Learn how $5,000 can start a Food Company


Today on the Bacon Salt blog Justin and Dave tell us how we can start a food business with only $5,000 and an idea. The one thing I saw repeated in the article was passion. Without it you will most likely give up at the first setback.

The article covers five basic areas:

  1. How do I get started?
  2. How do I manufacture my product?
  3. How do I get my product into grocery stores?
  4. How do grocers price products?
  5. How much will it cost me to get started?

After reading the article and seeing how simple it was, I got the sudden urge to try and make something. But then I started thinking about the time investment involved. Even by following these steps it’s going to take a lot of time to take an idea, and make it a final product. This fact is the reason they kept saying you need to make something you’re passionate about. So instead of just rushing to make the next big bacon item just because I know how, I am going to wait.

Before I make the time investment, I really want to make sure its a good solid idea. I don’t want to be the next Rocco and just push out crappy bacon products to try and make a buck. I want to make bacon products that come from the heart and people will enjoy.

Maybe in 2010 I will start my line of Official Mr. Baconpants products.

Bacon Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names


It’s that time of year again so I am sure many of you have joined a Fantasy Football League. I have and this year my team name is the Baconators. I hope that my fantasy team does not disappoint me like its namesake did. Anyway, to help you pick a good name for your own team I thought I would make a list.

Bacon Inspired Names:

  • The Baconators – This is the name I picked because to me it stands for something that’s big, intimidating, and could kill you if you’re not careful.
  • The Bacon Strips – This would be a great team name if you were a hot girl because seeing “Bacon” would make male players hungry. Then seeing it followed by “Strips” would make them think of you stripping. The combination of hunger and nudity would make them forget to bench their injured QB. You get the idea.
  • The Bacon Grease Splatters – This is a good team names since bacon grease causes intense pain when splattered. Nobody wants to mess with that.
  • The Greased Stained Paper Towels – If you use this team name its showing the other players that you like bacon but you also like to dab off the excess grease with a paper towel.
  • The Fast Food Bacons – It might be a good idea to use this team name to let your fellow players know you’re not that good at Fantasy Football. Being fast food bacon you will win a few games, but other than that your team will be a big disappointment.
  • The _________ (insert random bacon product here) – A team name like The Bacon Salts shows people that you are loyal and dedicated to bacon. It also hints that you might be just as dedicated to fantasy football.
  • The OMG Read MrBaconpants.coms – If you want to be the top player in your league this is the name you have to use. Every time your opponent logs in to their account to manage their team they will see your team and think, “Oh my god! What did I miss on Mr. Baconpants? I better go check it out right now, screw football!” Trust me, it works every time.

If you have any good team name suggestions let me know via a comment. If Team Baconators fails me the first game I may have to change the name. I wonder which one I should pick.

Bacon LIVE: Bacon Jam is Frightening at First


On last week’s show Sean and I tried Bacon Jam from Skillet Street Food. Sean loved it after the first bite. It took a second bite for me to enjoy it. On the first bite I was too overwhelmed by the cold slimy texture to even swallow it. I was not feeling 100% Wednesday so that also could have been it. Once Sean talked me into taking a second bite I realized that it was really good.

We also announced a bacon photo contest where you can win a Larger than Life Print of bacon and free Wright Brand Bacon. Check out the post about the contest for all the sizzling details.

Bacon LIVE 043:
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Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

The Official Bacon Photo Contest


Sean and I have decided to have an official bacon photo contest with prizes going to the top winners in 5 different categories. The reason we are doing this is because over the years we have gotten a lot of free bacon related items. Well, now we figured it’s time for our readers (you) to get some of that free bacon.

Here is what you will win:

The categories are:

  • Most Creative: This is a photo that shows a creative way to use bacon. Think bacon AK-47 or Waken Bacon.
  • Funniest: This is a photo that incorporates bacon that will make us laugh. Think Lol Cats or Fail photos.
  • Sexiest: This is a photo of bacon that will make us drool for two reasons. Think bacon babes.
  • Artsy: This is a photo of bacon that just looks good. Think landscapes or food photography.
  • Pandering: This is a photo that panders to Sean and I. Think about what we like and hate.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Photo must be your own creation and contain no copyrighted material.
  2. You may use Photoshop.
  3. The photo must contain something YOU actually took a picture of.
  4. Adding elements of other photos or stock art is ok.
  5. You can only have ONE entry per category (so you have 5 chances to win).
  6. Anyone can enter and win.

How to enter:
To enter just email your photos to jmosley at mrbaconpants dot com and put “Photo Contest” in the subject line. To make it easy to know what photo is what use this filename format “category-name_of_photo.jpg”. We can handle entries in jpg, gif, and png formats.

Deadline: September 21, 2009 (Winners will be announced at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour stop in Pittsburgh)

Update: We are no longer excepting photos for this contest. If you have entered, we will announce the winners at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour September 26th 2009. I will then email the winners and post the winning photos on Sunday.

If you have any questions about the rules or what we are looking for just ask. I will update this post if I need to make things clearer.

Maple Bacon, Egg and Cheese Cups

Sean’s last post about Bacon’s Unexpected Side Effect and maple bacon reminded me of a great recipe. Aaron McCargo Jr., the front man for Wright Brand Bacon, recently produced a video telling us about Bacon, Egg and Cheese Cups.

The recipe looks simple enough and it reminds me of the No Martha’s Bacon Cup meme that was hot last year. I could see myself (or Beth) making these on Sunday then popping them in the fridge to be reheated in the morning. It would be a great portable breakfast for the morning commute to work. Who knows, if I had one of these waiting for me in the morning I might actually get up on time!

If you tried this recipe let us know how it was and if you modified it at all. I am sure Aaron from I <3 Bacon Salt will make this and somehow incorporate bacon salt into it.

Bacon LIVE: Baconnaise vs. Baconnaise Lite


On last week’s Bacon LIVE Sean and I tried Baconnaise, a mayonnaise like substance that taste like bacon. It’s made by the same fine folks that brought us Bacon Salt (which we reviewed last week).

We tried both the Baconnaise Regular and Lite on celery and crackers. I thought they it was good but didn’t really taste anything like bacon. I thought the “naise” was the over whelming flavor. After a few more bits I did start to taste a smoking flavor. Sean thought the same thing but had some trouble tasting the smoke. We both couldn’t stand the Lite version it has a different texture and taste compared to the regular. Watch the show and you will see our reactions when we tried the Lite.

This week we will be trying Bacon Jam from Skillet!

Bacon LIVE 042:
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Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Carnivore’s Dream: Grill around the Globe


Last weekend Greg Givan (a long time reader) invited me to his cookout to sample meats from six different continents. He called it, Grill around the Globe. You can see the prep for the cookout on his blog NicoleandGreg.net. He even made a Bacon Explosion that only lasted 2 minutes after it was done. Next year he plans to make more of them.

While I was at the cookout I met one of the food writers for the Post-Gazette (that libby lib rag that published the bacon bomb op-ed) Bill Toland. He was a really nice guy so I decided to forgive the Post for its bacon hate (for now). While in conversation with Bill I found out that he planned to write about the event, so in typical blogger fashion, instead of writing a detailed post about event myself, I will just link to Bill’s news story with a summary of what I think about it. So here it goes:
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