Pigson: What is this Bacon Bash?

So last week I just assumed that Pigson knew about Bacon Bash since he was making bacon sushi but this is not the case. It seems that this week Pigson and Mr. Baconpants meet for the first time. Pigson had no idea there was an event going on all about bacon.

I wonder if pigs even eat bacon or if Pigson is really a pig? He could be an alien that just happens to look like a pig or maybe he and everyone else doesn’t realize what he is. I guess we will find out as this strip continues.

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The Vegan Agenda Part 4: Let Me Soy You Something

This PETA magazine is so informative that it will even show you how you can eat good meals without meat. Except that almost every recipe includes some kind of imitation meat.

Could it be that mankind evolved to eat meat and that is why we have such a hunger for it? Even the Vegans can’t deny their cravings and produce products like tofu bacon and imitation chicken nuggets. Shouldn’t they should be happy eating grass and berries?

Let me go out on a limb and create a conspiracy. I’m going to say that PETA has stock in soy farms. They produce countless publications all saying that if you want to live a healthy guilt free life you need to eat soy. Then they promote soy milk, cheeses, and meat substitutes. All so they can bank in on your love of animals.

They say they are against eating meat but then try to disguise their recipes by giving them names like “Sweet and Sour Meatballs” and “Hearty Beef Cassoulet”. Why don’t they just call it what it is instead of feeling the need to trick people? Because if they did that no one would eat it, Hearty Bean Curd Cassoulet anyone?

They can’t even leave pizza alone. There are many pizza topping they could eat like mushrooms, peppers, and olives, but that’s not good enough for them. They want you to use veggie bacon, soy parmesan, and yeast! That’s right yeast. Now I’m no scientist but isn’t yeast a living organism? But for some reason it’s ok to keep this living creature locked in an air tight jar, literally crammed next to millions of their brothers and sisters, then giving them a small taste of freedom by letting them run free on top of your pizza seconds before popping it in the oven baking them alive at temperatures reaching 375 degrees. What monsters!!!

They make soy out to be this magical food from heaven that does nothing but promote healthy living. There are some studies showing that soy is not all it’s cracked up to be. The Food Renegade had a good article about it, you can find it here. Basically soy will give you a higher level of estrogen, destroy your thyroid, and cause digestive problems. Trust me stick with meat, or better yet bacon.

Next week we will wrap up the Vegan Agenda.

By Sean Brett

Ordering a Bacon Oreo Blizzard at Dairy Queen makes you a Celebrity

If you’re a member of the Bacon Nation on Facebook you probably heard about Aaron Tucker ordering (I mean sending his wife to get him) a Bacon Oreo Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Well here is the full behind the blizzard look at what went down that day.

Here is the story from Aaron:

I had written to our town’s DQ a few weeks ago about the Bacon Oreo Blizzard and they said, “If we’ve got the ingredients, we’ll put it in a Blizzard!”

So I sent my wife to pick up a Bacon Oreo Blizzard at Dairy Queen. I didn’t think she was going to do it because she said she’d be so embarrassed.

She drove up to the window and said, “This is going to sound weird.”

The voice from the box said, “OK?!”

“My husband said that the manager told him you could make him an Oreo Blizzard with bacon in it. That’s what I want.”

There was silence for a few seconds, and the voice in the box said, “You want an Oreo Blizzard with bacon? That sounds kinda good actually.”

So, with that out of the way she ordered herself a little chocolate Blizzard and drove up to the window. What she didn’t expect was to see was the manager running up to the window screaming, “Is he here? Is he here? We want to see him! He’s got balls!”

My wife just sat there in shock. Another employee came to the window to see what was going on.

“We’ve been waiting forever for your husband to come and order it,” the manager said. “We’re all excited in here. Can I get a picture of it before we give it to you?”

The manager disappeared for a minute to take pictures of the Bacon Oreo Blizzard and another employee arrived at the window to complete the transaction and also asked where I was. They were pretty disappointed that I hadn’t shown up in person.

After a bit more waiting, they (the manager and two employees) brought out the Bacon Oreo Blizzard and the chocolate Blizzard and asked my wife if she was going to try it for them right there.

She said, “No, I’ll let my husband try it first,” and she drove home as fast as the law allowed. She called me on the way to let me know that I was very famous at DQ even though I’ve never been there personally.

Minutes later I was in possession of the first and only DQ Bacon Oreo Blizzard the world has ever seen. The first thing we did was take pictures. By the time I got to enjoy it, it was starting to melt over the edges of the cup. Every bite was loaded with Oreo and bacon. I had no idea the bacon would stay so crunchy! It was awesome!

The Dairy Queen Manager wrote almost immediately and asked if I liked it. I sent back pictures and my thoughts. I also mentioned that I’d really love a bacon peanut butter cup Blizzard and a Bacon Peanut Buster Parfait. I hope they try it too!

I don’t know what’s funnier, the managers reaction or the fact that he sent his wife to get it for him. On Bacon LIVE this week Aaron gave us a few updates on the DQ bacon situation. I guess the corporate office frowns upon using bacon in Blizzards because of some kind of cross contamination that could happen. So before you go walking in to a DQ asking for a Bacon Oreo Blizzard make sure they have a cool manager that likes to bend the rules a little.

I would like to thank Aaron for sharing this story with us. Be sure to “like” the Bacon Nation page on Facebook so you can get more of his DQ bacon updates.

Bacon LIVE: Sugardale’s Hickory Brings the Wow

I am so glad I waited to write my full review of the Sugardale thick cut bacon till after I tried all the flavors. Last night Sean and I did a live review of Sugardale’s Hickory Thick Cut Bacon and this time it had the wow factor. The bacon had a sweet and savory taste with just the right amount of hickory smoke. We both thought it had that classic bacon flavor that everyone knows and loves. For the class of bacon its in this stuff rocks!

After reviewing the bacon Sean and I slipped in to some kind of bacon high. We started thinking up crazy ideas like “What if Mr. Baconpants was a superhero”. Once we got on the topic it seemed like the show went by so fast. After we were done recording the show we even started to flesh out the backstory and everything.

If you are a comic artist that would like to help us out please email us. We have the story we just need a Steve Ditko to our Stan Lee. In fact if we could just get Ditko that would be amazing! I could see Mr. Baconpants standing next to Mr. A! Sorry for all the nurd comic book references but I enjoy letting my inter nurd (or nurder nurd) show sometimes.

UPDATE: OMG OMG OMG!!!! It seems that uStream.tv messed up and stopped recording the show about 25 mins into the show. Lucky it got the bacon review BUT it miss the whole Mr. Baconpants superhero talk. I guess that might be a good thing since the only people that know about it now are the awesome people that watched live and Sean and I.

We are going to start recording the show in a better location with a direct LAN line so I hope this never happens again. If its does we will be looking for a new service to host our show on. If you know of other options please let us know.

Watch us on uStream.tv!

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST at BaconLIVE.com!

Sugardale Foods is a sponsor for this year’s Bacon Bash and they provided the bacon for us to review for free. Please read my Disclosure Policy if you have any questions.

Pigson: Makin’ Bacon Sushi

It’s time for another Pigson comic. I know I said I was going to post these on Saturdays but I forgot this weekend. Its hard to get in to a new habit.

This week Pigson is making his favorite, Bacon Sushi. I guess he heard that Bacon Bash will have it on the menu. He then got so excited he had to make some of his own. I am not sure if Pigson can make it better then the Harris Grill, but I guess he can try. It also looks like he saw that new Karate Kid movie, I will have to ask him what thought about it.

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The Vegan Agenda Part 3: Farmers from Hell

It is now time to talk about those evil farmers. They dedicated 6 pages to telling and showing all the horrible ways cute little piggies, chickens, cows and fish are treated in slaughter houses. Did you know that these animals are born, then put in cages, fed until they grow big enough and then, (this is the worst part) killed so you can enjoy a hotdog?

Of course you knew that, because you’re not 5 years old. (And if you are 5 years old and are learning this for the first time, deal with it, and oh yea and Santa’s not real) PETA seems to think that anyone that eats meat is some kind of retarded caveman that doesn’t actually know where pork chops come from.

We all know what happens to animals in slaughter houses but do we really need PETA at every event handing out flyers showing a gutted chicken? PETA’s whole strategy is to gross you out and guilt you into not eating meat. But does this even work?

I personally have no problem watching them burn the hair off of a pig’s corpse as I enjoy a large BLT, but I know that not all people handle the sight of blood the same. Even someone that becomes physically sick over these pictures is more than likely going to swing by the McDonalds drive thru and order a double cheese burger when their appetite comes back.

Meat eaters have matured past the time of kindergarten and Disney movies and have gone on to accept the natural order of the food chain. As children, Vegan’s watched way too much Bambi and Charlotte’s Web. Now they can’t walk past a deli counter without crying.

But the Vegan child doesn’t stop there. Just like a little kid, they want everything to be their way and if it’s not they have a temper tantrum. But were a kid’s temper tantrum is a bunch of stomping and crying, the temper tantrum of a full grown Vegan man child includes but is not limited to; protesting, screaming, censorship, destroying privet property, and in some extreme cases causing personal injury and risking lives.

If a person decides for whatever reason to become a Vegetarian or Vegan that’s fine. It’s their life and in this country you are free to live how you see fit. We just don’t need you getting in people’s faces and yelling lies about your lifestyle trying to convert others. Just sit back and eat your Veggie-burger and shut up.

Tune in next week for “Let Me Soy You Something”.

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By Sean Brett

Bacon & Nacho Cheese Hotdogs from Sheetz

You probably heard me talk about them on Bacon LIVE but let me introduce you do the Bacon and Nacho Cheese Hotdogs from Sheetz.

For those of you who don’t know, Sheetz is a gas station that serves the most amazing gas station food ever, they call it MTO (Made to Order). All you do is walk up to a touch screen and build you food from the ground up. They serve hotdogs, subs, sandwiches, French fries, salads, fancy coffee drinks, just to name a few of the items they have. Everything you want can be made to order, you can even do a special requests of they don’t have the option you need on the magic touch screen.

What’s more amazing then the food and the way your order is how fast they get everything done. Everything is made fresh, even the fries. But enough about that, let’s get on with the hotdogs!

One of my favorite things to eat from Sheetz is what I believe is my own invention (I know it’s highly unlikely that I am the only person to think of this but just let me believe that) the Bacon and Nacho Cheese Dog.

On the hotdog is one strip of bacon, mayonnaise, onions, and nacho cheese. I added the onions to give the dog some veggies so the health nuts would get off my case. And the mayonnaise was added to kick it up a notch and counter act the healthiness of the onions (take that health nuts).

Sheetz does a really good job with the bacon. I feel it’s just as good as the McDonald’s bacon that is found on the bacon Angus burger. When Sheetz was making the bacon I watched them cook it and saw they just popped in the microwave for a few seconds. I know I usually hate microwave bacon, but it really does taste better then the stuff I made at home.

If you’re ever driving through PA and see a Sheetz, stop and get yourself a Bacon and Nacho Cheese Hotdog. You will not regret it and be sure to order a cup of their fries too.