Learn 17 Bacon Facts from 1 Delicious Image

The following image, showing 17 bacon facts, has been setting in my inbox for a few weeks now. The reason I didn’t post it was because it’s basically someone’s viral marking campaign for an online school affiliate site. Not knowing if the site featured at the end of the image was legit or not. I chose to hold off on posting.

Well after seeing a few other bacon blogger already post the image, I figured what the heck. I might as well post it here too. Also, since the images does all the hard work for me, this will give me more time to play Halo Reach. (FYI: My gamertag is “Enjoy Bacon”).

Lisa Donahey’s Bacon Song

Aaron Tucker sent me a link to the following video and simply said, “Greatest bacon song ever!” Now this is something I hear a lot but this time I took his work for it and watched the video.

Wow, don’t you just love how that songs starts out as a vegan song and then takes a 180 once she realizes she wants bacon, fried heaven in a pan! This is probably the same turmoil that most vegans live with everyday.

The women singing the song is Lisa Donahey. She has a pretty big following online and a lot of people can’t get enough of her music. After hearing her bacon song I think I am a fan now too!

Lisa is trying to get on the show GLEE with this video. Since she is obliviously a proud member of the Bacon Nation lets give all the help we can give. I never watch GLEE but if she was on it maybe I would give it a chance (probably not). Just share this video with every bacon lover you know!

Good Luck Lisa (or should I say break a leg).

Bacon LIVE: Bacon Crisps Review Show

On last night’s show Sean and I reviewed three different bacon flavored crisps, Walkers’ Smoky Bacon Crisps, Smith’s Bacon Flavored Fries, and McCoy’s Bacon Sizzler Crisps. Sadly you can’t find any of these in the US they all came from Ireland. One of our friends is from there and they recently came back after a visit.

Three Bacon Crisps Reviews

  • Walkers’ Smoky Bacon Crisps – These by far had the best flavor out all of them. The first thing you could smell and taste was smoke. They didn’t really taste like bacon but you could tell, even without reading the bag, that this was a bacon chip (I mean crisp). Sean and I would both like to see these crisps in the States.
  • Smith’s Bacon Flavor Fries – These were the only “bacon” crisps we had this time that actually tried to look like a strip of bacon. Sadly the flavors tasted more like onion soup then bacon. The smokiness that you would expect was nowhere to be found. I also found these crisps to be a little on the salty side.
  • McCoy’s Bacon Sizzler Crisps – These were the worst crisps we ever eaten. The crisp itself had the texture of cardboard and they tasted like moldy cheese. We couldn’t even finish the bag, which says a lot. I never see Sean waste food.

Watch the show to see out full reviews of each crisp and to hear about Sean new invention. It seems like every show Sean has something new it wants to (never) make. We also got the chance to debate a vegan in the first 10 minutes of the show.

Be sure to tune in next week and enjoy bacon!

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Hormel’s Improved Fully Cooked Bacon

Hormel heard the cries of the Bacon Nation to improve the quality of pre-cooked bacon so they released a new and improved “Hormel’s Fully Cooked Bacon”. If you’re looking for this in your local store it will say “New & Improved” right on the packaging. It claims to be thicker and have more bacon flavor. Luckily they sent me a free sample so I could try it myself.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of pre-cooked bacon. So when Hormel told me they were sending me the bacon to try, I started preparing myself to be let down.

Sean and I reviewed it recently on Bacon LIVE and found that the bacon did live up to the claims on the packaging. The let down that I prepared for never happen. In fact the new bacon downright impressed me.

Granted pre-cooked bacon is not known for its thickness, but this bacon is thinker than its predecessors. It’s almost as thick as a normal piece of bacon, with is a vast improvement. The flavor was surprisingly there too! You really taste the smokiness and the texture is like real bacon not paper. Sean and I both agreed that we would be ok with this bacon being on a sandwich or burger.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the best bacon we ever had, but it is the best in its class. If I was in a pinch and had to eat a microwave bacon this is what I would choose and I would actually be happy about it.

Hormel’s new and improved fully cooked bacon gets the Mr. Baconpants stamp of approval. The days of eating paper thin tasteless microwavable bacon are over!

Pro Tip: If you lazy and like chewy bacon you can eat pre-cooked bacon right out of the box. Please note that a true bacon lover would never do that but it is fun to try at least once.

Interview with Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef

I recently got the chance to interview Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef Season 6. He is a big supporter of bacon and even uses lard in a lot of the recipes at his restaurant. Check out the interview to learn about is favorite ways to use bacon and what he has a tattoo of on his arm.

Also, please note, the interview happened the day after I got back from vacation so I was a little off my game. What I am trying to say is, it’s not Kevin’s fault for it being a slightly rough interview at times. In fact he seems like a really great guy and I wished I could have chatted him more.

If you couldn’t guess by the beginning of the video, Kevin is a part this year’s International Bacon Day Celebration in Cincinnati, Saturday September 4th. He will be hosting the Beggin’ Bacon Bash, a bacon event dedicated to our K9 friends and their owners. The event will feature live music and activities for both two-legged and four-legged bacon lovers.

“Because dogs – and their owners – share a hilarious obsession for bacon, Beggin’ wanted to create an exciting, dog-friendly event for the entire family that’s all about bacon,” said Stephen Trammell, assistant brand manager, Nestlé Purina Dog Snacks brand pet food.

I agree with Stephen that a dog-friendly bacon event needed to be created but I am not sure what they mean when they say our obsession for bacon is hilarious.

Anyway, I would like to thank Kevin for taking the time to talk with me about his love of bacon. And I hope his bacon event goes off without a hitch. For additional information about the events and attractions at the Beggin’ Bacon Bash, visit www.beggintime.com.

Bacon LIVE: Back from Bac-ation

On last night’s show Sean and I talked with Hilary from Sugardale about their event “The Great Sugardale Bac-On”. It’s a recipe contest were you can win up to 3,000 bucks! If you want to enter just head to their website and submit your original recipe.

After talking about the Bac-On we moved on to the rash of bacon hate being found on Facebook. The source of most of the anti-bacon propaganda is the Facebook page titled, “Bacon-loving Hipsters can Kiss my Vegan Ass”. To help restore balance we had a member of the bacon community create our own page called, “Vegan Hipsters can Kiss my Bacon-loving Ass”. Please become a fan and post vegan recipes that can be improve with bacon, links to vegan blogs so we can make fun of them, and anything else that’s related.

All I ask is that we keep it constructive and stay away from personal attacks on vegans. Yes, they made fun of Aaron Tucker (lover of Bacon Salt) but that doesn’t mean we need to stoop to their level. Let’s show them who really take the moral high road.

Another highlight of the show was when Sean and I ate Hormel’s fully cooked bacon right out of the box. That’s right; we didn’t put it in a microwave or anything. To our surprise it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, but we still wouldn’t recommend it. It was to chewy and desperately needed to be re-cooked.

Be sure to watch or listen to the rest of the show to hear about the stuff I am too lazy to write about. Enjoy Bacon! It’s good to be back.

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Monday Night Combat, finally a game that appreciates bacon!

Today is an exciting day since I get to talk about a video game on my bacon blog. Uber Entertainment recently released “Monday Night Combat” on Xbox Live a few weeks ago. And guess what? Not only is it a fun third person team based shooter, it also has bacon through out every part of the game. Even the loading screen for the game features bacon high-fiving a shotgun shell.

Check out this video for game bellow to see one way they highlight bacon in the game:

Yes that right, in Monday Night Combat there is a power up that gives you more ammo and cooks bacon at the same time. Also, when you’re playing the game, if you are lucky enough to find some bacon it will make your character instantly better at everything. “Just like real life!” (That’s a quote from one of the developers.)

To save you from all the gamer (nerd) talk, since this is a food blog and not a game blog, you just need to know that this is a really fun game. If you’re into team base shooters with an arcade feel to them this game is for you. Just check out these reviews from Kotaku, 1up, and Joystiq for all the details on game play.

Uber is planing to release a free DLC update to the game in the next few months. They say they are adding new content. Lets hope that some of the new content is more bacon!

If you’re on Xbox live and happen to get this game, let me know and add me as a friend. My gamer tag is “Enjoy Bacon”. It would be awesome to play this game with some fellow bacon lovers.