Bacon LIVE: Coffee AM Maple Bacon Coffee Review

Last week Sean started off the show with his own review of John’s BBQ Beef Brisket Beer. I loved it last week and to no surprise Sean… (do you really think I would spoil all the fun? Go watch the show).

We also finally got the chance to review Coffee AM’s Maple Bacon Coffee. We made it French Press style live on the air. It was a mess and definitely a part of the show you will not want to miss. Sean should of never sold his percolator!

We also announced that John was the winner of our Denny’s review contest.

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This week should be another action packed episode so don’t miss it live!

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Bacon LIVE: The One Man Show

On last week’s show I had to do it solo. It was Sean’s Birthday so his wife wanted to take him out to dinner. We will find out next week if it involved bacon.

Even without my trusty co-host I felt the show went fairly well. In fact the show stayed more on topic then it ever has in the past. Sean always blames me for bring the show off topic. Now we see it was him the whole time.

I covered a lot of ground. I talked about Jim’s new BBQ Brisket Beer, Chicago’s Bacon Fest, and announced the winner of the Bacon Art contest.

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Sean’s Real World BBBLT Experience

I ordered the BBBLT at my local Denny’s and it was just as impressive and great tasting as it was in the test kitchen. The bacon was hanging off the sides and was plentiful and it had those awesome French fries with the little ketchup groove built in.

The only complaint I have is that I decided to try it with the pepper bacon to give it a little more kick but it came with Hickory Smoked. I’m not the type of person that sends things back to the kitchen especially when sending it back would mean they would have to throw out 8 perfectly good strips of bacon so I just chalked it up to it being a new menu item and the kitchen staff was still trying to get the hang of it.

It was very good and I even took half of it home so I could enjoy it again later. If you’re the type of person that loves a good BLT but have always felt like it is kind of a waste to order one at a restaurant you will be glad to know that the BBBLT is defiantly worth the price and it might just bring back your faith that you can get a good bacon sandwich outside of your own personal kitchen.

By Sean Brett

Maple Bacon Sundae: an Epic Review

For years now I have been telling people the joys that bacon and ice cream can bring and every time I mention it I am greeted with looks of disgust. For some reason people have a hard time wrapping their brains around the concept of sweet bacon but every time one of these nonbelievers throws caution to the wind and downs a strip of chocolate covered bacon or ice cream infused with bacon their eyes light up with a shock that they have been missing out on one of the wonders of the world for all these years.

Up until now if you wanted bacon ice cream you only had a few options. You could go to a bacon festival, seek out mom and pop specialty ice cream stores, or make it yourself. No longer is bacon ice cream a hard to get item because Denny’s has included it on their Baconalia menu!

It comes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream drizzled with maple syrup and topped with crispy bits of Hickory Smocked Bacon. Just a warning once you start eating them you can’t stop. You might find images of bacon sundaes haunting your dreams. The lure of the maple bacon sundae is so powerful I’ve heard a rumor that the DEA is thinking of outlawing it and starting school programs teaching kids about the dangers of bacon ice cream but we all know that will just make the kids want it more.

At the Denny’s Test Kitchen

The sundaes were brought out and placed in front of us and at first I was taken a back. I didn’t know if I was suppose to eat it or just sit back and admire its beauty. Then I snapped out of my daze and dug in.

There was a ton of bacon crumbled on top and I could see the maple syrup pooling up around the ice cream. I found the key to eating this is to dig straight down. That allows for the bacon bits to mix into the rest of the sundae giving you bacon goodness in every bite.

The flavor can only be described as one thing, heaven. The ice cream itself is one of the highest graded vanillas I’ve ever had and the syrup adds just the right amount of maple flavor and then just as you think you’ve experienced all it has to offer you bite down into a crispy bit of bacon that instantly slaps a smile on your face.

One of the best parts about this sundae besides the taste it that it only costs $2.99!! The only downside I can find it that your doctor might be a little upset with you when you admit to him just how many of them you ate.

On Location at a Pittsburgh Denny’s

After having this in the test kitchen I couldn’t get it out of my head so on Sunday I went to Denny’s and got another one but the experience I had there left me a little concerned.

I placed the order for two sundaes, (one was for my wife, but if she wasn’t there I would have ate them both) and the waitress said, “Oh boy I haven’t had to make on of those yet.” That kind of made my heart sink a little bit because at that time the Maple Bacon Sundae had been available for 6 days. In my mind I kept telling myself that this waitress just came back from a week long vacation and I was her first customer because I couldn’t believe that no one was ordering it.

When she brought them out she asked me to let her know if they’re any good. What? I can’t imagine working in a restaurant and not tasting everything on the menu. I told her that I have already had one and they are wonderful. To that she asked me if she made them correctly. I like people looking for contrastive criticism to improve their craft so I let her know that the bacon on top of the sundae was too big.

It needed to be crumbled so that it can mix into the sundae as you eat it giving you a bit of bacon in every bite. She thanked me for the input and then said something that made my heart sink again. She said the reason the bacon was in big chunks was because the kitchen didn’t know how to make it either and just gave her the large pieces to use. That means people aren’t ordering it as much as I would have thought.

So I have now made it my life’s mission to tell every single person I encounter over the next 9 weeks to try the Maple Bacon Sundae.

As for the flavor the sundae was just as good as it was in the test kitchen and you seriously need to go get one of these now before they are gone.

Denny’s Baconalia Bacon Meatloaf

I am a lover of meatloaf, both the food and the musician so I was really pumped when I saw this on the menu. It looks like your typical meatloaf but there is a surprise inside. Not only do they put bacon on the top they put it in the meatloaf too.

The sauce on top is a ketchup based sauce that reminds me of the meatloaf my mom used to make. Now I did very much enjoy this item but I did have one concern. I was having trouble pulling the bacon flavor out of the meatloaf.

Other people that tried it with me said they did taste the smokiness of the hickory in the loaf but for some reason I wasn’t. Maybe I was expecting an overwhelming bacon flavor when there was just a hint and my pallet wasn’t prepared for it. I had the same issue with J&D’s bacon popcorn, I just couldn’t taste the bacon but other people could.

I still think as a meatloaf this was very good but I am going to hold of on my official endorsement until I try it at my local Denny’s.

Bacon Cheese Hash Browns

(also in the photo above)

Some of the Baconalia meals come with a side of bacon and cheese hash browns. Now I have always been a fan of adding extra ingredients to my hash browns and most of the time in restaurants the most they’re willing to put in there is cheese. Not Denny’s they said cheese just isn’t enough we need to throw some good old American bacon in there too and God bless them for it.

Some times I fine with hash browns that they are too plain for me and I need to add ketchup to them but with these ones nothing else is needed. If Denny’s decides to keep some of the Baconalia items on their menu full time I think this is one that is very doable.

Denny’s Baconalia Bacon Flapjacks Review

I remember a time when I was a small boy and my breakfast plate turned into a warzone. Everything was going fine in the country of “Breakfastica” when an outside attacking force slowly seeped over its boarders. It was the evil invading force known only as “Syrup”!

Syrup was everywhere, and anything I tried to keep it a bay failed. First to fall were the pancake, that wasn’t too big a loss because pancakes and Syrup have always been friends but now it was headed straight to the sacred bacon. My only hope was to sacrifice the sausage links to create a dam to hold back the oncoming destruction but just when I thought we were in the clear a known ally of Syrup known as Dad ruthlessly stole a sausage from my plate sending Syrup all over my crispy bacon leaving me with the only option I had left, to cry for Mom to bring me fresh bacon.

Thankfully I grew past the fear of syrup on my bacon and have grown to love it and it’s that love Denny’s was thinking of when they developed the Bacon Flapjacks for their new Baconalia menu.

This meal comes with two large Flapjacks with crispy hickory smoked bacon infused in them and if that’s not enough bacon it also comes with two rashers on the side. The Flapjacks are soft and fluffy with the ability to absorb all that yummy syrup and when you bite down and your tongue comes in contact with that crunchy bacon it’s like a flavor explosion.

  • Sean’s Review: I have had the opportunity to try this in the Denny’s Test Kitchen and in a Denny’s restaurant and this is hands down one of my favorite meals on the Baconalia menu . It is such a simple concept that it’s hard to believe we haven’t been eating pancakes like this for years and hopefully Denny’s will keep it around after Baconalia is over.
  • Jason’s Review:In the bacon community this has been something thats been done for a long time. I am just glad that Denny’s is now bringing it to the masses. Eating bacon-in-pancakes is an amazing experience that now everyone can enjoy! On a side note, I really like Denny’s syrup its has a lot of flavor without being overly sweet.

Bacon LIVE: Bacon Art Contest!

On last night’s show Sean and I reminded everyone that they still have time to enter the Bacon Art Contest. This is the simplest way for you to enter to win a $50 Denny’s Gift card! Draw a picture and send it in to contest {at}

We also talked about a ton of other mostly bacon related topics. Jim (the bacon beer guys) was in the chat room and told us he has the BBQ Brisket beer ready for us to try. He’s says its just as good at the bacon beer. Well have to see about that. I am really liking his experiments of putting meat in beer!

Due Next Week:

Bacon Art Contest: (Deadline: April 20th) All you have to do is create some kind of art that includes bacon (drawing, photo, painting, etc.). All we ask is that you create it yourself and send us a picture of it.

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