Bacon LIVE: uStream didn’t mess up, we did


At the beginning of the show I mess up the intro and failed to record it in the uStream feed. I also explain to Sean what is and what a Woot-Off is. Sean must be living under a rock.

We also covered the Food Inc. movie and what we thought about it. Please note that Sean and I have yet to see it in the theater so take our opinions lightly. But judging by the comments on Sean’s post about it, it sounds like it may not be as bad as we thought.

Also by the end of the show Sean and I get off script and have to wing the remaining 10 minutes. If you watch the whole show you will get this joke.

Bacon LIVE 039:
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Bedside Bacon Holding Alarm Clock


While reading one of my favorite tech blogs, CrunchGear, I found an amusing post about an alarm clock that can hold pens and wake you up with flashing lights and nature sounds. At first glance I thought, “Wow what an ugly and stupid alarm clock! And what’s with the snowflakes on the face of it”?

After I was done hating the world, because someone was making money off of this idea, I started thinking of a way I could justify the existence of this clock. Then it hit me. The clock could hold a few crispy strips of bacon, for those late night bacon cravings. Yes the bacon would be cold, but the snowflakes on the face of the clock would remind you of that. Cold bacon is better than no bacon.

It costs $18.69 (what a weird price) plus $5.49 to ship at I guess this clock will hold us over till the WAKE n’ BACON guy gets his act together and starts selling the true bacon alarm clock.

Bacon LIVE: McDonalds Took Over Our Minds


Last week Sean and I could not stop talking about McDonald’s. It was like they got in our heads somehow. We also talked about old school food commercials from the 70’s and 90’s. We found a few gems on Youtube.

Bacon Jam was also a hot topic on the show. I emailed them and they are going to send us some to try on the air. Let us know what we should try it on. I think I am going to make a peanut butter and Bacon Jam sandwich.

It also seemed that got its act together. Viewers of the live show said it didn’t skip a beat this time. Let’s hope we get the same outcome this week.

Bacon LIVE 038:
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Sorry Seattle, you are NOT the Bacon Capital


Ever since Grunge Music left the mainstream Seattle has been looking for something new (and cool) to attach itself too. For a while it was Starbucks coffee, but then McDonalds started making lattés and now it’s un-cool to like them. At that point, Seattle started looking for the next big trend to claim.

If you are a lifelong reader of this blog then you will know about the vast number of bacon novelty items for sale around the world. The AV Club recently did an article about some of the more popular ones like, Bacon Salt, Bakon (vodka), Baconnaise, and Bacon Jam. They put the products through a rigorous taste test to find the best bacon novelty. I thought the AV Club did a great job and they came to a lot of the same conclusions as I did, but that’s not the problem.

A Seattle based website called the Seattlest also read the article. They were happy to point out that most of the better bacon novelties came from Seattle. Which is true but they take it too far. The Seattlest is now calling Seattle the bacon capital of the US.

Looks like bacon is the next big trend Seattle is trying to attach itself to.

I have a problem with this and here is way. Bacon and bacon related novelties are to different worlds. Just because your city creates a lot of bacon novelty items does not give you the right to claim yourself as the capital of bacon. The real bacon capital is the family farm, were people live, breath, and sleep bacon. Where producing great bacon is the difference between making enough money to survive another year or having to sell your family business. That is where great bacon comes from and that is the true capital of bacon.

These family farms are all over the country so trying to claim one place as the bacon capital would be difficult. Right now I am asking the national Pork Association about where they think the real bacon capital is. I will let you all know once I hear back.

Calling Seattle the bacon capital would be like calling Kentucky the chicken capital, just because they have KFC. So back off Seattle and leave bacon to the pros. If you still want to be capital of something you can claim Bacon Novelty Capital of the World (or is that already China’s title).

Update: James Callan, the guy who named Seattle Bacon Capital, has changed his mind. He is now calling Seattle Bacon 2.0 Capital. I like this better since Seattle is taking bacon to new heights. Thanks James for being a good sport!

BLT: The Heart Attack Snack

I know this happens to everyone. You watch Bacon LIVE and you see something you wish you could watch over and over again. Well I have heard your cries. In the next few weeks I will be creating clips or a BLT (Bacon Live Tidbit) of my favorite parts of the show and then posting them to YouTube. This will help promote the show and give current fans on-demand access to their favorite Bacon LIVE segments.

The first BLT to be posted is the one were Sean and I introduce, the now world famous, Heart Attack Snack. It’s a little long but I think every second is worth it. You can also watch or listen to the full show here.

After watching this clip, let me know if you like the idea and what segments I should clip out next. I hope YouTube can handle the intensity of Bacon LIVE.

Bacon LIVE: The Archie McPhee Edition


On this episode Sean and I interview Dave from Archie McPhee, the creators of the Bacon Belt. Dave told us why they created the Bacon Belt and about the new Bacon game that they will be creating soon. It will be a Candy Land style game.

We also reviewed the last of the Wright’s Brand Bacon which was the Maple flavor. Sean really enjoyed this one a lot. I still liked the Applewood better, but this was a close second in my book.

Also, it seemed could not handle the amount of traffic are show was pulling in lat week. Which made the recording of our show was choppy. The first 30 minutes of the show were fine, but the second half messed up. All that recorded was a short clip and the last 5 minutes of the show. I hope Ustream gets its act together before next week’s show airs.

Bacon LIVE 037:
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Bring Home the Bacon Explosion


If you a true bacon lover then you already know about the Bacon Explosion. Well I have great news, you can now buy a Bacon Explosion and have it shipped to you house. Once it arrives all you have to do is heat it and eat it. That’s right, it comes fully cooked so there is no need to go out and buy a smoker.

Pricing goes as follows:

  • 1/2 Bacon Explosion$17.99 – Feeds about six hungry bacon lovers. If you’re having the boss over for dinner, this would guarantee that promotion.
  • Full Bacon Explosion$29.99 – If you are having the guys over for the big game then this is going to be you need. This will feed about twelve football loving bacon lovers.
  • 2 Full Bacon Explosions$49.99 – You will be king of the parking lot at the next tailgating event if you buy this two pack.

The Original Bacon Explosion is not sold in stores, so you will have to visit to order one (or two). They will ship to the continental US only for now. Looks like Canada and Hawaii are out of luck.

I have been craving the Bacon Explosion ever since the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival early this year. It’s nice to know that I can finally order some relief.