Denny’s Baconalia: A Celebration of Bacon

As many of you bacon fanatics already know Denny’s Restaurant has launched their first ever bacon event called Baconalia(facebook)! Proving that Denny’s is so committed to doing bacon right that they invited some experts down to their Head Quarters to try out their new menu, and by experts I mean, a group of bloggers that include the Mr. Baconpants/Bacon Live team of Jason Mosley and myself.

So what exactly is Baconalia? According to Denny’s lure, Baconalia is a long forgotten Roman celebration where Bacon was seen as the main course and not just the side dish that it sadly has become over the years. So to bring bacon back to it’s rightful place at the table, Denny’s is launching this 10 week celebration of bacon where customers will be able to order specialty bacon items off the Baconalia menu.

I have been eating at Denny’s ever since I can remember so getting a chance to go to their head quarters and set foot in the same test kitchen where they developed all my favorite Slam meals was almost too much to bear. Luckily I was able to contain my excitement and not embarrass myself by blurting out the Nanerpus song.

After meeting with the people behind Baconalia I found that they are truly dedicated to giving people the best bacon experience they can. The amount of research and development that went into each new item is amazing. Even with this new impressive menu I was surprised to learn that there were tons of recipes that they didn’t use, but not to worry, Denny’s would like to make Baconalia a reoccurring promotion so this is just the beginning of what they have to offer.

Now on to what you really want to know about, the menu. The printed menu itself is very cool. The front is a giant pile of crispy fried up bacon that just makes your mouth water. Once you snap out of the shock of seeing a menu dedicated to bacon you will open it to reveal 7 bacon inspired dishes.

The Ultimate Bacon Breakfast, Bacon Flapjacks, Pepper Bacon and Eggs, Triple Bacon Sampler, BBBLT Sandwich, Bacon Meatloaf, and the Maple Bacon Sundae. We will be diving deep into the menu over the next week giving you our reviews of each dish, but just to wet your appetite a little here is one of the new Baconalia TV Spots.

Check out the rest on there YouTube page.

By Sean Brett

Discloser: Denny’s paid for us to visit their test kitchen in South Carolina. They also give us gift cards that we plan to give away in a few contests. We are telling you this because we have to, even though mainstream media does not. If you have questions just check out our discloser policy.

Caribou Coffee’s Turkey Bacon: FAIL!

What’s for breakfast?

It looks like everyone is really trying to get a piece of that breakfast money. Everywhere you look some restaurant is busting out new menu items. McDonalds has oatmeal, Wendy’s is toying around with the idea of a breakfast bar, Burger King revamped their entire breakfast campaign, and Subway now has breakfast subs.

The latest to get in on this is Caribou Coffee. They are the second biggest coffee chain in the country and I guess they figured, if people are stopping here in the morning already we might as well sell them some eggs.

They are introducing a line of typical uninspired breakfast sandwiches. The only difference and I can only imagine that some marking tool somewhere thought this would be a good selling point is they have turkey bacon and turkey sausage.

Seriously why the heck would I want to waste my hard earned money on something like this? I know they are going for the more health oriented people by having turkey bacon and claiming each sandwich is around 300 calories but lets be honest anybody worried about eating right for breakfast is buying fruit not a fried egg sandwich.

This thing needs to fail but unfortunately it wont because most of the people I know that visit these types of coffee houses just blindly believe anything they hear and the rumor that turkey bacon is better for you than regular has been floating around since its invention.

To make matters worse it’s $4 for a combo including one sandwich and one medium coffee. No hash brown and they couldn’t even be nice enough to make it a large coffee. I for one will not be partaking in the new Caribou Coffee breakfast menu.

By Sean Brett

‘Twas the Night Before Bacon Fest


‘Twas the night before Bacon Fest and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The frying pan was placed on the stove top with care
In hopes that Mr. Baconpants would soon be there

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of thick cut bacon danced in their heads
And Mom in her bacon bra and I in my bacon tie
Had just settle down for a rerun of Bacon Live

When down from the kitchen there arose such a clatter
I could smell something cooking and hear the sizzle and splatter
Away to the stair well I flew like a flash
But had to go back because I forgot my pants

Back down the stairs my pants fastened tight
To check for possible home intrusion on this cold winter night
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a man with pants made of bacon standing right here

He was frying up bacon so lively and quick
I thought for a moment, get out of my house you… um jerk
A variety of bacon products from his pockets they came
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name

Bacon salt, Bacon pop, Bacon jelly and jam
Bacon soap, Bacon beer, bacon found in a can
From the bottom of the floor to the top of the wall
Splatter away, splatter away, splatter away all

Then on to the plate the rashers they flew
Baconpants said I made some for you too
He was dressed all in bacon from his head to his feet
His bacon pants stained with bacon grease

His eyes, how they twinkled and his joy made them water
His cheeks were dark red, like hogs back from the slaughter
He had a bit of bacon held tight in his teeth
He chewed on it slightly and said have a seat

He spoke no more words, but went straight on to work
And filled up my plate, then turned with a jerk
Then he licked off his finger to get every last drop
Then out my back door with a skip and a hop

He sprung to his bio-diesel Dodge Neon , that ran on bacon fat
And peeled off down the road not looking back
But heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
Happy Bacon Fest to all and to all a good night

By Sean Brett

Thanksgiving 2010: The Year of Bacon

It’s that time again, when your mom slaves over a hot stove for hours, your dad kicks back on the couch watching football, and you and the dog are forced to wait outside until dinner time, because neither of you can be trusted around the food.

For the last 389 years the fourth Thursday in November has officially been called Thanksgiving, but everyone has dubbed it Turkey Day. (By the way, whose bright idea was it to make it a Thursday? Come on really, who the heck wants a Thursday off of work only to have to go back on Friday? Not to mention that makes the Friday after Thanksgiving a prized vacation day that leads to all kinds of interoffice battles that can lead to hurt feelings and lost promotions.)

Turkey has had its time in the spot light for far too long. It’s time to change things up, kick it up a notch, crank that mother to 11, and blow the socks off grandma. I propose that this year we make Thanksgiving all about BACON!!! And to keep with the spirit of gluttony that is Thanksgiving we need to give people “bacon over load.”

Here are just a couple ideas off the top of my head of ways to incorporate bacon into every dish.

How to incorporate Bacon:

The Sides:

  • Corn – if you’re just a plain corn in a bowel kind of family goes ahead and crumbles some nice crispy pepper bacon in there. But if you’re a corn on the cob kind of man then wrap that son of gun in some bacon and throw it on the grill.
  • Green Beans – Go for the classic bacon and green beans. Wrap some green bean bundles with semi cooked bacon and cook them in the oven. Don’t forget to save the dripping and pour them directly on the beans before serving.
  • Mashed Potatoes – give your potatoes a kick with some Swiss cheese and crispy bacon chunks. Before serving just stir in the cheese and bacon.
  • Sweet Potatoes – make your sweet potatoes the same way you always do with the marshmallows, brown sugar, and butter but this time add some nicely fried up maple bacon. It will add a level of savor that you might never recover from.
  • Bread – how about some bacon bread? All you do is sauté up some red peppers, onions and garlic in some bacon grease then coat your biscuits with the mixture adding bacon bits, melted butter and cheese then pop them in the oven.

Main Course:

  • Turkey – Wrap the whole thing, inside and out with bacon. Remember to put some under the skin and you will have the moistest bird you ever put in your mouth.
  • Stuffing – cook it inside the bird like god intended, none of this stove top bull crap. If you have already wrapped the turkey in bacon and put some strips in the cavity then your stuffing should already have a nice bacon flavor to it, but it never hurts to crumble up some more and add it.
  • Gravy – Now that your bird is done you will have bacon/turkey drippings. Add some white wine, some flour and BOOM; you got yourself some Bacon-Turkey gravy.


  • Pumpkin Pie – There is only one desert that should ever be served on Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie. It’s hard to mess with perfection but I will try. Why not make some candied bacon and put it on top. Just lay your bacon on a cookie sheet and cover everything with brown sugar then pop it in the oven. Be very careful when it comes to candied bacon at just about the time you say “I just checked it, it’s fine.” It will turn into little rashers of burnt fire.

So that’s my way to make bacon the front runner this Thanksgiving. Let us know how you plan to use bacon this holiday season by commenting below.

By Sean Brett

Take Action: We need to Stop Bad Bacon

Picture this, you go to a restaurant for a nice meal. You look over the menu and inside your mind you begin to jump for joy because they have a new bacon cheese burger! It costs a little bit more than you would normally pay for a burger but you take the hit because it’s bacon.

The whole time you’re waiting for your food you dream of thick cut perfectly smoked strips of pork belly. You see the waiter carrying a tray of food and coming towards your table. You take a closer look at the food and realize that, yes it is yours.

Your mouth begins to water at the thought of biting into that delicious meat treat. You’re so excited you lose all concept of time and it seems as if the waiter is now moving in slow motion. “Come on, hurry up!” You think as the waiter takes another slow agonizing step. An old woman puts her hand up to get his attention, she wants another lemon and more sugar because she is too cheap to pay for lemonade and will just make it herself.

You instantly wish the grim reaper would stop slacking off. It’s obvious he’s not doing his job because no person should ever be that old. The waiter, like a pro, nods at the old woman and continues on to your table.

The anticipation has almost brought you to tears as the waiter slowly lowers the plate in front of you. You look at the burger and your heart sinks into your feet. Where’s the bacon?

You lift the bun to reveal two small thin fatty over cooked rashers of what this place calls bacon. You look up to complain but the waiter is gone. It took him what seemed like hours to get here and what seemed like milliseconds to leave. So you do what everyone else does in this situation, you eat it and complain about it to your friends.

This has happened far too often in this country and it’s about time someone did something about it. We can’t sit by and just accept sub-par bacon. That is why I have started a petition to “Stop Bad Bacon.”

By signing it you are taking a vow that you will not stand for this type of tom foolery. If an establishment dose not use high quality bacon then refuse to order their bacon dishes. This might be hard for some people. I know the lure of bacon is great and some might think that crap bacon is better than no bacon, but I’m here to tell it’s not.

If you can stick to this vow it will change the world. Restaurants will be forced to change the way they think about bacon and start providing us with what the consumer really wants, high quality bacon.

Please click here and sign your name then past it along to others that love bacon. Together we can change the world!

By Sean Brett

The Vegan Agenda Part 5: Restaurants without vegan options

The last page of this magazine is one I find the most telling of what true jerks the Vegan community are. It’s a bunch of tips of what to do when you’re a Vegan eating away from home. Some aren’t bad like ordering tofu or eggless fried rice at a Chinese restaurant, but then it gets rude.

They say if you’re stuck at a behind the times restaurant without a vegan option to ask the chef to cook something special just for you. How about this, if the restaurant doesn’t offer a vegan menu don’t F’n eat there. We don’t live in a third world country where food is scarce. We are in the USA, there is a food available on every corner I’m sure one of them will have steamed broccoli with soy butter, so go there. And suggesting that a restaurant is behind the times because they don’t cater to your life style is exactly what I would expect from a bunch of stuck up hippies.

Let me let you in on a little secret, at the dawn of man we ate raw foods because we didn’t have the mind power or technology to cook it. Then we discovered fire and have been cooking food ever since. That would mean that your Vegan Raw Bar would actually be the one behind on the times by about 1 million years.

When dining at a friend’s home they say to ask if you can bring a vegan dish to share. Then they put in a little remark about how you can use this opportunity to try to brain wash your friends into the vegan cult. When eating at someone else’s home it is polite and generous to bring a dish, as long as you ask to bring it before hand. The problem I have is that the vegan isn’t bringing this to share as a side; he’s bringing it for his whole meal. If you can’t go to someone’s home and politely eat the food they cooked for you then you need to decline the invitation.

One of the last things they talk about is what chain restaurants have veggie alternatives. They list Hard Rock Café, Denny’s, Chili’s, Johnny Rockets, Red Robin (yum), Burger King, and Taco Bell for their selection of veggie burgers and bean burritos. OK now, do they realize that those seven chains are responsible for killing millions of animals every year? But they still say it’s ok to eat there. This is one of the hypocrisies of the vegan/vegetarian life style. If what these places are doing is so morally wrong then why are you giving them money? If it came out tomorrow that PF Changs was really a front for an underage prostitution ring, I wouldn’t eat there anymore, but I guess the Vegans would.

This concludes my journey into the world of Vegans. I learned a lot and confirmed a lot I already knew. If you have anything to add by all means leave a comment. And remember to always Enjoy Bacon.

Read the whole Vegan Agenda here!

By Sean Brett

The Vegan Agenda Part 4: Let Me Soy You Something

This PETA magazine is so informative that it will even show you how you can eat good meals without meat. Except that almost every recipe includes some kind of imitation meat.

Could it be that mankind evolved to eat meat and that is why we have such a hunger for it? Even the Vegans can’t deny their cravings and produce products like tofu bacon and imitation chicken nuggets. Shouldn’t they should be happy eating grass and berries?

Let me go out on a limb and create a conspiracy. I’m going to say that PETA has stock in soy farms. They produce countless publications all saying that if you want to live a healthy guilt free life you need to eat soy. Then they promote soy milk, cheeses, and meat substitutes. All so they can bank in on your love of animals.

They say they are against eating meat but then try to disguise their recipes by giving them names like “Sweet and Sour Meatballs” and “Hearty Beef Cassoulet”. Why don’t they just call it what it is instead of feeling the need to trick people? Because if they did that no one would eat it, Hearty Bean Curd Cassoulet anyone?

They can’t even leave pizza alone. There are many pizza topping they could eat like mushrooms, peppers, and olives, but that’s not good enough for them. They want you to use veggie bacon, soy parmesan, and yeast! That’s right yeast. Now I’m no scientist but isn’t yeast a living organism? But for some reason it’s ok to keep this living creature locked in an air tight jar, literally crammed next to millions of their brothers and sisters, then giving them a small taste of freedom by letting them run free on top of your pizza seconds before popping it in the oven baking them alive at temperatures reaching 375 degrees. What monsters!!!

They make soy out to be this magical food from heaven that does nothing but promote healthy living. There are some studies showing that soy is not all it’s cracked up to be. The Food Renegade had a good article about it, you can find it here. Basically soy will give you a higher level of estrogen, destroy your thyroid, and cause digestive problems. Trust me stick with meat, or better yet bacon.

Next week we will wrap up the Vegan Agenda.

By Sean Brett