Bacon Craft: The Bacon Magnet Bookmark

Do you remember reading books when they were printed on paper? Yeah me either.

If you still read paper books, then I found the perfect bacon craft for you, the bacon bookmark. It’s really simple to make. All you need is a printer, scissors, and some magnet tape. If you need detailed instructions, head over to the inventors website, Wild Olive, and she will get you up in running in no time. She even has premade designs for you to use!

Now after you have your bookmark you going to need some books to read. Here are two that every bacon lover should have on their reading list.

  • Bacon: A Love Story – This book is written by Heather Lauer of Bacon Unwrapped. She, like me, is one of the bacon blogging pioneers. Her book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about bacon. It’s the perfect reference book to have handy when your friends start asking you the history of bacon.
  • BBQ Makes Everything Better – Do you remember the Bacon Explosion? Well this book is written by the creators, Jason Day and Aaron Chronister. I didn’t know a thing about how to barbeque, but then I got this book and now I am expert (or at least I think I am). They walk you thought everything, what you need to get started, how to cook, and how to have fun doing it. This is a must have if you own a grill!

It’s also worth noting that I am featured in both of the books, so you may think I am a little biased. But these really are the best bacon books available right now. Just read the Amazon reviews and you can see for yourself.

FYI: The links above are affiliate links to That means if you buy the book after clicking those links I get a little bacon spending money.

Bacon LIVE: Bacon has been around forever!

It’s Friday and I am just now posting the show and show notes. The reason of this is because I experienced a double fail. First, Ustream seemingly didnt record the video version of the show. Second, when I did have the audio podcast ready my site was down so I couldn’t update it. Oh and now the first 45 minutes of the show just appeared on Ustream so at least something was recorded. Okay I’m done complaining, on to the show.

On this weeks show Sean and I talk about the old bacon costume photo that has been floating around the Internets, movies with digital editions, our disappointment with people being disrespectful with bacon, our hate of wasting food, and secrete menu items at restaurants.

It was a really good show and I am sad you will not be able to see all of the video from it. Luckily, I always record the podcast version directly on my computer so we will never lose a second of the action!

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Bacon Costume From 1894 Proves The “Bacon Fad” Has Been Around Forever

Its official, we now have proof that bacon is not just another fad food trend. Back in 1894 a gentlemen that I may or may not be related to, dress as a slab of bacon for a Fancy Dress ball. He won first prize and also made the costume himself.

It seems that back in the day, bacon was just as popular has it is now. Looks like the bacon haters are going to have to find another way to get us to stop talking about bacon. Calling it just another food fad is a downright lie!

Grab yourself an Enjoy Bacon T-Shirt and tell the world that bacon is not a fad, its away of life!

In related news, how many of you are having a bacon themed costume this year for Halloween?

Does Pancetta also make everything better?

If I lived in Italy this blog would have been named “Mr. Pancettapants”. That’s because pancetta, what most people call Italian bacon, and American bacon are just about the same thing. The only difference is how they’re made.

Bacon is made from pork belly that is brined and then smoked. The belly than can be sliced to various thicknesses. It’s traditional to serve bacon in the morning for breakfast.

Pancetta is also from pork bellies but they just season it with salt and pepper. Then it’s curled in to a tight roll and wrapped in a casing to hold the shape. Its then left to dried out for a few months. It’s usually served during lunch or dinner.

So as you can see the only real difference is, one is smoke and the other is just cured. This brings me to a very interesting question: Is it the pork belly that makes it bacon or is it the smoking?

Let me know what your thoughts are on this. Can pancetta share the same claim that bacon does? I might have to make a Pancetta Explosion and find out myself.

Take Action: We need to Stop Bad Bacon

Picture this, you go to a restaurant for a nice meal. You look over the menu and inside your mind you begin to jump for joy because they have a new bacon cheese burger! It costs a little bit more than you would normally pay for a burger but you take the hit because it’s bacon.

The whole time you’re waiting for your food you dream of thick cut perfectly smoked strips of pork belly. You see the waiter carrying a tray of food and coming towards your table. You take a closer look at the food and realize that, yes it is yours.

Your mouth begins to water at the thought of biting into that delicious meat treat. You’re so excited you lose all concept of time and it seems as if the waiter is now moving in slow motion. “Come on, hurry up!” You think as the waiter takes another slow agonizing step. An old woman puts her hand up to get his attention, she wants another lemon and more sugar because she is too cheap to pay for lemonade and will just make it herself.

You instantly wish the grim reaper would stop slacking off. It’s obvious he’s not doing his job because no person should ever be that old. The waiter, like a pro, nods at the old woman and continues on to your table.

The anticipation has almost brought you to tears as the waiter slowly lowers the plate in front of you. You look at the burger and your heart sinks into your feet. Where’s the bacon?

You lift the bun to reveal two small thin fatty over cooked rashers of what this place calls bacon. You look up to complain but the waiter is gone. It took him what seemed like hours to get here and what seemed like milliseconds to leave. So you do what everyone else does in this situation, you eat it and complain about it to your friends.

This has happened far too often in this country and it’s about time someone did something about it. We can’t sit by and just accept sub-par bacon. That is why I have started a petition to “Stop Bad Bacon.”

By signing it you are taking a vow that you will not stand for this type of tom foolery. If an establishment dose not use high quality bacon then refuse to order their bacon dishes. This might be hard for some people. I know the lure of bacon is great and some might think that crap bacon is better than no bacon, but I’m here to tell it’s not.

If you can stick to this vow it will change the world. Restaurants will be forced to change the way they think about bacon and start providing us with what the consumer really wants, high quality bacon.

Please click here and sign your name then past it along to others that love bacon. Together we can change the world!

By Sean Brett

Bacon LIVE: The Free Market Will Save Bacon

On last night’s show Sean had a very important message: He wanted us to stop supporting bad bacon. He even created a petition for us to sign to help keep us on track.

We, as bacon lovers, need to use the free market to put a stop to bad bacon. This means that when you go to a restaurant, and they serve low quality bacon, we must never order it again until they fix it. I will be posting an article Sean wrote about this on Friday, so save your questions until after you read that.

We also talked about a bunch of other stuff, but like last week I am going to make you listen to find out what that other stuff was.

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The Bacon Bubble Will Never Burst

I am really getting sick of articles that try to convince us that there is something wrong with liking bacon and that it’s just a fad that will fade away. For example, there was an article recently in the Wall Street Journal titled “Bacon Backlash“. It talks about how bacon is now in everything and it’s about time chefs learn a new trick. Here check out the articles tag line:

When bacon appears in cocktails, mashed potatoes and cupcakes, you know it’s time for chefs to find a new trick.

There is one thing that should tell you that this article is full of it just by the tag line. It’s that fact that the author is blown away that a chef would have the balls to put bacon in mashed potatoes. Maybe the guy is Jewish so he doesn’t know any better, but bacon and potatoes have been good friends for a long time.

The rest of the article is a big waste to time to read. All it is, is a plea for chefs to use other exotic ingredients in foods like smoked salt and mango vinegar.

What he doesn’t understand is, bacon is not a fad or a hot trend. It’s a food that just about every American has a connection with.

It wasn’t until the invention of the internet that people started to realize that there are a lot of other bacon lovers out there. We created blogs to express our love, chefs embraced us with open arms, we start festivals about our common idea that everyone should enjoy bacon, and the list goes on.

What I am trying to say is, the internet, chefs, TV, hipsters, or MTV didn’t start the bacon craze. Bacon did and it’s been doing it ever since it was created. The internet just made it possible for us to express it with al large audience. Then chefs just created new ways for us to enjoy it so don’t blame them. We, the Bacon Nation, have always been around, you just didn’t notice us before.

Bacon is here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it. Either enjoy bacon with us, or go back to your stinky tofu and leave us alone. Thanks!