants me to try, I want to eat the food the way he wants me to eat it. I want an experience when I go out to eat, and I have learned to trust a good chef.

I would never question the thought and the time that must go in to creating the prefect menu. I would never pretend to know more than the chef that created it. Just like I would not deface a painting created by a master artist, I would NEVER deface the work of a chef. Food is edible art.

It’s okay to ask for some items to be left out because of allergies, but that’s really the only excuse to have a menu item changed. Other than that, you should just eat up and shut up. You never know, you might end up liking something you thought you could live without.

Bacon LIVE: We finally got it right this time!

On last night’s show Sean and I finally got the intro song right. It only took two weeks for Sean to finally get the extension for his head phones (which is really nice by the way).

We started off the show talking about Mrs. Dash, which has nothing to do with bacon. In fact I think this was our most bacon free show in a while. We will have to fix that next week. We also talked about Cinco Da Mayo and Sean shared a recipe for refried beans with bacon.

Tune in next week to hear about Sean’s terrible bacon experiences and how it almost made him never eat bacon again, and how Jim Norton came to the rescue.

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Mothers Day Tip: Give her the gift of bacon

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and if you are like me you’re most likely scrambling around wondering if you should send her flowers again. Well I am here to help. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this last year but give your mom what she really wants: bacon.

Here are a few ways you can give her the gift of bacon:

  1. Bacon Bouquet – This is probably the most creative way to give your mom bacon. Your mom will love the fact that you made it yourself and instead of just watching her flowers die, she gets to eat them. It’s a Win-Win!
  2. Bacon Candy – If your mom has a sweet tooth you might want to check out the Mo’s Bacon Bar. Yes it’s an expensive candy bar but your mom is worth it. If you’re cheap, you could always just buy a Hersey’s bar and stick a piece of cooked bacon on top of it.
  3. Cook her Breakfast – I think any mom would love to have their kid come over on a Sunday morning and cook them breakfast. Make sure you use Maple Bacon so her house will smell like bacon for at least a week.
  4. Bacon Coffee – If breakfast is too much for you to handle then the least you can do is bring her a cup of Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning Coffee. It’s amazing and like the maple bacon, the smell will stick around all day.
  5. Bacon Explosion – Invite mom over the house for dinner and make her a Bacon Explosion. She will be impressed with your grilling skills and will be happy to know you are capable of cooking for yourself.

Those are just a few things you could do for mom on Mother’s Day. The fact of the matter is anything you do for her she will love. Moms have a hard time not like something their kid made for them.

If you plan on doing something for you mom that involves bacon feel free to share it with us. We love hearing about other people’s stories with bacon.

Jim Norton Saves a Bad Bacon Experience at the Pittsburgh Improv

It Was The Best Of Times; It Was The Worst Of Times.

In the past week I have experienced both ends of the spectrum when it comes to dining. There were some surprises and a couple firsts for me, both good and bad. Let’s start off with the good.

I went to a restaurant called Eat n’ Park. If you don’t have one of these around your house you have something like it. (Denny’s, Perkin’s, or Shoney’s) It is your typical diner that serves chicken fingers, burgers, meatloaf, and breakfast all day.

I started off by ordering an Iced Tea and this brings us to one of my “firsts”. When it came time to refill my glass the waiter just brought over an entire pitcher and left it at the table. I have been to Eatn’ Park many times and this is not common practice. I’m sure the waiter was doing it to save time and also to be a bit lazy but I had no complaints. As a matter of fact I think this should become the standard for all restaurants. How many times have you sat at your table with an empty glass trying to wave down the wait staff just to get another sprite? By the way, I took this as a challenge and made sure I drank every last drop of the pitcher before leaving.

When it came time to order the main course I went with an Angus Bacon BBQ Cheddar Burger. When the waiter was carrying it to the table my jaw dropped. The bacon was sticking out of both sides of the bun. I stared at the massive strips of bacon in awe. I had never seen such large rashers on a restaurant burger before.

The only down side was that I couldn’t see any BBQ sauce. I even lifted the bun and found nothing. My heart sank, after such a superb service on the drinks I was left with this dry burger. I decided to give it a bite without the sauce only to find that that sauce was indeed there, it was hidden under the cheese and exploded out of the burger like a BBQ land mind.

The flavor was amazing and this was one of the few burgers that I could actually taste the bacon; I would recommend giving it a try. Now on to the bad.

I went to the Pittsburgh Improv to see comedian Jim Norton and was lucky enough to get a seat so close to the stage my knee was touching it. Now I know what your thinking, “nobody goes to a comedy club for the food”, and you would be right, but I thought they would at least be able to cook a burger.

I ordered the Blues Burger cooked medium. It’s two beef patties with blue cheese, bacon, and spicy avocado sauce. When the waitress set it down in front of me I thought, “Ok this is a comedy club so this must be some kind of joke.” Imagine my surprise when learned this wasn’t a clever prank and I was not only expected to eat this thing but also pay for it.

In front of me sat two very small black burnt burgers that didn’t even cover half the bun. On top of the small hockey pucks were two drops of blue cheese about the size of a dime and 4 to 6 bacon bits. I decided to give it a try because you never know it could be good.

Biting into this thing was like chomping down on a brick of charcoal. Now I am by no means a fussy eater but there was no way I could stomach this thing. And since it cost almost 10 dollars and they had already raped me on the price of my soda ($3.50 for a sprite with no refills) I did something I have never done before in my life. I sent it back to the kitchen.

The next burger they brought to me seemed a little better on first inspection. The burgers were the size of the bun but were still lacking in cheese and bacon. I took a bite and for the second time that night I had the biter taste of charcoal in my mouth. I tried to wash it down with my sprite but then realized it would take at least 2 whole glasses and I wasn’t about to drop anymore money in this place. I covered it with ketchup and ate what I could then moved on to the salt covered fries.

Fortunately Jim Norton’s stand up was hilarious (He told me I look like every male nurse that has ever smothered an elderly person.) and he saved what could have been a horrible night. I now know why the 7pm dinner show was half full and the 9pm show had a line going around the block.

If you have had any experiences with bacon, good or bad, feel free to comment or email them to me at

By Sean Brett