Portland is Calling My Name


A while ago I was talking to a friend about traveling and Portland Oregon came up. I was telling them how I have wanted to go there for a while, but I really didn’t know why. Then a few days later, thankfully, the internet gave me a reason.

A Blogger in Portland that writes about Hamburgers linked my blog. I knew this because I keep a close look at incoming links to my blog. When I saw it was from Portland I quickly went to the site and checked it out.

After being on the site for only a few minutes I found the post that would make this my new favorite blog. It was a commentary on a homemade herb crusted cutlet with bacon. For people that don’t know, that’s a fancy garden burger. This would usually make me upset; a burger without meat should be illegal. But this blogger did something that I thought was amazing, he put real bacon on a garden burger. Now that’s a bold move.

After reading that, I know now that I have to go to Portland. A place that is the home of people that put bacon on vegan delights is a place for me. Portland here I come.

Bacon Lover’s Supreme Omelet

Dunkin’ Donuts has just given me a reason to go to their shop, it’s called the Bacon Lover’s Supreme Omelet. It a breakfast/anytime sandwich that has bacon as its featured ingredient. Here is everything that is inside this thing: real eggs, chopped vegetables, three slices of bacon and Colby Jack cheese on a croissant.

dunkin donuts

I guess I better act fast, they say it’s a limited-time special, and it will be over with Sept. 30. But I bet if enough bacon lovers enjoy this sandwich it will be sticking around.

Welcome Chicago!

I hope people in Chicago can appreciate bacon! From a comment on, A Hamburger without Bacon is Blasphemy, I just found out that my blog was mentioned on Q101 in Chicago. I guess every day before noon they mention a site to help you waste time at work, and today Mr. Baconpants was it.


Looks like I better plan a trip to Chicago sometime soon. I just hope I can find a good bacon burger there. If you know of any places let me know!

A Hamburger without Bacon is Blasphemy

Every time I go to a new pub or restaurant, I always look at the burger section of their menu. I look for any burger with the word bacon in the title or description. Sometimes if I am lucky they will have different flavors of bacon to choose from.

After traveling around, I found that some places make a better burger with bacon then others. To create a masterpiece the burger must be cooked to order and be made with good meat. Second, you need to have just the right seasonings and toppings. Then to finish it off, you need to have 4 or more pieces of crispy bacon being held on with a nice slice of cheese.

Here are my top three Burgers with Bacon I have had so far:

1. The Bell in Hand (Boston, MA) –When I was in Boston, I went to this place twice and got something with bacon and a tall Bass draft, both times. The burger was amazing. It was cooked to order, had a just the right seasoning, and the bacon was cooked to perfection. When I go back I am going to have to go there again.
2. Burger Bar (Las Vegas, NV) – I know a place called the Burger Bar would not let me down. They had 4 types (apple smoked, jalapeño, cinnamon, and peper) of bacon that you could get with your burger, so I got all four.
3. The Sharp Edge (Pittsburgh, PA) – Belgium Beer and a Bacon Cheese Burger is what heaven is like for me. I usually get the “Sharp Burger” since it’s cheap and comes with crispy bacon.

Let me know your top three and why you like them. I enjoy reading about new places to visit.

The Chruch Brew Works

This is my second restaurant review so I am going to try to use the same system I used last time. These are the five things I feel are important for a good restaurant experience: atmosphere, cleanliness, staff, food, and price.


The second place I am going to review is The Church Brew Works, it’s located on Liberty Avenue. The atmosphere was amazing; it still looked like a church. The pews were gone and replaced by tables, but all the stain glass was still there. Since the place was enormous getting a table was not a problem. The place was spotless, even with it being so big you could tell they kept up with keeping it clean.

The wait staff was NOT impressive; it took a while before being asked what I would like to drink. He barely talked and it seemed like it was a bother when he did. I had to repeat my drink order more then once so his listening skills were also in need of improving. He failed to mention if there were any food specials. My food order also had to be repeated. What was really annoying was seeing that he treated the other tables with respect and was actually nice to them. I don’t know why I deserved bad service.

I was told before I went there that the food was not the great, but when I looked at the prices I felt that it should be. If I am going to pay over $20 for a dinner I expect it to be better then something I could make myself. But when the food finally did come, I was less then impressed. It tasted like something you would find in a bag in the frozen food section at Giant Eagle.

Like is said above the price for food was just a little high for what you get. Their beer was not that bad. For a micro-brew it was priced fairly, only 3.95 for a pint. I had their pale ale and it wasn’t that bad, I just thought it tasted a little watered down. Given my bad experience I think I will go back to give their Wood Fired Pizza a try.

Score: Atmosphere (4.5), Cleanness (4.0), Staff (1.5), Food (2.5),
Price (3.0), Overall (3.1)

Closing Comments: I think I just got a bad waiter this time and I hope when I go back for the Pizza, my experience is a little better.

You can read more reviews about this place at
Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh

Note: This post was a review I wrote for the Pittsburgh City Blog @ 451press.com.

Doughnuts and Art 2.0

Doughnuts and Art (DNA) is a three part art exhibit showcasing local artists, bands, and DJs. This is the second time Matt Gondek and I (Jason Mosley) are doing this show. The first one was a big hit and this time is going to be no exception.

If you go to DoughnutsandArt.com you can view the list of artists and bands that are going to be at the event. The part of the show that I am most excited about is Ape Fight and Pfunkt. These two bands are so much fun to watch.

If you are not sure who Ape Fight is they are a Punk/Rock band from New Jersey that is starting to get national attention. Their music was featured in the movie Accepted and recently played on the Howard Stern Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. Just check out their website and you should fall in love with them.

DNA is a punk rock art show and is not meant to be a family friendly event. So we ask that all guests are at least 18 years old. Also, we are not selling alcohol, this event is BYOB. We will be checking ID’s at the door. If you are under 21 or do not have an ID, you will not be drinking. We will be giving wristbands to those above 21.


Date: Saturday – August 25, 2007

Times: Artshow and DJs start at 6pm (Artwork will be for sale all night)
Bands start at 7:30pm …
_ance _arty Hosted by Adammm vs. Sasquatch starts at 10pm

Creative Treehouse
517 Lincoln Ave. 2nd Floor
Bellevue, PA 15202

Cost: $2.00 (Free Doughnuts and Coffee!)

BANDS: (Some bands feature explicit lyrics!)
Pfunkt – www.myspace.com/pfunkt
Ape Fight! – www.myspace.com/apefight
Doughnuts in November – www.myspace.com/doughnutsinnovemberrocks
Adam Rauf – adamrauf.googlepages.com

You can also read about the event in the McKnight Journal. You are not going to want to miss this!

Bacn Needs to be Stopped


I need to make an announcement: I do not support the new internet term “Bacn”. I was at PodCamp Pittsburgh talking about the tasty and scrumptious food bacon, so I feel partly responsible. I put the thought of bacon in everyone’s head. Then, mix that with an obsession with twitter and get bacn.

What I don’t like about the new term bacn is that it means, notifications you want, just not right now. See that’s where the problem starts for me. I want the food bacon all the time. So when I hear someone go, “Man, I got so much bacn I don’t know what to do with it”. I would be confused and reply, “Eat it”!

I want bacon all the time, so the new word confuses me. The main reason spam worked so well was because no one ever wanted it, the food or the junk email. They need to think of a new name, maybe scrapple would work.