Bacon LIVE: The Live Sugardale Thick Cut Bacon Review Show

On last night’s show Sean and I reviewed Sugardale’s Thick Cut Deli Bacon live. We thought the bacon was really good but lacked the wow factor that other think bacon have had. That being said, we both agree that this would be the bacon we would keep in our home for all occasions. It has a great flavor, cut, fat to meat ratio, and it’s a great value for the price. I will be writing up a full review after I finish the package.

We also talked about technology and cook gadgets. I wonder why were are not eating food in pill form yet or why we just can push a button on a machine and a cook meal pop out. Instead we have the George Foreman, a food dehydrator thing, and the Slap Chop. If someone could just combine all of those things they would make millions.

Tune in next week when we review Sugardale’s Thick Cut Hickory Bacon live. I have a feeling that this one could have the wow factor we are looking for. Also remember to buy you Bacon Bash tickets soon!

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Sugardale Foods is a sponsor for this year’s Bacon Bash and they provided the bacon for us to review for free. Please read my Disclosure Policy if you have any questions.

Boulder Beer’s Cold Hop – A Hoppy IPA with a Sweet Finish

When I’m faced with a large amount of beers to choose from, like I was at Fat Head’s (E. Carson St, Pittsburgh) last week, I usually look for my favorites first, and then try to pick one I’ve never tried. One of my favorite types of beers is India Pale Ales. All IPA’s share bitter flavors of hops and can sometimes also have sweetness from malts. English IPAs, like Boulder Beer Cold Hop, which I am reviewing today, are characterized by a malty sweetness that balances the hoppy bitter flavor that is sometimes overwhelmingly present in similar beers. They commonly have high alcohol content, as well, and Boulder Beer’s Cold Hop is no exception, clocking in at 6.5% ABV.

Cold Hop has a dark gold pour with a moderate amount of thick head that quickly reduces down to a thin line around the glass. The aroma is a mixture of hoppy freshness with a bit of grassy earth. Up front the taste is hoppy, with a clovey bitterness that is fresh and clean. The back end of this brew is sweet, with a caramel sweetness that lingers. The beer is lightly carbonated with an alcohol tinge that is quite pleasing.

I love IPAs mostly because I am a total sucker for “smack me in the face” hops. Hoppy flavors add a level of crispness and cleanness to a beer that is extremely refreshing. Boulder Beer Cold Hop is overall a nice drinkable beer with true hoppy flavor that is lacking in some similar brews. While I love the upfront taste, I am not a fan of the sweet caramel aftertaste. Personally, I feel that this aftertaste takes away from the refreshing flavor that is so pleasant upfront. Its taste is absolutely true to an English IPA, though, and I feel that Boulder Beer Cold Hop is a success. Give it a try and let me know if you agree!

By Beth Kerr

The Vegan Agenda Part 2: Milk the Silent Killer

Continuing my journey through the Vegan propaganda magazine (read the whole journey), I found a few references to dairy being the cause of osteoporosis. Could this be some new conspiracy where our government and the dairy farmers had lied to us for decades telling us to drink milk so our bones will be strong, only to have that very milk be the cause of the weakening of our skeletal system? All in an attempt to make money and one day easily concur and enslave us in our weaken state. Or could it be possible that once again someone is twisting the data to push their life style on you?

I know most people believe anything they read, especially if it’s in the form of a fake newspaper. Then they go on about it in length at family functions and the work place without taking ten seconds to look any information up about it.

I took those ten seconds and found a website that explains the debate and even sites the research. PETA claims milk causes calcium to be leached from the bones because milk containing protein acidifies your body and your blood pulls bases like calcium out of your bones and teeth to stabilize the acid/base content of your blood. The problem is that milk is not just protein it is also fats and carbohydrates and also eating anything with your morning milk like cereal or fruit would take care of evening out the acid/base ratio.

Another claim is that in the United States milk is consumed at higher rates and we also have higher rates of osteoporosis and countries like Mexico have low consumption of milk and have lower levels of osteoporosis. So that proves it right? Wrong.

There are many differences between the United States and Mexico that could be linked to osteoporosis like genetic inheritance, people closer to the equator get more vitamin D from sunlight, and the Mexican people are more active when it comes to work and play. (You might work in an office building sitting in front of a computer all day then go home and watch TV while in Mexico they don’t have our luxuries so they have to work labor intensive jobs and instead of video games they play soccer.)

I’m sure all this information that shows other possible reasons for osteoporosis was just left out of this magazine by error. PETA would never intentionally try to mislead you.

This s*** rag of a magazine also claims that eating a non-meat diet is just as healthy if not healthier than one including meat. If that’s true, then why does every vegetarian I know take supplements?

One of the articles entitled “What About Protein, Iron, and Vitamin B12?” states that Vegans get all of their needed iron and proteins from soy, nuts, and beans. What about B12? They say that 50 years ago people got their B12 from the bacteria found in water and on fruits and vegetables. As a society we decided it would be better to drink clean water and not eat bacteria covered produce, so we started filtering water and washing tomatoes. So where is one to get their B12 now? You guessed it, meat or supplements. They recommend multivitamins saying they have ample amounts of B12 and claim that B12 in pill form is better, because it will be better absorbed then the B12 from meat.

So after all this talk about this wonderful healthy organic life style it turns out you don’t get all the vitamins you need and you feel it’s ok to replace them with a pill created in a lab. That’s getting back to nature.

Speaking of nature, tune in next week for “Farmers from Hell”.

Read more about the evil Vegan Agenda!

By Sean Brett

Pigson: What! You didn’t watch the World Cup?

Who is Pigson?

Pigson is a web comic created by Carlos “Charlie” Robles. He is currently 26 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

The story follows the life of a pig by the name of Pigson. Will Mr. Baconpants eat him one day or will they be friends forever. I guess you are going to have to wait and find out.

I plan to post more of these every Saturday when Charlie has time to make them. This first one is about the end of the World Cup. It seems that Pigson actually watched it in South Africa and is excited that it will be in Brazil next year.

Next time I see Pigson I will have to ask him to give me a recap of what I missed. After the US lost, I tuned out for the rest of the tournament.

Ultimate BLT Dip with Avocado

Its been a long time since I did a Weekend Cooking so I thought I should try to bring it back. Beth is also going to help with with this weekly segment in the future.

The following recipe was created by Mary, an avid reader of the blog. She said she wanted to try making a dip that would be simple to make and make it possible to enjoy the flavors of a BLT at any occasion. I think she pulled it off well.

The dip made an appearance at a party I had at my house a few months ago and I must say it was good. It wasn’t a heavy dip like the popular buffalo chicken dip. It had a clean taste just like a a good BLT does.

I feel that this would be a good dip to bring to a cookout, especially if you have fresh garden vegetables to use. Also I would have used a bread bowl instead of the bagel chips. I feel the addition of bread would have enhanced the BLT like flavors.

Give the dip try and let us know what you think.

Ultimate BLT Dip


  • One 8 oz package of chive cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
  • One package of bacon (cooked crispy and diced into 1/4 inch pieces
  • 2 small tomatoes (chopped)
  • 1 Avocado (chopped)
  • 1 cup Cheddar cheese (finely shredded)
  • 2 cups Lettuce (shredded)
  • 1 package bagel chips (garlic suggested)


  1. Mix softened cream cheese and mayonnaise together until smooth. Spread into 8 x 8 pan or casserole dish.
  2. Spread the bacon, tomatoes, avacado, and cheese over the cream cheese/mayonnaise mixture.
  3. Top with chopped lettuce.
  4. Serve with Bagel chips.

Bonus Tip: Instead of using the cream cheese, mayonnaise and bacon, use J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dip.

Bacon LIVE: The Pittsburgh Heat Wave of 2010

Last night on Bacon LIVE Sean and I had to do the show downstairs in my living room since Bacon Studio was over 100 degrees. The new environment proved to be very distracting. A few cats even stopped by to say hi.

We talked about a lot of fun stuff like, the hotdog eating contest, turkey bacon, movies, and some bacon related topics. We planned on reviewing the Sugardale thinkcut bacon, but since it was so hot I thought we should save that for another day. I didn’t want to stand over a hot pan in the heat.

Also, reminder to get your Bacon Bash tickets soon. Sales are starting to pick up now that the holiday weekend is over.

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PSA: Turkey Bacon is NOT Bacon

Leave to some New York hipsters to mistakenly call turkey meat paste molded into strips, bacon. This is something we need to put a stop to right now.

When I was browsing the newswire for interesting bacon stories I was delighted to see the following headline in a New York newspaper:

“Try this burger with bacon and cheese served on a sugary doughnut bun, but no lard included”

I quickly clicked the link expecting to see the same Bacon Cheeseburger Doughnut that has been floating around on the internet for a while. To my surprise it was something new, but something didn’t look right with the photo. I didn’t see the bacon. I posted the photo above so you can inspect it yourself.

Turns out, the mystery meat hanging out on top of the burger is turkey meat paste and not bacon. My heart sank and I felt betrayed by the New York Daily News. Why would they make such a huge mistake like that?

It is time we as bacon lovers reclaim the word bacon.

  • Bacon IS cured meat prepared from pork belly (or back for you crazy Canadians and Brits).
  • Bacon is NOT processed turkey meat.
  • Bacon is NOT tofu or vegan.
  • Bacon is NOT simply a smoky flavor added to novelty products.

If your religion or diet restricts you form eating bacon, why would you want to eat a food that replicates it? You don’t see me trying to create tofu made from bacon.

Leave bacon alone. If you want to eat it then suck it up and eat the real thing. It will not be the end of the world and if you eat it in moderation will not take a year off your life. Just enjoy bacon.