The Perfect Headphones for Bacon Lovers

pig_earphonesRecently I was in the market for some headphones and at the time I didn’t find any that matched my brand. I ended up settling for a black pair of Skullcandy ear buds. They sound really good, but they are not what you would expect a bacon loving blogger to wear.

A Japanese accessory maker called Greenhouse has made the perfect ear buds. They are called “buta”, which is Japanese for piggy. Looking around online I found a few lucky people that own a pair and they say they are pretty nice. I am sure they’re better than the ones that come with most iPods and iPhones.

The Piggy ear buds are only 15 bucks and come in five flavors: black, pink, white, orange, and purple. The only problem is they are only sold in Japan and as of right now no US store is selling them.

A few places that I checked are Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U and Rinkya. It looks like Rinkya is the only option but I’ve never used them before. I do know someone that lives in Japan, maybe I can talk him into sending me a pair but that still doesn’t help you.

The perfect headphones for bacon lovers are so close but yet so far away. Come on, Wal-Mart, get with this and start selling these things!

The Ultimate List of Bacon Songs

Thanks to Aaron from, I was able to compile a list of every bacon song on YouTube. I am sure there are more but this is a good start. My favorites are the first three on the list.

bacon_songsBacon Songs:

It seems bacon not only has the power to improve food but also the ability to inspire people to sing. Sean and I even have a few bacon songs of our own that we have to record videos for.

If you find anymore on YouTube let me know so I can add it to the list. I want this to be the most comprehensive list of bacon songs… ever!

Two Bros Sing about the Baconator Combo

It must be true that the new Applewood bacon at Wendy’s has put the Baconator over the top. These two bros posted a song they wrote about the Baconator on Youtube this past Monday.

This is the third bacon hit to come out of the bacon community recently. The first was King Curtis with “Bacon is Good for Me”, followed by Big Cheese with “Gimmie Dat Bacon”. It seems that these bros are going after the singer song writer crowd with their hit “Baconator Combo”.

Bacon is hot in indie music right now. I wonder how long it’s going to take for Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga to come out with a bacon hit. Sean and I will be watching the music charts and will let you know if anything develops.

Bacon LIVE: Did we even talk about bacon?

On last night’s show Sean and I reviewed Mr. Porky’s pork crackles, a snack food from England. They were amazing, basically they were a pork rind but smaller. Watch to show to see what I mean. I plan to do a full write-up on them next week.

Also on the show was one of the best bacon rap videos ever. It was called “Gimie Dat Bacon” by Big Cheese. It tells the story of a young man’s love for the perfect breakfast food.

Bacon LIVE 054:
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Next week we are going to review the new Bacon Salt Ranch Dip. Justin and Dave say it’s their best product yet! I wonder if Sean and I will agree.

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Micro-Pigs Make Tiny Strips of Bacon

I think I finally found out where Arby’s gets their tiny strips of bacon. Sean and I both thought it was because they ripped one normal strip in half, but that might not be the case. They could be stocking their stores with micro-pig bacon. Check out the video bellow to see what I am talking about.

Micro-pigs are the hot new pet in England. They cost about $1,149.61 USD and celebrities are buying them up like there going out of style. They are smaller then the potbelly pigs that were a trend in the 80’s.

They start out the size of a tea cup then grow to about 14 inches tall and weigh up to 55lb. Thats just a little more then a box of printer paper form Office Deport.

Yes domestic pigs can (key word is can) make good pets. They are friendly, enjoy people, quite, and very clean animals. You don’t have to take them for walks and they have very few health issues. And yes you can even toilet train them. You can read all about it in a article in Daily Mail a UK publication.

On a serious note pigs are not the perfect pet for everyone. They can be very destructive and mean if left unattended. Pigs are also known to be very intelligent which could be both a good and bad thing. Also in the States there are a lot of regulations to own livestock.

If you do decide to get a pig for a pet please take good care of it and feed it well. That way if it does get to much for you to handle you can take it to get butchered. Nothing taste better then bacon you raised and cared for yourself. Just ask any local pig farmer.

Bacon Samurai Trailer

Bacon Samurai Trailer from Mr. Chris Davidson on Vimeo.

This video has been around since 2007 and somehow today is the first time I seen it. How dose something like that happen!

The video is (sadly) a fake trailer for a Bacon Samurai animated movie. It’s set in feudal Japan where breakfast is no longer balanced. He fights off pop tats, cereal, and grape fruits.

The trailer was completed in October of 2007 by Chris Davidson and Wright Rickman. That means it took me two years to finally see this video! What the heck!

I wish I would have seen this sooner because a Bacon Samurai would make a great Halloween costume. Maybe next year.

Bacon LIVE: We Do Not Have H1N1

One this week’s show you can listen to Sean and I cough and sniffle for a whole hour! You will also get to see Sean’s new viral video “Boner Ghost”. We also had a fun time looking up our last names in the Urban Dictionary. Oh and we talked about bacon too.

During the show I did a review of two different types of bacon lip balm and bacon soap. I would tell you more but then you wouldn’t have a reason to watch the show. Also I will be writing full reviews of these products in the coming weeks.

Bacon LIVE 053:
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This just in. Sean and I are both out of the Das Foods Man Bait Lolli. I am letting you know because if next week I am in a bad mood it’s because I am going thought withdraws. I am not sure how long I can go without one.

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