Bacon LIVE: 2011 Bacon Bash Recap

Do you remember that event we had at the Harris Grill in September? Well this is the recap we did on Bacon Live about that event. We talked about all things Bacon Bash and more.

The event was a success even in the mist of the bacon crisis. We would like to thank our sponsors: Wright Brand Bacon, Tender Belly, Sugardale Foods, Harris Grill, Bite Bistro, and Miller Lt. Without you none of this would be possible.

I have a bunch of videos and photos of the event so I will be compiling them in another post soon.

Also, I am going to be posting show notes to a few of our past shows this week. Since I fell so far behind, it would take to much for me to post all the shows on here. If you want to see all the shows just got to the Bacon LIVE page and follow the links to We have kept up with the shows, I just have slacked on the show notes.

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It’s Official, the Bacon Nation Now has a Mrs. Baconpants

As many of you noticed I was MIA for almost two months, but don’t worry I have a good reason for the absence.

September was a busy month. Not only did I have to plan Pittsburgh’s biggest bacon event, I also had to help Beth plan our wedding. It seemed scheduling two important events in the same month was not my best idea.

Then, after the wedding (I will tell you all about that soon), Beth and I enjoyed our honeymoon and spent a lot of time getting our house back in order. We had crafting supplies everywhere from before the wedding and wrapping paper, boxes, and tons of new things from after.

I guess what I am trying to say is… I didn’t have time for Baconpants.

That’s going to change and now I have a Mrs. Baconpants (aka Beth Mosley) to help me share our love of all things beer and bacon!

Now on to the details. The wedding was great and everyone had an amazing time. Sean (aka Bacon Knight) was in my wedding party and he inspected all the bacon that day to make sure it was perfect. We had a whole station of bacon on the buffet which had: Bacon Mac and Cheese, bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms, pulled pork (not bacon but close), and a lot more stuff that I can’t remember. I was a little nervous so I didn’t eat much that day.

For our wedding cake we had Maple Bacon Cupcakes and they were fantastic. We also has red velvet, but I told everyone that they would be a weirdo if they skipped on the bacon cupcake. I am not sure why people are so afraid of bacon on desserts. They don’t know what they are missing.

Don’t worry, I am done boring you with my wedding details but I am sure you were all wondering if we had bacon at our wedding. We did and it was perfect.

The Top Bacon Dishes in the USA

Infographics are all the rage now so the folks at GiftRocket decided to create one. Knowing that the internet loves bacon it was no surprise that they picked it as the topic. But I will have to give them credit. Instead of just recycling old bacon facts, they did some research and found out the most popular bacon dishes.

Now it’s not the most scientific study since they used social media as their data pool but its bacon so who cares. They searched for the top bacon dishes in all the major cities: New York, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, Philly, and Seattle.

In New York, Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs is the top dish. I find this strange since its West coast dish but it’s nice to see New Yorkers making it their own. Other than that it’s a cool graphic and its amazing to see how each city uses bacon. Check it out for you self below.

Created by GiftRocket gift cards

Bacon LIVE: J&D’s Bacon Croutons Review

Last night Sean and I reviewed J&D’s Bacon Croutons. I would frist like to say these things are amazing and I am really glad they sent them to us. If you see this in a store they are a must buy. Today I have eaten for a snack all day. In fact I am eating as I write this post.

We are going to be having contest to give away a few extra bags they sent us. I really want to keep them for myself but I promised I would share. We plan to give a few away at Bacon Bash.

Stay tune for more contest updates. In the meantime you might want to make sure you follow us on Facebook and twitter. Since that is most likely how we will run the contest.

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Bacon LIVE: Sean Took my Kazoo Away

Last week I tried to teach Sean how to talk Kazoo. He wasn’t impressed and decided that I should retire the Kazoo. This will be the last Kazoo intro.

Long time supporter of the show Kurt asked about the shirt sizes for the Bacon Bash Tees. This got Sean on an angry fat man rant about shirt companies ripping people off. I am not going to get it to it now so you will just have to watch or listen for yourself.

Sean also told us about this Downtown Pittsburgh adventures at the Double Tree. Long story short, they have great cookies.

We also shared like 50 great business ideas, so if you steal anyone of them just make sure you give us credit. Thanks and enjoy bacon!

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Bacon LIVE: We Need an Intern

One the show recorded on August 17, 2011 Sean and I talked about having interns play the Kazoos for the shows intro. You will be surprised if you knew how many people can’t play a Kazoo.

Sean and I also talked about how we should start a reality TV show all about cooking bacon. Since that is what most cooking contest shows are anymore. Not that we are complaining about that.

A few other highlights are Obama eat and enjoys bacon, baby monkeys can ride pigs backwards, and you can only get good BBQ from a mom and pop shop.

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Bacon LIVE: This Time Slot is Bacon LIVE Time

On the recorded on August 10, 2011 we talked about video games, meat processing, and the definition of a fortnight. Another travesty that Sean brought to our attention was hospitals in the UK not serving a hot bacon breakfast anymore. If your sick in the hospital the last thing you need is less bacon.

Sean also shared a recipe on the show so be sure to have a pen and paper handy so you can write it down. You would think I would type it out here but that would be work.

We also talked about a million other things so make sure you watch or listen to the show. Also if you have time write a review of out show in iTunes. Thanks.

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