Is Denny’s coming out with a Bacon Doughnut?

Today on Denny’s Facebook page they posted the following photo. Last time Sean and I were at Denny’s HQ for the Baconalia meeting they said that this would be the time they would starting working on the next celebration’s menu. Does this mean they’re kicking around the idea of having a Bacon Doughnut on the menu? I hope so!

Given that the photo is not from the Denny’s own test kitchen makes me think this is still on the drawing board. The photo is actually from Cafe Dulce.

With that said, we as the Bacon Nation need to support this idea. Head to Denny’s Facebook page and comment on and share the photo. While your there read the comments. It seems that some crazy health nuts/Vegans are trashing the photo. I commented with the following:

Anyone that thinks this is a bad idea is a wacko and hates the finer things in life. Go do yourself a favor and enjoy a bacon doughnut before you realize life is too short to pass judgment on something before you even try it.

I get really fired up when I see people saying things like gross and bacon in the same sentences. I wanted to throw a few choice words in my comment but I thought better of it.