Save on Gas and Ride your Cooler to Work


With the rising cost of gas people are starting to look for alternatives. Now this ridable three-wheeled cooler may not be a realistic option for your morning commutes, but it could get you around a tailgate party.

The cooler has a top speed of 14 mph and uses a 500-watt electric motor to do the job. It holds about 24 cans and 8 lbs of ice, so it’s big enough for a case of your favorite brew. If you had to park far away from your buddies tailgate, don’t worry about it, this thing can travel 15 miles on one charge.

One of the most interesting features of the cooler is the cup holder located between the knees of the driver. I wonder if there are any laws about driving a cooler under the influence. Another bonus is the cooler can open while driving. That means if you’re on a long 15-mile ride (which will take you an hour), you will have easy access to road beers.

Send me an email if you find any interesting bacon or beer related products.

Twitter needs to be more reliable


Even though Twitter is quickly turning in to the way most people communicate with each other, it’s starting to get so unstable, it’s barely usable. This is the reason I hate it. You would think that they would figure out a way to fix these problems, but it might have something to do with the monetization issue. It’s hard for a company to invest money into a product, if there is no real way to get a return on the investment.

I really can’t think of a way they could make money. Any advertising would most likely be overlooked by the tech savvy users of the service. The only other kind I could think of is something Facebook did with its Beacon service, but we all not how bad that turned out for Facebook.

I think services like Twitter will be short lived in the long run, for that reason. The life cycle for Twitter-like services will be as follows. Launch > Gain popularity > Grow faster than its resources > Find no way to grow resources > Become plagued with server outages > Die once something else comes along > Repeat

Using this formula, I think Friendfeed will be the next jump for Twitter users, since a lot of them are already using it. Once Friendfeed works out a few minor problems, Twitter better shape up or else.

Chocolate Covered Bacon from Luca Chocolates

I got an email from Alex Zalben of Modern Materialist a few days ago. He just wanted to tell me how much he loves the site, and about this chocolate covered bacon he recently reviewed. Check out his video below.

After watching the video, I can tell from his face that this is something I need to get my hands on. Sadly, at $32 a pound ($16 for 1/2), it might be out of my price range. Check out the rest of Alex’s review and photos here.

Hillary Clinton Thinks Bacon is Delicious


Monday (May 5th, 2008) Hilldog was on the Late Show to deliver the 10 reasons she loves America. Now I can’t say that I agree with her politics but I can get behind her 9th reason why she likes America.

9. “Canadian bacon: soggy and chewy; American bacon: crisp and delicious!”

So the next time someone asks me, “Can you find at least one thing you can agree with Hillary about” I can reply “Yes, I too enjoy American bacon over the Canadian variety. I never was a big fan of it.”

I think her delivery could have been better. This appearance proves even more to me that she has zero personality. She still said bacon, though, so I guess I can’t hate it to much.

[ – Clinton delivers Top 10 list on Letterman show]

PorkSlap Pale Ale


Today I got an email from a guy in Vermont named Mike. He wanted to tell me about a beer with a logo I might like. It’s called PorkSlap Pale Ale and it’s brewed by Butternuts Beer and Ale in upstate New York. It’s their interpretation of the English Pale Ale. Mike tells me it’s pretty good and that if I can find it I should give it a try. He also had this to say about the logo.

Get a load of the PorkSlap logo – amazing!”� -Mike

I went to the website to view this masterful logo. To my surprise I did think the logo was pretty great. It’s two pigs bumping bellies or it could be two pigs about to give each other high fives. Whatever is going on I like it. I don’t know how I feel about a micro brew putting it’s beer in a can. They do have a video explaining that so I might be able to forgive them, if the beer is good.

Give or Trade Your Unwanted Bacon


I was doing some spring cleaning last month and realized that I had a few things I didn’t need but couldn’t throw away. I was going to drop it off at Goodwill but then I thought, “I wish there was some way I could trade this stuff for things I need”. Well I was in luck. Thanks to the internet there were two options I could go about doing just that.

The first option is With this site you list the items you have and the items you want. Then it uses some kind of algorithm to find people for you to possibly trade with. Once you find someone who wants to trade, all you have to pay the cost of shipping. The site does have its limitations since you can only trade books, movies, music, and games. So for bigger items like desk and TVs you will have to look elsewhere.

The second options picks up were SwapTree left off, it’s called Almost every major city has a Freecycle group, so all you have to do is look yours up. Then you can join and post items you would like to give away. Since everything is handled locally there is no shipping involved you just pick it up yourself. You can also list things that you want and if someone has it they will let you know.

So instead of throwing away perfectly good items first try to trade them and see if you can get something you need for them. It’s a lot of fun and you can feel good about helping yourself and other people get what they need.

If you know any other ways to get rid of non- trash items let me know.