The Reason Why Bacon is so Popular


Since the mainstream media is finally picked up on bacon, it has a lot of people thinking “Why is bacon so popular”? Well I thought about for 30 seconds and this is what I came up with.

Short Answer: Because it makes everything better!

Long Answer: Bacon is gaining in popularity because it’s the symbol of the anti-health culture. Every day we are told not to eat this or that because it will make us “unhealthy”. Well there are people out there that don’t care as much about health and just want to eat good food. The same people that love bacon are the same people that use real butter on their toast.

Even thought there is a big heath culture, people like to be provocative and feel like a bad ass. Eating bacon and enjoying it makes you feel that way. When I tell someone I had a Bacon Cheese Burger I get one of three responses “Damn Right”, “Oh man I wish my diet would let me eat that”, or “How dare you kill a pig”.

Notice how two of the responses are not bad towards bacon. Even the person who says no still wishes that can eat bacon. This means that even people who are health nuts get in on the bacon crazy. They may join in on a bacon meme so they can feel like a bad ass without the health effects. I wouldn’t call these people part of the Bacon Nation, but they do add to the popularity of bacon.

So the reason that bacon is so popular is because almost everyone LOVES bacon (even if they don’t eat it themselves). What is also helping to bring bacon popularity to an all-time high is the fact that we are living in a time were healthy eating is almost government mandated. This is causing more people to join the anti-health movement than ever before.

Bacon is our symbol of freedom in the fight to eat what we want.

Squeez Bacon: You Can Put it on Anything

Every year the online store Think Geek plays an April fool’s joke on everybody. This year its Squeez Bacon, the product everyone wishes was real. Below is a commercial that was made for the product.

Product Features

  • Each tube contains 21oz (595g) of Squeez Bacon.
  • 16 servings – equivalent to 64 slices of bacon!
  • Bottled in Sweden, made from U.S. bred swine.
  • Shelf Life of 12 years.
  • No refrigeration needed.
  • Jätte gott!

Even the Recipe site, Recipe Zaar was getting in on the Bacon Fools day fun. The convinced a few people that they were going to change the name of the site to BaconZaar. I kind of wish they did.

If you find any good April Fool’s Day jokes online today, be sure to share them with a comment. Google has a good one every year so go check theirs out now.

Bacon LIVE: The Bacon Quiz


During this show Sean gives me a bacon Quiz. Luckily I score high enough to not lose my street cred. We will be posting the quiz this week and possibly making it a fun Facebook app. I wonder if anyone got a perfect?

If you happened to follow along with the quiz during the show (its starts near the halfway point), post your score in a comment. I will be give the first three people to comment with a score a free Enjoy Bacon t-shirt.

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UPDATE: We have three winners for the shirts, but keep posting your scores. You will be put into a drawing for something awesome! We will draw the winner on this weeks show!

10 Situations that You Shouldn’t Mix with Beer


Everyone knows that bacon makes everything better. Sadly, beer does not have that same quality. Here is my list of 10 situations that you shouldn’t mix with beer (I also added a link to a video for each one). I am not talking about just having one beer here, I am talking about having one to many in these situations.

  • Kids Sporting Event – Being that drunk parent that beats up a 15 year old for tackling your kid a little “to hard” is not being a good parent. But it sure does make for a great youtube video.
  • Court – Being a drunk defendant or lawyer never works out in your favor. You should know this if you ever had off work and had to watch one of the 20 court shows on daytime television.
  • Work – At first thought this sounds like a good idea until you beat the crap out of a fake reindeer.
  • First Dates – I know how this starts. You are all nervous for your big date and you think you will knock the edge of with a few drinks before you meet. Then by the time your date arrives 20 minutes late you’re tanked. The next day your friend (who set you up) will hear about how you passed out at dinner.
  • Job Interviews – This kind of starts out like the First Date and is equally as damaging. I think the only time this would be appropriate is if you’re going to be a bartender.
  • Going to the Mall – I hate going to the mall but I know that going drunk is not a good idea. The rent-a-cops at the mall will have a field day with you. Also it never looks good when you pass out in the food court.
  • Marathon – You would think this is self explanatory but I bet someone out there has tried it.
  • Walking – If you’re too drunk to dive you have to do it, but it’s always better to get a cap. When your drink you will think you can walk to your house that is five miles away in just a few minutes. Then two hours later you finally make it home.
  • Public Speaking – This one is tricky. For the people that have to listen to you it’s great, but for your reputation this is damaging. Also if your speaking at let’s say the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival it’s expected that you will be toasted. So it all depends on location and context for this one.

That was all I could think of, if you have your own please share them with us via a comment.

The photo used above is from the Sunday Beer Club Anniversary Party.

Dave and Jimmy Sing the Bacon Song

I randomly search YouTube every once and a while looking for new Bacon inspired songs. For some reason this one from the Dave & Jimmy Show (A crappy morning radio show) slipped under my radar.

It’s supposedly a parody of Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again”, but I wouldn’t know since I only listen to good music. I really love the Grumpy Old Men quotes sprinkled throughout the song.

Video Review: McDonald’s Angus with Bacon

Last night for dinner I had the McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder with Bacon and Cheese. Since Sean was there to hold the camera we did a video review of it.

I know these have been out for a while and I have talked about them before, but I wanted to put my thoughts on video. If you have tried on of these burgers feel free share your thoughts. I thought it was pretty good for fast food.

Bacon LIVE: St Patrick’s Day and Coffee


Sorry for posting so may Bacon Live posts this week but I was lagging behind with the show notes. I now caught up and what you see before you are the notes from tonight’s show.

The major topic we talked about was St. Patrick’s Day. Every year Pittsburgh has a big celebration downtown for this great drinking holiday. Sean attended, so he had plenty to talk about.

We also found out, while on air, that Boca Java produces a Maple Bacon flavored coffee. Neither of us have tried it but it is now on our list of things to review. I have a feeling its not going to taste very good, lets hope I am wrong.

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