Aaron McCargo Jr’s Bacon Burger-Style Hot Dog


On Bacon Live I played a video showing you how to make the Bacon Burger-Style Hot Dog. Just in case you wanted to try and make this yourself, here is the video and recipe again. This part of a campaign to promote Wright’s Brand Bacon, but I am sure you can use any brand of bacon you like.

We will be reviewing Wright’s Bacon in the next few weeks on Bacon Live. It looks like its going to be good from the video, but we will have to wait and see.

Bacon Burger-Style Hot Dog: Recipe serves 4

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Bacon LIVE: Wendy’s New Bacon


Sean and I talk about the new Wendy’s bacon commercials that have been popping up on TV and radio. Later this week I will post a review Sean did on the new bacon. If you listen to the show you will hear a sneak preview of the post.

Also, continuing our music feature of the show, we listened to Vagabond Opera from Portland Oregon. Sean and I didn’t really like the music, but thought that they would put on a great live show. You can see what we had to say about them here.

Bacon LIVE 031:
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Bacon is only Funny when it Looks Real

If your a bacon lover chances are you know about Archie McPhee’s, the store known around the world for there novelty bacon gifts. Turns out McPhee has an employe working for them that knows when bacon is funny. His name is Nai and he has been working with them for almost 20 years. Check out the video bellow to learn when bacon is funny.

I love the dry humor in this video, I would watch a whole TV show with these guys. Also, even though Nai doesn’t think bacon is funny when it’s drawn, I think he is my new favorite Archie McPhee employe.

The Bacon Tuxedo Box is a Cruel Joke


Archie McPhee’s new product, the Bacon Tuxedo Box, is a cruel joke. If you fallen victim to their April fool’s joke, the Bacon Tuxedo, you will know why. Let me set up a scenario for you to help illustrate my point.

It’s your bacon loving friend’s birthday and you buy him a gift. You then think he or she would get a kick out of it if you placed it in the Bacon Tuxedo Box wrapped with bacon gift wrap. The big day comes and you give your gift to the bacon lover.

As soon as your give it to them they will know you are a true friend that they can trust, since you obviously know them well. They will slowly unwrap the gift, enjoying the bacon gift wrap you used. They will then start to notice that the package underneath also has something to do with bacon. This would trigger them to tear apart that rest of the wrapping like a hungry wolf on a herd of legless sheep.

When they unveil that box they will stare at it with wide eyes. They will slowly turn the box looking at every side. Then with a deep breath they begin to open the box. Just before they look inside they will look at you and say, “This is the best gift ever”!

As they pull out the gift you really got them they will have a bewilder look on their face. There first thought would not be that you played a joke on them but that the store somehow messed up. Everyone in the room will feel awkward because your bacon love is not laughing.

In the awkward silence you will start to chuckle hoping that it will help them get the joke. Don’t worry, they will get the joke and play along like it did bother them. They might even thank you for funny box along with your gift, but deep inside they are hurting.

If you use the Bacon Tuxedo gift box you’re going to cause your bacon loving friend a roller coaster ride of emotions. They will have extreme happiness followed by shock and then sadness. They may even begin to have trust issues with you.

I hope now you will not use this box for gifts to bacon loving friends. Instead, use it for gifts to your enemies and/or smelly vegans.

Village Inn’s Famous Talking Bacon

On YouTube today I found a funny commercial feathering a plate of talking bacon. I can’t stop watching it and now I wish there was a Village Inn near me. Looking at their website, they remind me of a Denny’s or Eat n’ Park.

If you know of any other commercials that feature screaming food post them in the comments. I would like to play a few of these on the next Bacon LIVE!

Bacon LIVE: Modernage is Like Hormel Bacon


Sean and I love the feedback we are getting about the show. We are happy to hear you are enjoying the show and bacon. We would also like to thank Joey for wiping up an opening song for us this week.

On this show Sean and I reviewed Mountain Products Smokehouse Chipotle Southwestern Bacon. We thought it was just as good as the other bacon from this producer. Watch the show to see our full review and to know what our favorite flavor was.

Also on the show I added a new music feature, every week Sean and I will review a band/song live on air. This week’s band was Modernage, a band out of Miami. We played their single Creatures from their latest EP “Sirhan Sirhan”. You can click here to see what we thought about it.

Bacon LIVE 030:
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Scott Kveton, the Man that Spells Bacon, Bacn


In my journeys blogging about bacon I meet a lot of interesting people with big ideas about bacon. So when I stumbled in to Scott Kveton and his Bacn store I was not surprised. I knew someone was going to do it and in fact, I was thinking about doing it myself. Scott’s big idea is to sell that best bacon to the messes.

I recently wrote a post about my first impressions of Scott and his store. This time around I thought it would be nice to let Scott tell the story of bacn.com. In the following interview, you learn a lot about the man, the myth, and the bacon lover.

Mr. Baconpants: Why did your start blogging about bacon?

Scott Kveton: For obvious reasons, I love bacon. I started talking more and more about it in my personal blog, during talks I’d give at conferences and then on Twitter and Facebook. Pretty soon people started sending me links, pictures, etc about it and I figured, “Geez, this is my hobby now.” I decided to break out a separate blog sometime in the Summer of ’08 called bacongeek.com and the rest is history.

MBp: Where has bacon blogging taken you?

SK: While blogging I started to realize, along with a few close friends, that there was a lot of “really” really good bacon out there that people didn’t know about. We took bacongeek.com and built bacn.com which has become the place where we sell bacon, bacon t-shirts and other bacon-related food and trinket items. Its been an absolute blast and we were even able to launch it in 21 days.

MBp: Tell me and funny/interesting story invoicing you and bacon.

SK: Hmm. I think it was when Ford came to us at Bacn.com and asked us to drive one of their cars around (a Lincoln MKS) delivering our bacon. Jury is still out on that one; we get the car in a few weeks. 🙂

MBp: What is your favorite bacon recipe?

SK: I’m pretty simple. I love a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado sandwich. That’s hard to beat with the right bacon and ingredients.

MBp: What are your future goals for your blog and bacon?

SK: I just love bacon and I love the entire culture that has built up around it. I’d love to see more and more successful blogs and people doing bacon-related things. The sky’s the limit and we just hope to be a big part of all of it.

As I am sure many of you know Bacn.com is a supporter of our Bacon LIVE podcast. Be sure to check out the past and future shows to get live reviews of the bacon they sell. So far it’s been “really” really good.