Bacon Radio: Difficulties at the End

Sean and I host bacon radio again with still a few jitters to work out. Before the show was having some issues with us calling in. Then about 30 minuets in to the show it started to cut out the audio intermittently. I should have a better way to record the show by next week. This show contains extreme language, you have been warned.

On the show we talked about:
Talkshoe; Podcamp Pittsburgh; Twitter; micro blogging; Flickr; MTV sucks; Sean is a lurker on message boards; 6-4-9, old school blog; lazybored; bacon update; Mc Donald’s; long hair; new HP notebook; Matt Gondek; Mac vs PC again; bacon pants; Apple Store; Sean sleeping, show starts to cut out…

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Homemade Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

The news magazine Bacon Today is really starting to impress me. Their bacon related stories are really starting to catch my eye. When I first saw the site a few weeks ago I thought it was just going to be another blog aggregator. This is not the case; these guys are writing and finding some really great original content.

For example Mr. B, a writer for the blog, shares with us an amazing bacon recipe, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. It’s so simple anyone can make them.

While grocery shopping the other day I picked up a tube of ready-to-cook cinnamon rolls and thought hey, I wonder how these would taste with bacon. As I read the back of the package I was reminded that the rolls are actually un-rolled when you remove them. – Continue reading for the gripping conclusion.

I am so excited about this finding that I may have to stop at the store and pick up a pack of cinnamon rolls. If you don’t have Bacon Today added to your must read list, add it now. I can tell already that a lot of tasty news will be coming from there.

Podcamp Pittsburgh Recap

This weekend I attend Podcamp and had a great time. I meet a lot of new faces and caught up with some old ones. Just like last year I only attended sessions, but I think next year I will work up the courage to teach one. I now have plenty of experience under my belt and after listening to the comments people had, I think I have an idea of what people want to hear.

Here are my tweets from the event, with links to their corresponding picture on flickr:

10:13 AM Oc 19th: I helped pick the name for the new burgh blog and meet a guy that loves bacon! It’s a good day at podcamp so far.

2:04 PM Oct 18th: Skipping the session. I am all learned out.

1:05 PM Oct 18th: In the grass roots podcasting session weeeee! (the photo shows the 649, its the shot I learn about in this session)

12:07 PM Oct 18th: At the new media planing panel.

10:04 AM Oct 18th: At the Success panel. Should be fun.

8:58 AM Oct 18th: At the Activism session. Might learn something for

8:24 AM Oct 18th: At podcamp. Had coffee and a muffin. Thanks! @afogato

After going over my tweets I noticed that my twitter activity drop on Sunday. I think this has to do with the fact I was busy trying to network with at many people as I could this day. I find it rude to tweet in the middle of a conversation.

I cannot wait till next year and we do this all over again. Oh and next year there will be BACON (the food) for breakfast. I was really disappointed that bacon was neglected this year at Podcamp.

Bacon at Podcamp Pittsburgh

I will be attending Podcamp this weekend, if you want to see what I’m up to check out my Twitter and Flickr feeds. I will be updating both via iPhone while I am there.

Not sure what Podcamp is here is the definition:

PodCamp Pittsburgh is a FREE community UnConference, run by and for people who create, enjoy or are interested in learning more about social media.

Just to prove it’s not a nerd fest here is a video of from the guys of my favorite craft beer podcast “Should I Drink That”.

Here is a post I did when I was at last years. The “Bacn” fiasco was started on the last day of the UnConference. I wonder what fun will come from this year at Podcamp.

Bacon Radio: First Show Jitters

Last week I told you about the idea I had for Bacon Radio, a podcast about the things this blog is about. Well we just finished recording it and things got a little out of hand. My Co-Host Sean took conversations to places I never thought possible. This show contains extreme language, you have been warned.

On the show we talked about:
Mr Baconpants cooking bacon at work; Cinnamon bacon travesty; women love bacon too; no microwave bacon; Cajun bacon; new Macbooks; Sean’s hate for Apple; iPhone; fast food bacon; Eat n’ Park; Sean’s bathroom attack; what if Steve Jobs dies; bacon cooker; beer; the Sharp Edge; beer cost and taste; beer Sean likes…

There was a lot more things we talked about, but that’s all I felt like writing. I hope by next week we figure out a format and do more show prep work. If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment!


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The Baconator is creating hate for fast-food bacon

The fine folks at Blogadilla recently reported about minor travesty they had involving the Wendy’s Baconator. The photo above is from their website and it illustrates their complaint really well.

It was like when I found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real.

All the ingredients were there, but they didn’t look like the advertisement photos and they tasted like greasy sadness.

This is why I am still boycotting fast-food bacon, its giving good bacon a bad name. There are even people out there, like this guy, which thinks fast-food bacon is yummy. I will have to believe he has never had real bacon, because if he did, the Baconator would have been a travesty for him too.

Bacon and Wine on the Move

There is a growing trend on my favorite foodie tech blog, Cooking Gadgets. I don’t know why, but there seems to be a high demand for gadgets that help you manage a wine glass and a plate. They recently had a post highlighting three of these things. If you can’t manage holding a little plate and a glass of wine at the same time, maybe it’s time you put the wine glass down.

The latest product to hit this fast growing market is the Clip on Wine Holder. It simply clips onto any plate and presto you have a wine holding plate. Your drunken wino friends will be amazed. You will no longer have that embarrassing, “Wait I have to put my plate down” moment again when meeting someone new at a party.

From my fellow non-wine drinking readers (I’d rather drink a nice Belgian beer) here is a product for you (us). It’s called the Wrap N’ Mat, it’s an alternative to those plastic sandwich bags we all use. This thing is perfect for those BLTs you pack everyday for lunch. I also like the name, it reminds me of the time when my friend Matt tried to rap.

Simply fold around sandwiches, veggie sticks, cookies and other goodies, fold the cotton wrapper closed, secure with the Velcro closure, and food stays put. To top it off, these smart reusable sandwich wrappers unfold into placemats! The FDA approved food grade PEVA lining easily wipes clean after every use and is certified by the manufacturer to be totally lead-free.

I think the last sentence in the description is really strange. I mean, if a product is made to store food, I would hope it would be safe to assume its lead–free. But then again, I am sure parents thought the same thing about toys for kids.