The Ultimate Bacon Lovers Gift Guide

This is the new and improved bacon lovers gift guide. I did this last year and it was a big hit. Since this year there has been an explosion of new bacon products to chose from, I am here to help you find the best.

Butcher Diagram T-Shirt – I always have to explain to people where bacon comes from (some people don’t know) and this shirt makes it simple.
I heart Bacon T-Shirt – Every time I wear this shirt I make a new friend. So if you or your bacon lover has trouble making new friends this is a must have.
Enjoy Bacon T-Shirt – Tell the world how you feel about bacon. Think about it…if everyone enjoyed bacon we would have world peace.
Bacon T-Shirt – This is a basic bacon shirt, because sometimes all your need is five strips of bacon on your chest.

Bacon Strip Necklace – Show your bacon pride by wearing a bacon strip around your neck. It’s a known fact that wearing this necklace raises your charisma.
Bacon Strip Earrings – If you or your bacon lover is looking for a man these will do the trick. If I saw a women wearing these I would buy her a drink without thinking twice about it.
Bacon Pin – We all know that the flag pin is popular with politicians, but in time the one that wears the bacon pin, wins the election.
Bacon Key-ring – You will never lose your keys again if you had a strip of bacon attached to them. All you would have to do is follow your taste buds.

Art and Home Decor:
Bacon Pillows – This pillow will make any area in your living or bedroom look warm and inviting.
Baconfish – A million years ago there were fish made of bacon. Just before they were fished to extinction they evolved in to what we now call pigs.
Saint Anthony – No kitchen can be complete without a plastic Saint Anthony watching over your bacon.
I Love Bacon – If you get dark humor then you’re going to love this painting. It’s cute and sad all at the same time. I love it!

The Bacon Cookbook – This book features 150 recipes from around the world that involve bacon. One review says, “Vegetarians beware; these dishes could prove too tempting”.
Seduced by Bacon – This book is a celebration of bacon, filled with gorgeous photographs and seductive new recipes both savory and sweet.
Bacon Salt – I own some of this stuff and its amazing. My cooking has improved ever since I started experimenting with this.
Baconnaise – Everyone loves mayonnaise and bacon so it’s a no brainer to combine them. I have not tried this yet but the reviews of it are good.

I hope this gift guide makes shopping for the bacon lover in your life a little easier. If you think I should add something to this list let me know via a comment.

Enjoy Bacon with Bacon Inspired Crafts

Since I enjoy bacon a lot, I thought it would be fun to make and sell bacon inspired crafts. I am currently selling my items on At the moment I have a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a few bacon t-shirts for sale.

I am working on a few more products and I hope to have them added to the store soon. If you have any ideas or thoughts about crafts feel free to leave a comment.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pear Cider Gravy

The find folks at Chow dot com put together a nice video about how to cook a turkey wrapped bacon. It looks pretty testy. They say the bacon bastes the white meat with fat while infusing it with porky flavor. Not only does cooking with bacon make things taste better it also makes the whole process easier.

If you’re not in to watching videos you can view the written recipe here. If anyone makes this I call dibs on leftovers!

Everyone Needs a Mini-Keg Dispenser

When I make a trip out to my local beer distributer I always notice a few German and Belgian beers come in 5L Mini-Kegs. The thing that sucks about them is you have to drink them in one sitting since a lot of them are gravity fed when you tap them. Air is your biggest enemy. I have seen tap systems that you can use, but there are hard to find.

Today on the blog Cooking Gadgets they featured a Mini-Keg system that can supposedly handle any type of 5L mini-keg you can throw in to it. Its called the Mini-Keg Beer Dispenser from Plow and Hearth.

Made for use with 5-liter mini-kegs, this is a great way to serve up a tall frosty glass of your favorite draft beer. Our Beer Tender keeps precooled kegs at the optimal serving temperature with double-layer insulation and a virtually noiseless thermal electric motor. Traditional pub keg tap for direct-to-glass serving. Dual system operation: CO2 for nonpressurized kegs, standard for pressurized kegs.

Includes on/off indicator light, removable drip tray for easy cleaning, chrome accent rail, nonslip rubberized feet and integrated cord storage.

The cost for this bad boy is $249.95, I have no idea if that is a good price since I have never seen anything else like this before. If you have anymore insight on this please feel free to share via comments.

BMF: Special Delivery

I hope to someday be able to sell bacon pants, but at this time it would be expensive to do. In the mean time I am going to open a bacon store in this site. I will start off selling Bacon shirts and jewelry and then adding coasters and key chains in the future. I will be making most of the products by hand (I am crafty like that).

So, if you enjoy this site be sure to stop back and buy something from the store. Bacon is always a great gift idea.

Bacon Radio: The Beer Show

After my trip to Seattle I had a lot to talk about. I found that Seattle was lacking a love for bacon. Also, Sean and I get in a big debate about beer drinking near the middle of the show. Will this put strain on our friendship? Listen to find out.

On the show we talked about:
We are Rockapella, bacon in Seattle, coffee weather, local Seattle beers, Kurt Cobain needed bacon, commenter dropped the ball, east coast IPAs are better, where’s the bacon, London bans IPA, Brew Dog, Should I Drink That, Dogfish Head 120, Sean talks about 40s, we debate beer drinking, lite beers suck, H2O, wine, PBR ICE, salt in beer, food fads, fast food service, stoners love bacon, Star Wars joke, beef bacon, make it bigger…

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!


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