Three Beers form Seattle

While I was in Seattle last week I got the chance to visit two of the breweries that were downtown, Elysian and Pike. I also was able to try another local brewer called Hale’s. From each brewer I partook in IPA style of beer. This is my favorite style so I thought it would be easier to compare them with other IPA’s I have tried.

From left to right: Hale’s Mongoose IPA, Pike India Pale Ale, The Immortal IPA

The first beer I had as soon as I got settle was a Hale’s Mongoose IPA, this quickly became my beer of choice while I was in town. I found it to be a balance and easy to drink, since it was not as strong as the Dogfish IPA’s I am used to. It’s what I call an session IPA since you can drink a lot of it. If I can find this in Pittsburgh I plan to drink this one again.

The next beer I tried was after stumbling in to its brewery while I was lost in the underground market. I sat down at the bar and simply asked for an IPA assuming that they would have one, they did. It was the Pike India Pale Ale. I felt this beer was a little weak in flavor; it didn’t have the same flavor explosion that East End’s Big Hop does. It was a good beer but not something I would seek out when I am not in Seattle.

The last beer I had while I was in town was Elysian’s Immortal IPA, sadly by the time I order this beer I already had a few others so I couldn’t really taste it. From what I could tell it had a nice hoppy flavor and good color but that’s about it. I guess next time, I am going to have to give this beer a try sober.

I really enjoyed Seattle’s beer and food and I can’t wait to go back and try everything I missed the first time. If there’re any brews from Seattle that you think I should have sampled let me know. We have a few nice six pack shops in Pittsburgh, so I should be able to find it.

Bacon Radio: Obama is the Best Buy

We recorded this show on Tuesday since I was leaving for Seattle the next morning. Even with the time change we still had a nice live audience in our chat room. If you want to be part of the show sign up for an account at and join us at our normal time.

On the show we talked about:
Tuesday Show, Seattle trip, Twitter and Flickr, bacon check, chicken BLT, Arby’s, Sean tries the Angus, test market, radio is changing the world of bacon, Wendy’s still sucks, talk to the chat room peeps, bacon vote, Obama is a bacon person, bad radio ads, is stealing my content, beer chat, Sam Adams still rocks, Miller Lite, no shot bar, Best Buy and Circuit City…

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Packing the Baconpants for My Trip to Seattle

This week I will be heading to Seattle to take video and photos of a conference my day job (sorry, I am not doing to tell you where I work, people get fired for doing that) is putting on. I will be there for 5 days so that should be enough time to find and enjoy bacon in Seattle.

Like other trips I will be updating my twitter and flickr accounts throughout the trip. That way if I find any pressing bacon news on my trip you will not be left out. This is the first time I will be in this city so I’m pretty excited about it.

If you live in the area let me know if there are any places (like the Archie McPhee store) I need to check out. I will have access to the internet so just leave a comment or email me your suggestions.

Also, when I get back next week I have some big bacon news about new products I am making by hand. I think everyone is going to enjoy them and I plan to sell them on this site. Just in time for that bacon lover on your Holiday shopping list.

Blue Monster Makes a Triumphant Return

A lot of you will remember when I started my online comic, Blue Monster Fire. I promised to have a new comic everyday. Well that didn’t happen because I didn’t realize how hard it was marking a comic. I then decided to make a new comic every Monday but then that was difficult too.

After some time my friend Matt Gondek said that he would help and we started making comic history together. But I still was having trouble keeping up with it all. Managing two different websites was proving to be difficult with my growing work load from my day job.

After about a month of neglecting my web comic’s website I came up with a solution. I am going to move the comic to Mr.Baconpants. Since the comics was about Mr. Baconpants to begin with it seem like the right choice. So for the next few weeks I will post the old comics here every Monday. Then starting next year I will have new comics to post.

Here are the first few comics that started it all, I did them on scraps of paper I found on my desk. In the last comic in this post show the first time Matt starting drawing Blue Monster.

I hope you enjoy this new addition to my website. If you would like to be a guest artist next year let me know via email.

Bacon Radio: Exploding Turkeys Wrapped in Bacon

While I was listing to the show again to write the show notes I started laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I really hope you guys are enjoying the show as much as we are. I didn’t really think we would have this much fun talking about bacon, beer, and technology.

On the show we talked about:
Sean’s show prep, Eat n’ Park, NEWS, bacon, Din Din, McDonald’s bacon, bacon boycott, my screen saver, Carl Jr’s and Hardees, Guacamole Bacon Burger, Extreme fast-food, Burger King, vote bacon, murder mystery, feathers and water, exploding turkey and toilet paper, Halloween, buffalo chicken dips, bring home the bacon, BLT with Dad, floating chair, ketchup, canned pork, Samuel Adams Beer, fruit beers, Bacon Radio on Tuesday next week.

I would like to thank everyone that listens live. You are the reason the show is so much fun. If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!


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