Win a Bacon Explosion on International Bacon Day

I am a little late on posting this but you still have time to enter. All you have to do is go to and enter your name to win. Read the Press Release below for all the details.

International Bacon Day Bacon Explosion Giveaway from

New York, NY – Announcing a great way for bacon lovers to celebrate International Bacon Day on September 3, 2011 …, the Website dedicated to unique gourmet bacon food and novelty items, will be giving away five Bacon Explosions on International Bacon Day.

From now until midnight Eastern time on September 2, 2011, visitors to can enter their name for the chance to win one of five $75 Bacon Explosions. Bacon Explosions, which serve 12 people, have taken the country by storm, and have been featured throughout the media. Great for barbecues, tailgating, and entertaining, the Bacon Explosion is a bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage enhanced with a classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce and rub, then smoked low and slow in a special blend of oak and hickory wood.

Bacon LIVE: We Talked With the Bacon Reddit Guy

Looks like I started to slack yet again on the Bacon LIVE show notes. I guess that’s what happens when your trying to plan to big events in the same month. If you want to see the shows sooner you can always just head over to the newest show is always posted there automatically to watch.

On the show we recorded on August 3rd we got the chance to talk to the guy that created the world famous Bacon Sub-Reddit. He told us why he made it and what the craziest bacon links are. He seemed like a really great guy and was fun to talk too.

I am not going to recap the interview here. You are just going to have to listen or watch it. Trust me, its worth the hour of your time.

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Bacon LIVE: Catching up on Show Notes

Planning a Wedding, a Bacon Bash, and taking on new freelance work is really taking its toll on Bacon Live show notes. This is going to be a catch up posts. I am only posting the mp3 from last weeks show but I will link to the UStreams of the others.

On last weeks show I talk to Sean about the Ruination Burger from Beer Nutz Bottle Shop. It’s a bacon cheese burger with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. Lets just say that it kicked my ass. I asked Sean to go with me next time to take on this beast!

Here are the links to the past shows:

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Mr. Baconpants Presents Bacon Bash 2011

A day to celebrate one of Pittsburgh’s favorite foods, BACON!

Pittsburgh’s only bacon event, Bacon Bash, will take place at the Harris Grill in Shadyside on Saturday, September 17 from 12 pm to 3 pm. At last year’s Bacon Bash more than 185 people came to enjoy bacon. Event organizers Jason Mosley (better known as Mr. Baconpants) and the Harris Grill plan to take what they did last year and kick it up a notch.

“With the Bacon Crisis upon us, we are going to need this day of celebration.” said Mosley.

This year’s Bacon Bash will be right in the middle of the Bacon Crisis. With the price of bacon reaching upwards to $7.00 a pound event planners said they were lucky to get the amount of support they did from sponsors.

“When I made it known that I needed bacon, I was surprised how many bacon purveyors stepped up to show support,” said Mosley.

Wrights Brand Bacon, Tender Belly, Sugardale and more are supplying the bacon for this years event. Not to be outdone, Miller Light will be sponsoring tee shirts for all bacon lovers in attendance.

Several bacon appetizers and small plates will be served at Bacon Bash. An exciting addition to this year’s Bash will be Maple Bacon Gelato from Bite Bistro in Bellevue, PA. As is tradition, the event also will feature the Bacon Eating Contest for a chance to win fabulous bacon prizes.

Tickets are $35 and go on sale online at July 18, 2011. Bacon Bash is Pittsburgh’s only bacon enthusiast celebration and tickets are limited, so be sure to claim yours today.

The Facts:

Mr. Baconpants Presents Bacon Bash 2011

When: Saturday, September 17, 2011 12:00 pm – 3:00 PM

Where: Harris Grill
5747 Ellsworth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 362-5273

Tickets: $35 per person

Ticket Includes: admission to the event, several bacon appetizers and small plates prepared by Harris Grill, one beverage ticket (draft beer or frozen cosmopolitan), optional entry in the bacon eating contest, and more.

Menu will include, but is not limited to: bacon pierogies, mini BLT sliders, bacon-wrapped tater tots, chocolate-covered bacon, bacon sushi, bacon horseradish spread with pretzels, bacon breadsticks, bacon shot glasses filled with cheesy mashed potatoes, Bacon Gelato from Bite Bistro, and more…

Sponsors: Wrights Brand Bacon, Tender Belly, Sugardale Foods, Harris Grill, Bite Bistro, Mr. Baconpants

Buy your tickets at:

Bacon LIVE: J&D’s Bacon Rub Review Show

Been falling behind posting up these show notes so I am going to post them in a rapid fire manner. I am just going to be touching on the major topic of each show and then moving on. Sorry for the delay for those who don’t watch the show live.

On this show Sean and I review J&D’s new product, Bacon Rub. We both liked it but before we can give our endorsement we wanted to cook with it first. So look for a YouTube review in a few weeks.

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Bacon LIVE: A Bar Called Two Bucks

Last week’s show was a random show where we talked about anything and everything. Most of it was not bacon related. I blame Aaron Tucker for not being in the Chat room.

One of the more interesting conversations had been Sean’s idea for a bar called “Two Bucks”. Everything in the bar would be two bucks, no more or no less. He felt this is a great idea but I warned him about liability issues with people getting DUIs. When you can get a shot for two bucks why would you ever get a beer.

Next week should be a good show and back on topic. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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Bacon LIVE: Review of Squittle, Bacon Brittle.

Two weeks ago on Bacon LIVE Sean and I got a chance to review Squittle from Sugar Daddy Desserts. If you don’t know Squittle is the name they gave to maple, pecan, and bacon brittle. I have had bacon brittle but this was the first time I seen it made with maple and pecans.

We both thought it was amazing and you could really taste the bacon. The maple and pecans really added a lot of the brittle and I felt they enhanced the smokiness. The box the Squittle came in was cool too. Watch the show or head on over to their site to check it out.

We would like to thank Sugar Daddy Desserts for sending us some Squittle to reviews. Before to watch the show for your full review. I think Sean and I almost ate the whole box.

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