The Harris Grill Will Be Missed

Saturday night around 10pm there was a three alarm fire in Pittsburgh, and it took out one of my all-time favorite places, The Harris Grill in Shadyside. You can read it for yourself in the Trib here. The Harris Grill used to have FREE Bacon night every Tuesday night. I wrote a story about it along time ago, you can read it here.

The owners say they are going to rebuild which I think is a great idea. In the meantime I hope another local bar starts offering up free bacon. I am not saying I want a replacement bacon night, because nothing will ever compare to Harris Grill, but free bacon would make the pain easier.

I was going to go to bacon night last week but had to cancel. Now I wish I did because it would have been the last bacon night, ever!

Iguana Grill – Southside


This is my first restaurant review so please bear with me. It’s going to take a few before I get a system down. All I know is what I feel is important for a good restaurant experience: atmosphere, cleanness, staff, food, and price.

The first place I am going to review is the Iguana Grill, it’s located in the Southside across the street from Jack’s. The atmosphere was nice; the walls were a gray color with simple wall mounted lighting. The bar is small but there are plenty of tables, so finding a seat is not a problem. I would like to say that this is one of the cleaner bar/restaurants on this end of the Southside. The wait staff was also impressive; as soon as you sit down they’re asking you what you would like to drink. They have plenty of beers on tap and in bottles, so finding your favorite drink will not be difficult.

Looking at their menu you will notice that they are one of those Mexican and American hybrids. If you’re looking for real Mexican food this is not the place for you. I got the Chicken Burrito, and it was amazing. The portion was huge and it also came with corn and refried beans. I couldn’t finish it all so I had to take a doggie bag home with me.

The price was just right. You could easily feed two people under $20 (not including beer) and have some leftovers for lunch the next day. I can’t wait to eat there again. I am not even a fan of Mexican food and this place wowed me.

Score: Atmosphere (3.5), Cleanness (4.0), Staff (4.0), Food (4.0),
Price (4.5),
Overall (4.0)

Closing Comments: Before you go, make sure you check out their website for their specials. They have one every day of the week. Also, on Fridays and Saturdays you have to be 21 and over, even if you’re just eating.

You can find more reviews about this place at
Iguana Grill in Pittsburgh

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The Bacon Review

I started blogging in 2003 and never imagined ever making money with it. I just did it for something to do. But then I found a few blogs where the author made enough money to live off of. This intrigued me. So I started to try and make money from my bacon obsessed blog.

Last month I found a blog where the author is trying to do that same thing, but with a time limit on his goal of making money. The site is called One Mans Goal, and it’s about a 25 year old guy trying to make a livable wage on his blog in one year.

After reading is blog for awhile he seemed like a good guy and I wanted to support his goal. So I did the best thing I could for both of us, I order a sponsored review from his site. That way I can get some added traffic and back linking, and he gets one step closer to his goal.

The review is great, you can really tell he is a fan of my site. It’s nice to know that people get my bacon flavored humor. The only two negative things he pointed out were the slow load times and spelling, I am working on improving both.

Check out the review and let him know what you think about in a comment.

Give Me a Clif Bar

A few months ago I was introduced to one of the tastiest energy bars called a “Clif Bar”. The flavor was carrot cake and it was amazing, it really did taste like carrot cake. So I looked at the ingredients expecting to see a long list of artificial flavors and chemicals. To my surprise there were none, it was just organic stuff and vitamins. I believe that’s why it tastes so good, it’s all real food.

Clif Bar

You may be wondering why it’s called Clif Bar, don’t worry I was confused about the name at first, too. At first I thought it was named after the rock formation you climb on and for some reason they decided to spell it wrong. But right under the list of yummy ingredients, it tells you it’s named after the creator’s dad and childhood hero, Clifford. After reading that I was sold on the name, dad was my childhood hero too.

I could go on and on about how good these things are but I don’t want to type that much. You’re just going to have to go to the store and get one for yourself. I would recommend carrot cake, chocolate chip, or banana bread. If you can’t find them in the store you can buy them by the box on

One last thing, be sure to check out their website,, for all kinds of tasty information.

Office Etiquette – 004

I work in an office where most of us sit in cubes and that means that you have no audio privacy. I can hear just about everything that goes on in the adjacent cubes. To counteract this noise annoyance a lot of people listen to music.
Most people use headphones and keep them at a reasonable volume, but others turn it up so loud that the headphones act more like little crappy speakers. I think the sound coming out of headphones is more annoying than just hearing the music come from the desktop speakers. That is enough of me ranting; “hear” is a new Office Etiquette.

Office Etiquette

The Bacon Show

This weekend I typed “Bacon” in to google looking for bacon-related sites to put in my blogroll. On my search I found a site called “The Bacon Show”. I almost passed this site up because it barely looked like an active blog.

At first glance it’s not that impressive. It just has a default blogger theme that is yellow. Under the name of the site it says, “One Bacon Recipe Per Day, Everyday, Forever”. This is where the magic begins. If this was true, this was going to be a great find, so had to see if it was a lie.

After looking at a few pages of posts I found that it is not a lie. If you go to the bottom of the page, you can see in 2006 that had 364 post which means that they probably took Christmas off. So maybe that fibbed a little, but I can forgive them. So I guess if they wanted to be truthful their subhead should say, “One Bacon Recipe per Day, Everyday (except one day), Forever”.

The author of the The Bacon Show is a mystery. You would think someone this dedicated to a blog about bacon would want some kind of recognition for it. There is not even any adsense or other money making methods being used on the site. So you can tell they really are just doing it for the love of Bacon!

This is going to be a site I will check out from time to time. If I find a recipe I like and make it I will let you guys know. In closing I would like to say to the author of The Bacon Show, “Thank you, and keep posting”!