Interview with Cindy Yep, Creator of the Baconfish


On last weeks Bacon LIVE you might have noticed that I was wearing the second coolest shirt ever, the Baconfish shirt (the first coolest shirt is my Enjoy Bacon shirt). The creator of this shirt is Cindy Yep of Hamburger Panda. She was nice enough to let me interview her today.

MrBaconpants: Tell me a little about yourself.

Cindy Yep: I’m Cindy Yep and I create characters of animals and food, and in the case of Baconfish, both. I’m a one-woman operation based in San Francisco. My newest design is called “Stinky Tofu”. It’s a Taiwanese dish that smells amazingly bad but tastes amazingly good. In terms of diet, I’m a strict omnivore. I’m Chinese, and my mom likes to say we eat everything with legs but the table, and everything with wings but the airplane.

MBp: Why did you create the baconfish?

CY: My boyfriend is a pescatarian — that is, a vegetarian that also eats fish. In preparing for a dinner party, a friend of ours asked him, “Is there any way you consider bacon to be a fish?” And lo, the Baconfish was born.

MBp: If bacon fish were real how many could you eat in one sitting?

CY: I think of him as being 9 or so inches long — like a small trout. However, I also think he’s flat like thick-cut bacon. So I think I could manage to eat 4 of them, 6 if no one’s looking.

MBp: How did you choose the green t-shirt color?

CY: I saw some old scientific illustrations that had the animal on a green background like that, and that’s what the artwork is supposed to resemble. Possibly he’s one of those creatures that went extinct due to being too delicious.

MBp: Are you planning to create more bacon creatures?

CY: I remember my friends and I having a tipsy discussion about a Bacon Dragon, but I’m open to suggestions.

Feel free to leave your bacon creature suggestions in the comments bellow. I think a bacon crab or bacon whale would be a good idea to keep the ocean theme going.

Bacon LIVE: Heather Lauer Talks Bacon


On this weeks show Sean and I talk with Heather Lauer about her love of bacon. We also tossed in a few plugs about her new book too. We then review Mountain Products Smokehouse Maple Cinnamon Bacon. Which Sean and I both thought was better then the Hickery Smoked bacon. Also I would like to thank Hamburger Panda for sending me the amazing Bacon Fish shirt!

Next week we are planing to review Mountain Products Smokehouse Chipotle Southwestern Bacon. I have high hopes for this one.

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Interview with Bacon Lover Heather Lauer


Heather Lauer is the author of Bacon: A Love Story and creator of the Bacon Unwrapped blog. Since this was the week her book came out I thought it would be a good idea to interview her. Heather thought it was such a good idea she asked me the same questions for her blog, so be sure to check out my interview too.

How/why did you start blogging about bacon?
I went out and got drunk with my brothers one night about 4 years ago, and for whatever reason, we started talking about bacon. Because we’d had enough to drink, it was a very passionate conversation. By the end of the night we were all determined to write a book or start a website or do something dedicated to the Best Meat Ever. The next day, when I was sober, I still thought it was a good idea (perhaps the first time that has ever happened after a night of drinking). I fired up and thus began

Where has bacon blogging taken you?
What started out as a casual creative outlet for me has suddenly turned into something quite serious now that I’ve written a book! Although when it comes to bacon, you can never really be THAT serious. The last four years have been an incredible experience and a ton of fun, especially because of all the amazing people in the Bacon Nation who I’ve had the opportunity to meet. And I really look forward to the bacon-related fun continuing well into the future!

Tell me a funny/interesting story involving you and bacon.
When I was on vacation in Bora Bora in 2006, we were staying in one of those overwater huts that have doors in the floor so you can feed the fish swimming in the ocean below. One morning we ordered breakfast room service, and of course we asked for bacon. Needless to say, there are now some fish swimming around the South Pacific with a taste for swine.

What is your favorite bacon recipe?
I get asked this all the time and I honestly don’t have just one favorite. But the most common way I eat bacon is either on its own for breakfast, in a breakfast sandwich, or on a BLT. I’m old school like that.

What are your future goals for your blog and bacon?
I have absolutely no idea! If you would have told me 4 years ago that I’d not only still be blogging about bacon, but that I’d have written a book about bacon, I would have told you you’re insane. The unpredictability of the last four years has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my bacon blogging experience, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Bacon: A Love Story is for Sale


Heather Lauer’s new book, Bacon: A Love Story is out today May 12th, 2009! Head on over to Amazon and buy a copy. I was mentioned in the book THREE TIMES, which I think is the greatest thing ever. I am so happy that Heather made sure the stars of the Bacon Nation made it in to this book.

Here is what the publisher has to say about this book:

It’s salty, smoky, and sweet. It’s experiencing a culinary renaissance. It can make almost any dish better. It’s bacon, and it’s the best meat ever. And now, here’s the book that celebrates that deliciously sinful strip of cured pork belly.

In Bacon: A Love Story, popular bacon blogger Heather Lauer serves up a piping hot dish of fun and facts with this definitive love letter to what she calls meat candy. Heather explores the ins and outs of how bacon finds its way to your skillet and what to do with it when it gets there.

Later this week (Thursday) I am going to post an interview I did with Heather that I think everyone is going to enjoy. You find out why she started blogging about bacon and where she sees it taking her in the future.

Sean and I will be talking about the book Wednesday on Bacon LIVE!

Bacon LIVE: Supersonic Electronic


On this week’s show Sean and I reviewed Mountain Products Smokehouse Hickory Smoked Bacon. Watch or listen to the show to know what we thought about it. We also had a live caller that gave us a great recipe idea, bacon wrapped fired oysters. A lot of other amazing stuff happened, but you are going to have to find that stuff out on your own.

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Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning Coffee


Since we live in a fast pace world breakfast has been trimmed down to nothing more than a granola bar and a cup of coffee. Gone are the days of stacks of pancakes, mountains of bacon, and fresh buckets of orange juice in the morning. Well there is one coffee company that feels our pain, Boca Java, and they created a coffee that will change the world.

Maple Bacon Morning Coffee
Reminiscent of a hearty Saturday morning breakfast around the table, this sweet, savory coffee delights the senses with the smell and taste of home! Maple Bacon Morning has a base that’s full-bodied and complex, and it’s a delicious way to rise when the rooster crows!

When your brew this coffee the smell of maple is the first thing you smell. I guess that why it’s the first thing mentioned in the title. While its brewing if you have a keen nose you will notice a light smoked meat smell. A few people a work, when I brewed it there, thought I was making some kind of Maple Bacon soup. You will also get the slight hint of pancakes, no joke. The combination of smells bring back my memories of the breakfast my Grandmother fixes me when I visit.

Now that you know the coffee smells amazing, it’s time to move on to taste. This is where I got mixed reactions from people. At work when I brewed it in a drip coffee maker, the smoky taste really came through. Only a few people enjoyed the flavor, me being on of them. Then when I brewed it on Bacon Live I used a percolator and the maple and coffee flavors were more dominate this time. You can see what we had to say about it here. Everyone loved it, even Sean who is not a big coffee drinker.

I truly enjoy this coffee. I love the complex flavors it has and how it changes slightly depending on brewing method (I guess all coffee does that but this was more exciting). Setting your coffee maker to go off in the morning with Maple Bacon Morning Coffee in it would be a great way to start off any day.

Closing Comments: Baca Java has created a coffee that makes the breakfasts of the past something we can experience all week long; it’s called Maple Bacon Morning.