2010: A Bacon Odyssey or is it a Bacon Store?

The title of this post “2010: A Bacon Odyssey”, is also the name of this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines. I thought it was cleaver so I wanted to use it for the title of my recap of Goal’s in 2010 post (aka this post).

Last year around this time I wrote a post about ideas I had to improve the site and goals I wanted to accomplish. Looking back at the post it’s nice to know that I did reach a few of those goals.

Recap of 2009’s ideas and goals:

  • Add one or two more writers to the blog – I did add a few writers to the blog and it worked out great. As of right now Sean is the only other writer, I think I am going to keep it that way for a while.
  • Create a two minute video highlight reel of Bacon Radio – I did the next best thing. I made the whole podcast a video cast can changed the name to Bacon LIVE. People really seem to enjoy the live video feed and we get a lot more viewer interaction this way.
  • Make more bacon-themed crafts – I dropped the ball on this one but this year that will hopefully change.
  • Gain more traffic/page views – I wrote a few big posts in 2009 that did increase these stats. I am looking to do the same in 2010.
  • Increase revenue for the site – When I started selling CPM adverting, my revenue doubled and it’s growing every month.
  • Getting mentioned in old-media – At last year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I was on TV, the Radio, and in the News Paper. I was able to tackle all three forms of old-media at one event.

This year I have a lot of the same goals as did last year, increase revenue, readership, and viewers. Being a blogger is like playing a real life RPG, you are always trying to better your stats. So every year my goals are going to be the same. The only thing that really changes is the way I reach them.

Last year was podcasting and writing, this year will be merchandising. In my online travels though the Bacon Nation I come across some great bacon inspired products. Sometimes is hard for my readers to find and/or buy these products. Well to fix this I am going to create an online store on my blog to sell the best of the best that bacon has to offer. I plan to launch the store by the end of January.

I am only going to sell items that have the Mr. Baconpants stamp of approval. So when you buy from my store you know it’s going to be good. I may even start to sell my own brand of bacon by this summer.

I am excited to see what 2010 has to offer. I wonder if this time next year I will be writing about how my online store made me millions. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see. Either way I know I will be Enjoying Bacon!

Top 10 Bacon Posts in 2009

Since it’s that start of a new year I thought it would be fun to see what my top 10 post were for 2009. Even before I checked Google Analytics I had a good idea what I would see on this list, but a few surprised me. To be honest there were a few posts on the list that I forgot I even wrote (back in 2007), getting old sucks.

  1. The Kevin Bacon Movie List
  2. The Official Bacon Photo Contestwinners
  3. The Ultimate BLT Recipe
  4. Bacon Lovers Gift Guide
  5. Brooklyn Brewery’s Bacon Beer
  6. Bacon Scented Perfume for Women
  7. Strange Things with Bacon
  8. T-Shirt for Bacon Lovers
  9. Uncle Oinkers Bacon Mints
  10. Warnings About the Baconator

I can’t believe my post on Kevin Bacon movies in my top post. It’s hard me to face the fact that Kevin Bacon maybe more popular then bacon. In 2010 we need to fix this.

Bacon LIVE: The New Years Eve Eve Show

On yesterdays show Sean and I shared what bacon goodness we got for Christmas. We also talked about and reviewed Pop’s Authentic Meat Snacks. I will be writing a full review next week. You maybe surprised to know which ones we ended up liking the most.

We also hinted about next year being the year of contest. Stay tuned for more contest details as they become available. I have a lot of great things to give away. I just need to think of a good easy contest. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Bacon LIVE 060:
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Show notes by Aaron Tucker:

  • Right off, Mr. Baconpants let us know about the new Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets! I can’t wait to get some of those. Today I had a Frostyccino. Pretty damn good!
  • Mr. Baconpants and Sean got a couple great bacon-related Christmas gifts. You’ll need to watch the show to get more info. I got a Jingle-Bells singing pig that poops candy. It was pretty awesome, but it would have been more awesome if it pooped bacon.
  • Mr. Baconpants and Sean both discussed their hate of birthday cake. That’s why I always demand chocolate zuccini cake with chocolate butter-cream-cheese frosting for my birthdays. It’s good.
  • Sean brought up a Bacon Dessert Cookoff! Create a prize-winning bacon dessert and submit them to kherzog@journalsentinal.com. The deadline is January 11th! See www.mrbaconpants.com soon for more details.
  • You’ll need to catch the show for the news bit about Kentucky Fried Dog in bacon-grease and other animal cruelty issues.
  • At 28 minutes in, we finally get to see the meat sticks! They’re about average for length but they look a lot thicker than your average beef sticks! These are hand-made artisan meat sticks!
  • January will be the Mr. Baconpants month of giveaways, so some lucky reader will get a pack of meat sticks!
  • Read the rest of Aaron’s notes here.

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Pop’s Authentic supplied the meat sticks that were reviewed on this show free of charge. This is a good thing because if I had to buy everything I reviewed on the show I would be broke. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Alie and Georgia’s Bloody Bacon and Cheese

While I was catching up on my blog reading I came across a post on the Bloody Bacon and Cheese on Skulls and Bacon.

It featured a video of these two hot girls making the drink. At one point one says “bacon rim job” and smiles at the camera. I really wanted to hate these two. I find hot girls on the internet annoying because I feel they have an unfair advantage. Some how hotness can make up for lack of humor and/or originality.

Alie and Georgia seem to be different, after I watched the rest of their videos on YouTube I realized their both funny and original. Yes they are still slightly annoying, but they make up for it with there mildly crude humor and the use of meat as a garnish. Watch the video below to get the idea of what I mean.

Okay so the video above didn’t feature a meat garnish but The McNuggetini does.

I wonder if these two are going to do anything else with bacon? Given that they only seem to post a new video every month it might take awhile before we see bacon use in a drink again. I really hope that they keep using meat in every drink. I would like to see one using the juices of a steak (which is the best part) with a bread garnish. I will keep you posted on there next pork exploits.

Bacon LIVE: The Christmas Eve Eve Show

Last night on Bacon LIVE Sean and I reviewed Sausage that he found at the Dollar Tree. It was Pork and Bacon Sausage by Farmland. It was surprisingly good but it would never replace real bacon on our breakfast table. We also talked about a bunch of other great things to but your going to have to watch or read Aaron’s show notes.

Bacon LIVE 059:
Watch us on uStream.tv!

Show notes by Aaron Tucker:

  • On today’s show, Mr. Baconpants and Sean are reviewing sausa..WHAT? Sausage links! Welcome to Sausage-LIVE! Sean found these FREAKIN’ AMAZING PORK AND BACON SAUSAGES! Awesome.
  • Recipe from Mr. Baconpants:
    Buy a cheap steak; the cheapest you can find. Get your meat tenderizer and beat the hell out of it. Wrap things in the flat steak and cook them.
  • Sean also recommends Wedding Soiup. It has noodle balls and spinach and stuff. No, it doesn’t exist in any other state. We don’t have soup in Texas, only chili, no beans.
  • Sean let us know that Mr. Bumbles the bacon-eating skunk is now in a horrible zoo where he’s only fed high-fiber food and is forced to exercise twice a day. Poor Mr. Bumbles. Let him eat bacon!
  • Mr. Baconpants let us all know of a new word: Flexitarian. What’s up with that?
    Flexitarianism (AKA semi-vegetarian) are people who eat mostly vegetarian foods, but sometimes thrown in a double-bacon cheeseburger There is no limit to how much meat a Flexitarian can eat, so they’re NORMAL GODDAMN PEOPLE. You don’t need a retarded name for yourselves other than NORMAL. WTF!?!
  • The guys were talking about doing a Food show and brought up Giada, the big-headed chick. Her head reminds me of those BratZ dolls, all slutty with a GIANT f’ing head.
  • Read the all of Aaron’s notes at I <3 Bacon Salt

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Everything should smell like bacon, even babies

11-25-2008_003Everyone said I was crazy when I suggest the idea of bacon scented perfume for women a few years ago. Well a team of British researchers have just proved I was on to something. They found that men prefer the smell of bacon over new born babies.

The whiff of a newborn was only ranked at number 18 in the poll while bacon was seventh…

I was a little shocked when I saw it was seventh and not number one but then I remembered that study was in England. The English are not known for their cooking, so maybe the bacon they smell over there is poorly cooked. That would explain it.

When I read the article the first time it made me think about a baby wrapped in bacon. Not that I want to eat a baby, but that was the image the popped in my head. While searching for an image for this post I found directions to make a bacon fleece wrap. You could use it to wrap a baby or to keep your neck warm. Its really easy to make so it can also be a last minute gift for a pork lover on your list.

I hope Justin & Dave’s (aka bacon salt guys) next big claim to fame is pork belly perfume. I guess we will just have to wait and see what goodness 2010 will hold for us.

How to Cook a lot of Bacon in 20 Minutes

Every week before Bacon LIVE Sean and I have to setup up the show and cook bacon to review. Since I use the skillet method of cooking I can only cook 4 to 5 slices. I have heard of people baking bacon in the oven but I was leery of how well it worked and the safety of it.

When we had Chef John Li on the show he told us it was not only safe but a good way to cook bacon. Well now just in case you were not already convinced I have a video created by yet another Bacon lover/expert, Scott Kveton founder of Bacn.com.

After seeing how simple it really is in this 30 second video, Sean and I will have to give this a try. I think the only downfall is, we will have more bacon to eat. That is usually not a bad thing, but when you’re hosting a show with your mouth full of bacon it could get a little out of hand.