Handmade Bacon Potato Chips

bacon-chips Who’s Your Daddy (yes that really is the company name) was nice enough to send me some of their homemade bacon potato chips to try. If you watch Bacon LIVE, you will know that Sean and I both loved them. It was the first bacon flavor snack food that tasted like real bacon.

The chips had a smoking flavor that made me think of BBQ at first. Then the more I ate, the more the meat (or bacon) flavor came though. By then end of the bag Sean and I both agreed that would enjoy eating these again. Sean was also quick to point out that the crumb or chips and bacon at the bottom of the bag would make a great pizza (or anything) topping.

After enjoying the chips I went to my trusty internets learned all I could about this “Who’s You Daddy” company. To my surprise the chips were not made by a bacon lover, but a potato lover. Bill Horst, creator of the bacon chip, is really the Potato King! I am not even kidding this is a quote from his website:

As a college kid I loved two things: sailing, and cooking potatoes for me and my roommates. Although my potato cooking passion had earned me the title of “Potato King,” I never imagined it would someday turn into a full-time occupation

The man has a passion for potatoes and it really shows in the chips. They are crispy and have a great flavor on their own. Lucky for us Bill (or should I say the Potato King) has a love of bacon too.

He thought that combining bacon with chips was going to be a crazy idea, but it turned out to be a crazy good one. To make the chips he created a preparatory seasoning that includes real bacon, so this is not just Bacon Salt on homemade chips. He then started to sell them on the streets of San Francisco and people went crazy for them. It’s been reported that even a few vegetarians have been seen eating the bacon chips.

Just look at the photos bellow and you can see just how good these chips look:

You can buy the chips and learn more about the story behind them at BaconPotatoChips.com. I am still not sold on the name “Who’s Your Daddy”(you would think it would be “Potato King”) but with chips this good I can look past that.

Foursquare Makes going out for Bacon a Game

tumblr_header Foursquare is yet another location tracking service that links up with Twitter and Facebook. Like other services like it, Foursquare asks its users where they are. It then notifies their friends and/or twitter of their location. You can even read tips and suggestions from other people who have been at that location. You also score points for “checking in” at new locations.

If you not getting it that’s ok, it took me a while too. Here is how the foursquare team explains it:

It’s foursquare! Think: 50% friend-finder, 30% social city guide, 20% nightlife game. We wanted to build something that not only helps you keep up with your friends, but exposes you to new things in and challenges you to explore cities in different ways.

The game part of this service is what makes it so much fun. If you visit a place more than anyone else in your area, you become the mayor of that location. The title is nothing more than bragging rights but its fun to hold it over your friend’s heads. You can also create a house rule that says you have to buy the mayor his first round (if you at a bar).

There are a lot of ways to score points and it becomes a challenge to stay on the top of the leader board in your group of friends. You score more points when it’s your first time checking in at a location. You also get points for going to more than one location in a night. The leader boards reset every week so everyone has a fair chance to jump in the game.

Some people may find the game aspect of the service lame or useless and if that is the case then they are better off sticking with one of the other location networks. Since the service is focused around the game they would be more annoyed with it then intrigued. Also, to really get the most out of the service you need a group of friends that like to have a reason to bar or foodie (go to different restaurants for each course of a meal) hop.

If this sounds like something you would be into you’re in luck! You can use foursquare via iPhone app, Android app, mobile browser, or text messaging so there is no reason why you can’t join in on the fun. Well I guess if the service is not in your city yet that would be a good reason. This is one of the biggest drawbacks, but they are adding more cities every few months. The reason I am writing about this is because they just add my home base Pittsburgh.

Now when I go out on the town looking for the best bacon and beer, I can score some points in the process. Also it would be a great honor to be Mayor of Bacon Night at the Harris Grill.

Bacon LIVE: Internet FAIL

The beauty of recording a live show on the internet is, if you internet provider fails so does your show. Near the end of Bacon LIVE something happened and I lost my internet connection. This means that we didn’t get to cover all the bacon goodness we wanted to. Maybe next week.

Pre internet fail, Sean and I tried Bacon Potato Chips and Mountain Products Smokehouse Garlic Bacon. The bacon chips had a smoky BBQ flavor and a nice homemade crunch. If you are a bacon and chip lover you can’t go wrong with them. The Garlic bacon had a nice flavor which reminded us of sausage. We felt that this would be a great bacon to cook with but not good breakfast bacon. You wouldn’t want garlic breath to start your day.

Bacon LIVE 052:
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Watch or listen the rest of the show to hear about a recipe that would be perfect with the garlic bacon. Also enjoy the sudden end of the show had when the internet was…

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Office Etiquette: Where is all the Silverware


If you work in a “green office building” I bet all of your plasticware was replaced by reusable silverware. This is all well and good but in this failing economy some people have resorted in pawning off the company silverware to make up for cut backs.

If that is not the reason then were do all the metal fork go? Tossed out with the trash, left in a desk, taken home… which is it?

We don’t have an endless supply of silverware but we did have an almost endless supply of plastic.

I miss my plastic fork. I miss the days when after I was done eating my lunch I could toss everything in the trash and move on with my day. Now after I eat I have a chore to do. If I wanted chores to do while I was at work I would work from home.

The only time I want to use a metal fork in the office is when I am cooking bacon. Other than that a plastic one would work just fine. Okay I am done with my metal fork rant, I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listen and enjoy bacon!

I used to post these little Office Etiquette comics more offend. You can see all the past ones by doing a search.

Comic by Eric M.

Wendy’s Sets the New Standard for Fast Bacon

newbacon The one thing I hate more than tofu bacon is low quality and poorly prepared “real” bacon. This fact caused me to hate “Ready Bacon” and more importantly fast-food bacon. I found them both to have a cheap smoke injected flavor or no flavor at all.

This inspired me to create the Bacon Boycott list. On the list you will find all forms of microwave bacon (Ready Bacon) and most fast-food restaurants. My hope was, if I could bring attention to the fact that they are selling low quality bacon, they would be force to change it. Well that is just what happened.

The first to change was McDonalds with their Bacon Angus; you can see the review here. Their new bacon removed them from the Bacon Boycott list. This caused their sales to sky rocket with the bacon loving community. Others chains noticed this and quickly got to work on their own new bacon.

This brings me to Wendy’s.

When I was growing up Wendy’s was my favorite fast-food place, but as I got older that started to waver. Not because I started to hate their food, but because they severed flavorless chewy bacon. My love for Wendy’s almost came to its end with the Baconnator fiasco. Lucky for them I still enjoyed their Spicy Chicken sandwich.

Over the past few months I have voiced my concern over the Wendy’s bacon situation. I even put them at the top of my Bacon Boycott List.

Well they took notice and recently called to let me know they have new bacon on the market. It started off with their breakfast and has now moved to all there burgers with bacon. This means I need to give the Baconnator a second chance.

Instead of selling flavorless chewy bacon, they are now selling Applewood Smoke bacon cooked crispy. Sean and I recently tried the new bacon on Bacon LIVE. We found it to be a big improvement over the old bacon. It has a good bacon flavor and is cooked crispy, but not over done.

The new Applewood Smoked bacon has moved Wendy’s to the top of a new list, the Best Fast-food Bacon List. Wendy’s has dethroned McDonalds and now sets the new standard for what fast-food bacon should be.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this new bacon is amazing. I am just saying that it’s good for what you can expect from fast-food. I would even go as far to say its better then “Ready Bacon” and cheap store brand bacon.

If you want to try the new Wendy’s bacon before you commit to eating a Baconnator you’re in luck. Wendy’s is now selling bacon as a side item. That means you can now add it to anything on the menu. I can’t wait to try a Spicy Chicken Breast with Applewood Smoked bacon!

Bacon LIVE: Wendy’s New Bacon

On today’s show Sean and I tried out the new Wendy’s Applewood Smoked Bacon. We each ate a New Bacon Deluxe live on the air. We found that the bacon has improved, but the sandwich itself was poorly constructed. Just watch the show and see what I mean.

I plan to write up a full review of the bacon and the sandwich later this week. Next week I am going to get the improved Baconnator and do a video review of it for youtube. Yes thats right, the Baconnator also has the new Applewood bacon on it.

Watch the show and find out if Wendy’s is off the Bacon Boycott list.

Bacon LIVE 051:
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This weekend keep a lookout for a new contest. I think I am going to photoshop a funny photo and you guys will have to think of a good caption. Sean and I will then pick 5 winners. More details are coming soon.

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Talking Bacon on Pittsburgh Business Radio

bacon-05 Last Tuesday (October 6th) I was on the Tech Vibe radio show on WMNY (1360 AM). Audrey Russo (a vegetarian) and Jonathan Kersting (a bacon lover) had me on the show to talk about the business of blogging and my new projects, Startup Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Observer.

The interview went well but as you would expect bacon took over the show. Even after I was off the air the next guess ended up talking about bacon. This proves that even radio is better with bacon.

Listen or download my segment of the show below:
Download the MP3

Jonathan also whipped up a little behind the sense video of Audrey and I having a heated discussion about fake bacon. I told her that tofu bacon is more offensive to me than turkey bacon. She seemed to enjoy my love of bacon so I think we are still friends.

I love the fact that even when I do projects that have nothing to do with bacon, people still look at me as the bacon guy. I am a living billboard for bacon (and pork) I guess. I wonder when the National Pork Board is going to put me on the payroll.