Bacon Radio: I Dropped the Bacon

Sorry for talking so long to post the show notes from last weeks show. One good thing came out of my lack of posting: a new expression, “_____ dropped the bacon!” You can say it anytime you would say someone dropped the ball. Maybe it’s not that clever of an idea but I thought it was funny, so I am going to start using it.

On show #008 we talked about:
Christmas music; bacon questions; Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival; Dominic the Christmas Donkey; Walmart to sell the iPhone; iPod HD size; porn talk; MySpace; back to bacon; pig unions; Irish people love bacon; how to prevent cancer; tofu rant; our weight; tax on cow farts; give married people bacon; bacon shirts; bacon pick-up lines

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BMF: What do Monster Believe in?

This comic almost started a fight between the artist and I. He wanted Mr. Baconpants to be reading a Bible, but I am an Atheist. I thought it would be funnier if I was reading Ayn Rand.

Well, in the end it worked. People sent me emails saying how funny the comic was. A lot of them were wondering when Rand would make an appearance in it. This was my Ditko moment, if you want to know what that means go to and listen to shows 71 and 72.

How to Cook Bacon the Right Way

Cooking bacon is an easy task when you know how to do it the right way. A video by shows you a lot of the common mistakes people make when cooking it. If your bacon is burnt and fatty you’re doing it wrong. You have to cook it slow and flip it often. If you don’t believe me, just watch the video and see for yourself.

[If you can not see the above video click here]

There are a lot of other ways to cook bacon, let me know what your favorite way is. I prefer the pan method but when you’re cooking a lot of it, it gets messy.

The Beastly Breakfast Sandwich: “The Doug”

My buddy Ryan sent me the recipe of all recipes, the Doug. The Doug is a breakfast sandwich thats named after its creator. Supposedly, it took many years to perfect and the recipe was kept secret for many years. Ryan being a lover of bacon wanted to share it with the masses, so with out any more rambling here are the steps.

  • A large frying pan is key.
  • Flatten a palm sized portion of Bob Evan’s Maple sausage into a patty and fry it, turning it over when necessary (until it’s cooked all the way through).
  • Next to the patty crack an egg and let it fry.
  • If the pan is big enough you can also throw a couple pieces of bacon in the mix. If not then throw them on and cook them whenever you have room on the pan.
  • Once the egg is cooked fairly well (but not burnt) break open the yolk and flip it over to cook the other side. Continue to rotate it as needed, until it is cooked to your desire.
  • Put an onion flavored Lenders bagel in the toaster and toast it while you finish up the egg, sausage and bacon.
  • As the egg finishes cooking put a slice of pepper-jack cheese on top of it.
  • Once the bagel is done toasting put the egg (with now melted cheese) sausage and bacon on it (in that order).
  • Chop up some onions and sautee them in the leftover grease.
  • Throw a slice of maple ham on the frying pan and flip it over until it is cooked on both sides.
  • Top the sandwich with the cooked ham and sautéed onions.
  • A bit of hot sauce or barbeque sauce or ranch dressing is optional.
  • Enjoy!

When Ryan was in college he used to eat these all the time. Then once he graduated and got a real job with benefits he went to the doctors to get checked out. They check his cholesterol the doctor was like “Whoa this is high”! The doctor then asked him if he know why(Note: He’s a skinny guy like me). Ryan knew why but played dumb and said, “I don’t know, thats strange”?

The morel of this story is, the Doug is a powerful sandwich and should be eaten in moderation.

BMF: This Song is Stuck in my Head

When you live with roommates you will find that they have this ability to get the stupidest songs stuck in your head. In fact even when you don’t live with them anymore they still have this power of you.

Last week during a weekly ex-roommate/roommate meet up, the song “Dayman” from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia was being sung. For the days that followed the meeting, I found myself having random “Dayman” outburst.

Dayman, fighter of the Nightman…

Bacon Radio: Which is it Women

Last week because of the holiday we didn’t have a show, so this week we had a lot to cover. Also, after work I didn’t have time to make dinner, so all I had before the show was a PB and J and some cookies. Long story short, about halfway through the show the sugar high kicked in. It made for an interesting conversation about commercials and “real radio”.

On the show we talked about:
Hot Coco, Roadie walks in, peanut butter and jelly with bacon, bacon in a bag, Father Spoon’s comments, cheap beer, Arizona watermelon drink, wrong hole, Outback Steakhouse, bacon chocolate bar, Which is it women?, if we were real radio, gas is cheap, bacon doughnut, Sean’s idea, Bob Evans, sugar high, bacon shirt, beads get your drunk, drunks in Pittsburgh, space beer, bacon loves all.

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