Harris Grill’s New Chicken Fried Bacon


Last year I told you about a video I found that featured Chicken Fried Bacon. Well last month I found out a local Pittsburgh restaurant, the Harris Grill, had it on the menu.

Chicken-Fried Bacon
With Sawmill Gravy. We know it will take some courage to try this, but you’ll be glad you did, and you might even tell someone about it. Probably your therapist. $6.77

A few weeks ago I took a trip out to the Grill and gave it a try. When I first saw it I was disappointed. It only came with 3 (or 4 I couldn’t tell if one was stuck to the other) strips of bacon. I thought for almost $7 I would get a little more. But after eating a few bites I quickly realized 3 was enough.

Wow, was this stuff rich in greasy goodness. I think they charge so much for it because if they made it cheaper people would be tempted to get 2-3 orders of it. If that happened they would need to have a paramedic on staff.

If you’re a bacon lover, you need to try Chicken Fried Bacon as soon as possible. If you live in Pittsburgh the best time to try it would be a Tuesday (aka Bacon Night).

If you have had Chicken Fried Bacon let me know what you thought of it.

The Ultimate BLT Recipe


A few months ago I created the Ultimate BLT in my kitchen. I took seven strips of bacon and wove them together in to a square. I then cooked the woven bacon in a large pan until it was crispy. I think if I would have baked the bacon, it would have made things easier. After the bacon was done, I completed the masterpiece you see in the image above.

weaveCooking your bacon this way for your BLT will ensure that you get bacon in every bite. Thus making the Ultimate BLT. Also, if you somehow get bored with the standard BLT don’t be ashamed to add more letters to the name. The image above is really a BLTGPP, since I added a Green Pepper and Provolone to it. Other items you could add to your BLT are ham, mustard, cucumber, hummus, or egg. Let me know what your favorite BLT additions are via comments or email.

If you need practice making BLTs, you can play this flash game. You can thank MetalChick666 for finding this addictive time waster. I wonder if there are more bacon related flash games?

Sean Brett is the Funny One


I just realized that I never introduced you guys to Sean Brett. I have known him for over 8 years and he was even my roommate at one time. When I was thinking about adding new writers to this site, he was one of the first people I asked. I knew he would be a great addition since he loved food and was funny has hell.

Here is what I wrote about him on the about page, since he wouldn’t write his own bio:

Sean Brett is the amazing co-host of Bacon Live, the weekly audio/video podcast about bacon and more. He enjoys eating everything bacon and even claims to eat more bacon than Mr. Baconpants himself. Little is known about what Sean does when he is not creating sizzling content for this blog. Some things are better left unknown.

I hope you enjoyed Sean’s posts so far, I know I have. If you want to send him a hate or love mail you can use the contact page or sbrett [at] mrbaconpants [dot] com. This is going to be a great year for bacon!

Bacon Live: Nanerpus and V-Day Gift Ideas

Since the Steelers won the Super bowl I forgot to post last weeks show notes, so this week I am posting both at the same time. You may also notice that I changed the name of the show to Bacon Live. I thought since we also do a video of the show now we needed a new name. Anyway, enjoy this double posting of show notes.

On show #016: “Nanerpus”, we talked about:
Interview with Mike from Bacon Haikus; bacon in the news; New York Times missed the boat; birth of Mr. Baconpants; f-word said; sixburgh; best commercials; Nanerpus; one for the bird; no work; riots; Sean hates on Apple; iPhone vs. Sony PSP; and more…

Download the MP3 or check out our ustream video: Bacon TV – 003

On show #017: “Valentines Day Gift Ideas” we talked about:
Bacon reading; bits (listeners); comments; Des Monies gets it; Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival; photo contest for tickets; Metromix; free bacon all day; enjoy bacon; brain worms; clown porn?; door holding; rubber bands; heart shaped bacon in bed; and more…

Download the MP3 or check out our ustream video: Bacon TV – 004

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Mike Nelson explains Bacon Stupidity Month


The loveable guys at Bacon Today scored an interview with Mike Nelson. I know what you’re thinking, “Who’s Mike Nelson”? Well, he was the guy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (if you don’t know what that is, congratulations you’re not a nerd) and it turns out he is a lover of bacon.

Mike is calling February “Bacon Stupidity Month”; he is going to eat nothing but bacon for the whole month.

Mike Nelson: Well, it’s as stupid as it sounds. I just vowed that for the month of February 2009, I would eat nothing but bacon. And I’m in my sixth day of it, and I’ve held true to it.
Mike Kirsch: Have you? So, nothing but bacon all day, every day?
Mike Nelson: No. Except I did make a few exceptions just so that I wouldn’t go mad and so that I could visit other people’s homes without them throwing me out.

It’s nice to know that Mike is going to be honest with us. If he goes to someones house he can eat other stuff. Still, I think trying to eat bacon everyday of the month is a pretty big feat.

You can listen or read the whole interview at BaconToday.com, Mike explains why his is doing it and what he is allowed to drink during the month.

I am glad to know Mike Nelson is still alive and a bacon lover. Maybe with this new found fame they will bring his show back, or at least the 3am reruns.

The Bacon Explosion enjoyed at a Superbowl Party

So it looks like a few Arizona fans had at least one thing to smile about on Super Sunday, the Bacon Explosion. Heather of Bacon Unwrapped posted this video, to my dismay it features Arizona fans enjoying bacon heaven.

COME ON PITTSBURGH! We (yes I said we, in Pittsburgh fans are part of the team) are the World Champions, someone in the Steeler Nation is holding back. If I had a smoker or knew how to use one, I would have made this. Next year, I hope I will be invited to a tailgate and it involves the Bacon Explosion!

Bacon Radio: PA Beer Laws and Intervention

I think this is the first show were Sean and I go off topic almost the whole show. Was that a bad thing? We like to think not. Yes we love bacon, but talking about bacon 100% of the time would get boring. So with help from the live audience, we traveled the long and dark road to off-topic land.

On show #015 we talked about:
New set; Archie McPhee’s; bacon products; bacon king; liquid smoke; nicotine smoked bacon; Bacon Unwrapped Book; PGH Talk Radio; lazy writers; PA beer laws; Bells Brewery; WV cops; six pack stores; home brewing; drugs; Intervention; trailer parks; Meth; death; reality TV; McDonald’s strange pricing; pizza toppings; and more…

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