Bacon LIVE: The Heart Attack Snack Creation


On last week’s show Sean and I made the Heart Attack Snack live on air. It was a yummy mess. Aaron, from I <3 Bacon Salt, came up with a few of his own variations. We also reviewed Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning coffee. Everyone thought it was amazing, even Beth.

This week’s show should be just as fun, since we are going to do our bacon pizza eat off. Sean and I will see who can finish at pizza first while still doing the show. That’s right, we just can’t sit there and eat, we also have to talk and carry on like normal.

Moms be warned, there will be a lot of talking with full mouths.

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Carl’s Jr. Creates the Sexist Bacon Commercial

In the following video, Padma Lakshmi talks about her love of the Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger. The commercial was created by Mendelsohn Zien advertising, they must really love there bacon.

I really wish there was a Carl’s Jr. where I live. In Pittsburgh we only have their sister company, Hardees, which doesn’t have as much bacon on the menu.

Maybe one day they will just change them all in to Carl’s Jr. and the world would then be a better place.

Aaron Tucker: The Man Who Loves Bacon Salt


When you blog about bacon for over 6 years you meet a lot great bacon lovers along the way. The latest person I met is Aaron Tucker. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Who the hell is that guy, and why should I care about him”? Well I hope by the end of this post you will know the reasons why.

First a little back story, Aaron worked at a large computer company (the brand of computer that you have at work) for 10 years. He started at the bottom and worked his way to the top.

…most of my job promotions were due to outsourcing, and somehow they needed me around, so I always got pushed to something more fun. The sad part is that creating some web tools actually saved so much time and money that they could fire lots of people, and several times it was because of something I’d created, so they always handed out great bonuses when they could dump fifty temp employees thanks to a little program here and there.

Rumor has it that even Chuck Norris was afraid of Aaron’s coding skills. At that time he felt that he needed to retire from the job destroying field and move on to something more fulfilling… Bacon.

If you are wondering where the bacon comes in, that’s the part I am get into now.

I spend an unimaginable amount of time digging for bacon on the internet. I always wanted everything wrapped in bacon since I got out of college in 1997. I knew I had a problem when my coworkers changed my cubicle’s magnetic name sticker to read BACON TUCKER instead of AARON TUCKER. People started calling me Bacon, and it took me nearly a week to realize the letters had been replaced on my tag.

Aaron’s work buddies would always leave him gifts of bacon at his desk. One day it would be a 5lbs slab of pork belly, then the next it would be a box of bacon band-aids.

Then, one day, someone brought me a pack of peppered Bacon Salt and the adventure started. I put it in everything and decided to write about it.

It was at that time Aaron started the blog IHeartBaconSalt. He was the first bacon lover to be an advocate for the product. He even got the attention for the creators of Bacon Salt. They now keep him supplied with plenty of product to help him spread the work of Bacon Salt.

As an example of how good of an advocate Aaron is, I will share with you a story he told me.

Yesterday I was visited by two young Jehovah’s Witnesses, I thought it would be a great opportunity to spread the word so I let them in. They wanted to talk about Jesus, but I was like, “Here, let me share with you the story of Bacon Salt. Two men from the northwest brought the world a Savior whose name is Bacon Salt. It contained a third of the salt of regular table salt and makes all foods fifty times more awesome, even fishes and breads.” They were very impressed, and we shared Baconaise on buttery Keebler club crackers and cheese. They totally forgot why they came, and they left with small zip-loc baggies of Peppered, Hickory, and Applewood Bacon Salt. I hope they didn’t get pulled over and searched for drugs…I’d hate to see them taken away for carrying an unknown substance with the intent to consume and possibly distribute amongst their brethren.

You can read more of Aaron’s adventures with bacon salt on his blog!

Aaron has a great story of why he started blogging about bacon and were it has taken him so far. I know there are more stories just like this in the bacon community. That is why I would like to do more Bacon Blogger Spotlights in the future.

If you would like to share your story then send me an email (Hint: Heather, Lisa, Scott, and Brooks I want emails from you!). We can learn a lot for each other.

Bacon LIVE: Setting Things in Stone


Sean and I did have a lot to cover last week but that’s not what we want you to take away from this show. During this show we actually planed what we would talk about for the next two shows. This is a Bacon LIVE first. Since Sean and I have started this show we have never once preplanned anything.

I am not going to tell what we have planned, you are going to have to listen or watch this episode to find out. Just know that both shows will be ones you will not want to miss.

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Bacon Freak Should Be Exiled


Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock, owner of Coastal Vineyard’s (the people that bring you the bacon of the month club and Bacon Freak) should be exiled from the Bacon Nation. I know this may sound harsh, but here are my reasons why:

  • False advertising: On Rocco’s Facebook page it states, “… my ONLY priority is seeking out and finding the world’s finest and freshest, Blue Ribbon award winning, premium quality bacon…”, but when you join the club all your get is their brand of low quality bacon. Real bacon of the month clubs would feature bacon from Vande Rose Farms and Beelers, NOT Boss Hog’s liquid smoke injected mystery meat.
  • No Original Ideas: Bacon Freak adds nothing to the bacon community, but he enjoys taking from it. For instance, look at his new product Bacon Season Salt, remind you of anything? I wonder how long it’s going to take for Bacon Freak to come out with a Bacon Lollipop. He has also taken content from my site and did not post a link back (that’s just bad blogging karma).
  • Over Priced Merchandise: Check out Bacon Freak’s bacon novelty store. Everything is way over priced. You can find bacon band-aids for under $5 most places, but Bacon Freak is selling his for over $9.
  • Shady: The three points above support this one. Bacon Freak is a shady character that is just trying to find any way possible to profit from bacon. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to make a living talking and blogging about bacon, but I want to achieve that goal while maintaining principles and producing a great product. I don’t think Bacon Freak cares much about principles or greatness.

You can agree with me or disagree, but I am just trying to cut that fat. We don’t need shady opportunistic jerks giving the Bacon Nation a bad name. We are a friendly and supportive community, and when someone takes advantage of that we need to strike back to make sure our community stays strong for our never ending quest to enjoy bacon.

Science Proves Why Bacon is so Popular


It was reported early this week that the allure of bacon is caused by a chemical reaction. Elin Roberts, a science communications manager at the Centre for Life education centre in Newcastle, says that people are attracted to bacon because of a reaction with amino acids and reducing sugars while the bacon is cooking.

Ms Roberts said: “The smell of sizzling bacon in a pan is enough to tempt even the staunchest of vegetarians. There’s something deeper going on inside. It’s not just the idea of a tasty snack. There is some complex chemistry going on”.

Roberts explains that it’s a perfect storm of smells and flavors that draw us to the frying of bacon.

“Meat is made of mostly protein and water. Inside the protein, it’s made up of building blocks we call amino acids. But also, you need some fat. Anyone who’s been on a diet knows if you take all the fat from the meat, it just doesn’t taste the same. We need some of the fat to give it the flavour.”

She says it’s called it a Maillard reaction when the reducing sugar reacts with the amino acids at a high heat. Don’t worry I had to look up that word on Wikipedia too.

Bacon lovers already knew that the allure of bacon was deeper then just a love of good food. I just hope now that this information is out I will stop hearing the question, “Why Bacon”?

If I still do I will answer, “Well you see, there are amino acid and reducing sugars in bacon. At a high temperatures this starts a Maillard reaction that….”

Well you get the point. I think most people would just walk away after I say the words Maillard reaction. Which is a good thing, because then I could get back to enjoying bacon.

Bacon LIVE: Happy Bacon Fools Day


On this show Sean comes to the realization that he is in fact a vegetarian and can no longer to the show. He walks out leaving me to do the show solo. It was a sad day for the Bacon Nation to lose such a great bacon lover. I still can’t believe it.

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