World Golf Tour: Play Golf, Enjoy Bacon

Last month I was asked to beta test an online golf game called, World Golf Tour (WGT). They told me that if I would write about my experience with the game, they would sponsor a blog post on my site. I hope after you read this post you will be able to tell that my opinions were not swayed by the sponsorship.

Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way, it’s time to talk about that game. WGT is a multiplayer flash game that you play in your browser (IE or Firefox). It also has a social network site that goes along with the game that keeps track of your scores and standings in tournaments.

The game is very solid and it feels like hybrid between an arcade and a simulation. The graphics and interface look impressive and they are on par with the other golf games you know and love. The swing controls are decent but I found putting to be difficult (it just takes practice). If you like other golf games you should be satisfied with the gameplay.

Here is a video of the swing controls:

Since the game is still in beta there have been a few bugs that I came across. The biggest one I found was that the games doesn’t launch in Safari, so if you’re a Mac user you will to have to download Firefox to play. The only other major bug I found was the game would intermittently fail to load the next hole. This was frustrating because it wouldn’t save your progress when it happened. These bugs are to be expected and once its passes beta they should be fixed.

Closing Comments:
Would Golf Tour is the best looking and playing online golf game I have seen in a long time. It’s just like playing a game you have installed on your computer, it has all the gameplay options you expect to see in a retail version. I only have two complains: the lack of Safari support and the lack of sound effects. I would like to hear a few more sounds like birds, wind, and clapping when you make a good shot while I am playing the game (I am sure they are coming in the future). Once this game is complete, it will set the standard for all of online golf games that come after it.

Be sure to give the game and try and share your thoughts about it via comments. I would like to know if you’re just as impressed as I was about the game.

The Bacon Boycott has comes to an End

The past few months I have been voicing my complaint about fast-food bacon. I find it to be chewy and unsatisfactory. Well last week a commenter and Sean told me about the McDonald’s Bacon and Cheese Angus burger, and said the bacon was not that bad. So last Friday I gave one a try to see if I agreed.

On my lunch break I went to the nearest McDonalds and ordered the Bacon and Cheese Angus meal. It was kind of expensive, the total was $6.19 plus tax. I then took my burger back to the office where I proceeded to examine the bacon. I would like to note that this burger only had two pieces of bacon. I like to see at least four pieces on my burgers, so the Angus was already starting to disappoint me.

The bacon looked appealing and it had a nice texture, not too soft and not too crispy. I then took a bite of the burger. To my surprise it was not that bad. The bacon didn’t feel or taste like jerky. In fact, it was kind of a hybrid between chewy and crispy bacon. Which makes sense since McDonald’s is trying to appeal to all bacon lovers. The bacon also had a nice smoky flavor that didn’t get lost in the cheese and condiment flavors.

This is not the best bacon I have had, but for fast-food bacon it sets the standard. All other fast-food chains will need to reverse engineer the bacon so they too can be off the bacon boycott list. As much as I hate to say it, “I’m lovin’ it” when it comes to McDonald’s attempt at bacon (they just need to put more on the burger).

If you know of any other fast-food chains that have improved their bacon let me know so I can try it. We need to get more fast-food options off the boycott list.

Bacon Radio: Growlers of Beer Make you Growl

I think we finally got it right, the show went without a hitch yesterday. We are also starting to get a few more live chatters in the talkshoe chat-room. Also during this show Sean and I had our first smooth transition into another topic, just like a real radio show. I bet after a few more shows we will start making millions. This show contains extreme language and bacon, you have been warned.

On the show we talked about:
Cutting out under control; East End Brewing; Shootings in Pittsburgh; Growlers of Beer; Growler hour; Brew Pubs; Oktoberfest; Beer Maidens; Three Sheets; Eat n’ Park; Bacon Check; BaconSalt, Big Bacon Sandwich; Baconnaise; bacon and egg ice cream; NetFlix; Macs; movie box; shoes; iphone update; MyKey, Giant Eagle; Buffalo Chicken Dip; Cheesecake Factory; iPhone buddies; Apps vs EXEs…

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment!


Listen LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST or download past shows at!

Bacon, Mayonnaise, and Wrestling

Tomorrow October 30th, 2008 the creator of BaconSalt will be celebrating the release of a new product, Baconnaise. If you can’t tell what this is already, its bacon flavored mayonnaise. So to kick off the launch of this amazing product they are having a mayonnaise wrestling extravaganza at Heaven’s Nightclub in Seattle (I wish I could be there).

At the event they will have FREE BLT’s, $3 tequila, and Mitch Morgan’s (whiskey with a bacon garnish). The main attraction of the event is a no-holds barred wrestling match between a giant slice of bacon and a giant jar of mayonnaise. For some added fun the wrestling ring will be filled with 200 gallons of mayonnaise.

Event Information:
Date: October 30th, 2008
Place: Heaven’s Nightclub in Pioneer Square in Seattle
Time: 7pm

If you are lucky enough to go bring a regular jar of mayonnaise and exchange it for a jar of Baconnaise, available in Regular or Lite. Also be sure to take video and photos so you can email them to me to post.

How to Stop People from Stealing your BLT

I am sure a lot of bacon lovers have this problem: you pack your lunch for work and put it in the communal fridge. Then when its time for lunch, you find out that someone ate your BLT. The allure of bacon is so strong that even law-abiding citizens will be tempted to steal your lunch.

Well, to stop the epidemic I found an easy solution. It’s called the Anti-Theft lunch bag, they are not for sale yet but the concept is easy to copy. All you need to do is paint some nasty green splotches on the outside of the bag. Then when your BLT is sitting in the communal fridge no one in their right mind will try to eat it. Thus saving your lunch from evil lunch thieves.

If you have any lunch saving tips or a story about how you nabbed someone stealing your lunch. Please share them via comments or email.