The Bacon Chop Secret Society


It’s that time year again were I make fun of the Irish for their tradition of boiling back bacon (gross). But instead of doing that for the second year in a row, I want to talk about the bacon chop.

The bacon chop is supposedly an Irish cut of pork that contains the pork belly and Spare rib attached. Finding out if that is true or not is proving to be difficult. Last year I wrote about my trouble finding information about it. Only a few people could help me, one of them was Brent who gave the following explanation.

So here’s what you need to do if you want a true bacon chop. A true bacon chop will be the belly while it is still attached to what we consider the Spare or St. Louis Ribs. I’m guessing most butchers buy the ribs already trimmed from the belly, hence why you will need a local small shop guy… It might be a considerably large bill when you consider you are taking away both bacon and ribs which will add up to around $4/lb. combined at least.

If you do a Google search you will only find a few recipes for cooking this cut or meat. It seems the bacon chop is clouded in mystery. For some unknown reason the people that enjoy this dish fail to document it online. Is there some kind of bacon chop secret society that I am somehow not a part of?

I am hoping that since today is St Patrick’s Day and with a little luck for the Irish, a commenter will finally give us the information we need about the allusive Irish Bacon Chop.

Bacon LIVE: The Big Review Show


We enjoyed reviewing the Arby’s Grossburger so much, last week’s show turned in to a review show. We talked about the Roastburger, bacon air freshener, and Bacon Salt. You are going to have to watch or listen to the show to know what we think about these products, but the graphic above should give you a hint.

Since we are on a review kick, if you would like something reviewed just email us for details. We will give you our honest opinion about your product and tell you ways you could improve it.

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Bacon LIVE: Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival


On this show we talk about our adventures to the 2nd Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. The event was a lot of fun and we can’t wait till next years. Sadly the show is only a hour, but I feel we could have talked for about three. So much stuff happened that we couldn’t get to it all.

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Video Review: Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon

Sean and I reviewed the Arby’s Roastburger last night. We were both disappointed with the amount of bacon on the sandwiches. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

When are fast-food companies going to learn you can’t skimp on bacon! We need to show them we mean business, so the Arby’s Roastburger is on the Bacon Boycott list. DO NOT BUY THE ROASTBURGER!

Let us know what you thought about it via a comment. Was the lack of bacon a big deal for you like it was for us?

This is Why You’re Fat: a Website about Food


Do you love looking at candid shots of fatty food? Well then I have found the site for you, it’s called “This is Why You’re Fat”. Every day they post new pictures of fattening foods. No paragraphs, no links, just a picture and a caption… genus.

If you take some time to browse through the site you will notice a lot of the pictures include our favorite meat, bacon. For this reason I sometimes wish they would post where the picture was taken, so I too can enjoy the fattening food. But maybe that would take away from the allure and mystery of the site. It’s just about the food and nothing else. I guess I can respect that.

Here are a few of my favorites:

They have a form on the site that lets you suggest a photo. I wonder if anyone has submitted a photo of Mr.Baconpants yet.

Check out the site and let us know what your favorite photos are!

Bacon Enthusiasts Open an Online Bacn Store


A few months ago I noticed a new bacon site called At first I was like, “Great here comes another opportunistic jerk trying to cash in on bacon”. Then after keeping an eye on the site and snooping around I realized just how wrong I was about that. It seems “Bacn” is really just a group of bacon lovers that want to sell the best bacon to the masses.

Here is what founder Scott Kveton has to say about his site:

Bac’n was started by Jason, Michael and myself in early 2009 and is dedicated to delivering “bacon passion” wrapped in white butcher paper and delivered right to your door. We don’t sell every kind of bacon in the world. We sell what we think is the best bacon we can find. We offer reviews and ratings from our customers and we do our best to tell you everything we can about the bacon we sell on our site.

If you check out their site you will find that is just what they do. It’s a snap to navigate to what you want and to place an order. Right now there are not many costumer reviews on the site but that will change as more people place orders.

Also, further proving they are real members of the Bacon Nation, they support other bacon lovers. Browsing thought their store you will notice products from and others like them. The selection of bacon is also impressive. They even have Beeler’s bacon, which some people call the best bacon money can buy. These guys really do love and know their bacon.

I only have a one suggestion for this site:

  • Give people more than one option to checkout. I am not a fan of Google checkout and would rather to use Paypal.

This is a new site and from the time I started watching it until now, it has really grown a lot. So I am sure they will fix that in time.

If you order something from them let us know how it was. I have yet to place an order so your feedback on that end of it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Blogosphere Bacon Explosion: Weekend Reading


Here is your weekend reading list. Sean and I will be giving you a test on this material during next week’s Bacon Live, 7pm Wednesday. Also, I have word that Archie McPhee is in his secret lab working on a new bacon product. I will give you the details as soon as he gives them to me.

Reading List:

I am really happy to hear that Jason and Aaron (Bacon Explosion) got a book deal. What I am sad to find out is, there will be no bacon explosion in the book. Jason did tell me there will be a chapter about bacon so that’s good.

If you find any bacon or beer news, be sure to let us know about it via email.
Enjoy Bacon!